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Khameday Tansagar


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BIRTHDATE: 27 July 1979

EDUCATION: Aruday Military Academy
PROFFESION / TITLE: Minister of defense / General
DATE IN OFFICE: 26 November 2010-Present

PARENTS (FATHER/MOTHER): Tsakakoshi / Hirahami Saijinam

HEIGHT: 172cm
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual (slightly bisexual)
IQ: 99
HAIR/EYE/SKIN COLOR: Black / Brown / Dark Brown

RELIGION: Sherechian Folk Religion
Being single and 40 despite being a high ranking, wealthy general is definitely an achievement. Just not a very nice achievement and being subjected to fat-shaming does not help.

Khameday Tansagar was chosen as Inogo Estima to be the general of Sherechia due to his good track record of victories during the civil war combined with his expertise in commanding the army, especially having graduated from a proper military academy however when not in battle he does have a dodgy track record of sleeping and being distracted in work, one case resulting in an incident with Kaoma, the minister of infrastructure.

Tansagar was born in Aruday and did not perform well in school, arguably a naughty boy during his teenage years, smoking cigarettes and doing underage drinking, he joined the military as a sort of drunken bet, how he not only survived but steamrolled the capitalists during the civil war with his platoon of 500 men and ended up being Sherechia's most respected general is up for debate. However, since he hasn't actually fought in a while and played a more backseat general role than active combat during the civil war, his combat skills and general physical fitness isn't all that good. Still, his tactical genius has made rumors that Sun Tzu secretly gives him advice from the afterlife.

His personal life mostly involves going to the bar and drinking rather large amounts of alcohol, his favorite being beer and has a liking towards Sherechian breweries being an avid nationalist. He has a relatively good social life, having many friends however he does struggle in trying to find a wife. Despite being somewhat rotund, he is decent in football, probably the second-best in this character catalog after Kai.

He also has arguably the most luxurious residence out of anyone in this catalog, living in a 3 story mansion just outside Aruday. This trend of luxury also continues to his private vehicle, a rather unreliable 2007 Mercedes E-class. He has a large collection of weapons, mostly rifles though also some melee weapons and a large stash of beer in his mansion. The third floor has so much beer stored on it at one point, his mansion was at risk of collapsing and flooding the local neighborhood.

He has a strong cult of personality for Inogo Estima and would sometimes call him "dear leader", "supreme leader" or "great leader." He is also one of the more eccentric characters going as far as to suggest a live nuclear missile be on display in Inogo's front yard, which was rejected due to safety reasons.

He also has the most questionable social media track record out of any character in this catalog, regularly spewing racist insults and accusing foreign leaders of imperialism, most of these insults seem to be directed at Hyongtang however no nation is spared. There is also an ongoing rumor that he is "attracted" to Inogo. Other rumors about his orientation include the fact that he's a bisexual or a pansexual. While he denies this, his behavior states otherwise.

His personality combines paranoid aggression with general friendliness and extreme patriotism/nationalism, in a way he is rather similar to General Rodriguez and Penultimo from Tropico 6. Despite looking like an incompetent and sleepy person due to his tendency to either sleep or be drunk in his office, he does care a lot about the defense of Sherechia and would frequently consult with Inogo Estima regarding the military, often asking highly detailed questions which clearly shows his paranoia for the defense of Sherechia. He also has his own ideas which are often rejected as his ideas often involve declaring war at several of Sherechia's neighbours, annexing the Tugan Republic, Sherechia's small southern neighbour or secretly planting a nuke in Hyongtang's capital. However, once he does work, gets things done in a reasonable pace.

"We need more nukes!"

"Don't listen to the western imperialists that say we must disarm or nukes!"

"Ah yes, the nuclear missile, a powerful gesture for a powerful leader!"

"We survived! I would kiss you if it was not treason to do so."

"The value of a leader is judged by how big his nuclear missile is"

"The 122 mm corps gun M1931/37 is a symbol of masculinity"