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by The Imperator of Vamperian. . 17 reads.

Titles Act (Ren)

Titles Act (Ren)

Short form: Titles

Purpose: To enable the executive to give out titles to worthy recipients.


an Imperial Title: A honorific designating the Imperator or Augustus' favour or gratitude for an individual or player.

Recipient: A player that has been given A Title by the Imperator or Augustus.

Section One: Imperatorial Authorisation
(i) The Imperator has the authority to bestow upon a player an Imperial Title.
(ii) The Imperator may give any player, within the region or associated with the region in any way, a title.

Section Two: Augustan Authorisation
(i) The Augustus has the authority to bestow upon two players an Imperial Title.
(ii) The Augustus may give two players, within the region, an Imperial title.
(iii) The Augustus can only give two Imperial Titles out per term in office.

Section Three: Usage
(i) An Imperial Title may be used in the following ways;
(a) Interregional documents (eg. Treaties)
(b) Pretitles
(c) Nicknames on Discord
(d) Legislation (eg. Acts, Amendments)
(e) Signatures both within the region and externally

Section Four: Contents
(i) An Imperial Title must not contain any terms that will place the Recipient above the Imperator.
(ii) An Imperial Title must be structured as follows;
(a) [Player name], [Title] of Aurelius

Section Five: Revoking
(i) The Imperator has the authority to revoke any Imperial Title given to a player.
(ii) The Consular has the authority to revoke any Imperial Title given to a player by referendum.

Signed, Imperator Vamperian