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Join the New Pacific Order Discord Server

New Pacific Order

What is Discord?

Having probably heard about New Pacific Order's Discord server, either from your fellow Pacificans or from simply reading the regional page or dispatches, you might be wondering how to join it. Or not, if you are already a proficient Discord user, simply skip every step until the one where the server link is posted.

Now, for those unaware, LinkDiscord is a communication app available in browser, PC app or mobile format that allows its users to form large organized communities. These communities are called servers, in most cases, and each one has its own specific organization and set of rules and moderators. The intent of this dispatch is to provide an initial introduction to how to function with Discord and, more particularly, the NPO's server.

Benefits of Joining Discord

  • The ability to become fully integrated with all opportunities available in The Pacific and make the most out of your citizenship is attained through joining the most active aspect of the region.

  • A chance to help determine the regional direction for the World Assembly votes is also available if you so wish to help dictate our decision for specific proposals, including your own.

  • Discord gives you an easier route to meeting the extant regional leadership, discussing regional affairs, and is necessary for people who aspire to become involved in our government.

  • Inclusion in the full regional experience and introduction to the wider community of the New Pacific Order is available through Discord membership.

Getting Started with Discord

The first step would be to make an account in Discord itself. While not necessary to utilize server it is usually recommended due to ease of reusability and practicality. An account is absolutely free and simply unlocks a lot of features that a guest user might not have. Simply go to Link and register an account, preferably with a username that won't breach any NPO rules, and this step should be done. You'll inevitably be prompted to confirm your email, so simply check your inbox.

With your account registered you now have a few options. You can choose to do one of them, or even all of them. You can open Discord on your browser, download and install the application or download the mobile app. Any of them will work for the purposes of this tutorial, though the PC app is more flexible in terms of functionality (use of one platform does not exclude the use of others).

LinkClick here to join the NPO Discord server. It is as simple as that after every previous step has been accomplished. Click it and after a prompt to join the server you will be in. Now comes the more specific part.

Upon joining the server, if you have already applied for citizenship and been accepted (if not, check this dispatch for a guide on how to do it) Linkpost here to request that your account be added to private channels.

If you have any more questions pertaining to the use of Discord itself, feel free to ask the people within the server for help. We hope your experience within the community is fun and fruitful.