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Political Parties of Daarwyrth

Political Parties in the Royal State of Daarwyrth

List of political parties with elected members in the Royal Diet

Political Party

Party Leader


United Democratic Socialists
Far-left to centre-left

Valantyn Rosensteyn

  • Socialist economy alongside a liberal democratic political system of government.

  • Anti-authoritarian socialism working up from below.

  • In favour of a purely ceremonial monarchy, but prefers a republic system, founded in 1912 CE.

Mareist Left

Madelyne de Greyte

  • Social democracy, free-market economy with moderate state intervention, social equality.

  • Adherent of a liberal, socialist, progressive interpretation of the Mareist scriptures.

  • Pro-monarchy, founded in 1932 CE.

Green Daarwyrth

Jyssan Klover

  • Environmentalism, co-existence with nature, ecologically sustainable policies.

  • "Humans are a part of the environment, not apart from it."

  • Pro-monarchy, founded in 1992 CE.

New Left
Centre-left to centre

Leyna de Zwyrte

  • Social equality and liberal, social democracy.

  • Proponent of large scale secularisation and seperation of church and state.

  • Neutral regarding the monarchy, founded in 1968 CE as a break-away from Mareist Left.

Internationalist Coalition
Centre-left to centre

Maria vyn Nysen

  • Internationalism, globalism, liberalism.

  • Advocates for greater involvement with Forest and the international community, and actively supports Daarwyrth's WA membership.

  • Pro-monarchy, founded in 1978 CE as a fusion of Daarwyrth's anti-isolationist parties.

Civic Forum
Centre-left to centre

Marian Ardewald

  • Progressivism, decentralisation, civilian engagement and participation in government.

  • "Bring the government closer to the people."

  • Neutral regarding the monarchy, founded in 1938 CE.

Democratic Royalist Union

Aryana Guldebyrg

  • Monarchism, constitutionalism, parliamentarism, pragmatism.

  • 'The Voice of the Crown' in the Royal Diet.

  • First political party in Daarwyrth, founded in 1848 CE.

Mareist Democratic Alliance

Maryana Heylen

  • Pragmatism, monarchism, centralisation.

  • Adheres to the mainstream interpretation of Mareist scriptures of pragmatism, neutrality, and the "middle road".

  • Pro-monarchy, one of the oldest political parties, founded in 1855 CE.

Technoliberal Alliance

Karlan Heyns

  • Faith in technology, less top-down systems of governance, decentralism, individualism, sustainability.

  • "The aggregate effects of individual engagement of technology will generate social goods."

  • Neutral regarding monarchism, pro-direct democracy through techology.

Liberal Party of Daarwyrth
Centre to centre-right

Maryk Rodehuys

  • Liberalism, free market economy, anti-government interventionism.

  • One of the oldest parties in Daarwyrth, founded in 1861 CE.

  • Pro-monarchist.

Sovereignty Bloc
Centre to centre-right

Gylene vyn Wylden

  • National liberalism, national sovereignty, isolationism

  • Seeks to restore Daarwyrth's isolationist policies, both political and economic, and actively opposes Daarwyrth's WA membership.

  • Founded in 1981 CE as a fusion of Daarwyrth's pro-isolationism parties.

Republicans of Daarwyrth
Centre to centre-right

Ylan Lindebeym

  • Anti-monarchist, republicanism, liberalism.

  • "Establish the Republic of Daarwyrth, with a democratically elected Minister-President as the Head of State."

  • Founded in 1921 CE after anti-monarchism was ruled legal by the Supreme Court.

List of political parties with no elected members in the Royal Diet

Political Party

Party Leader


Communist Front

Oleyna de Molyn

  • Marxist-Leninist communism, classless society, socialist autarky.

  • Has never had elected representatives in the Royal Diet.

  • Anti-monarchy, founded in 1928 CE.

True Royalists

Iryna vyn Hyrtogh

  • Fanatic monarchist, restoration of the absolute monarchy, pro-isolationism.

  • "The monarch must reign and rule absolute."

  • Founded in 1850 CE, remained in the Royal Diet for decades, but has disappeared completely from it since 1931 CE.

Daarwyrth Eyrste

Jaryk de Meyne

  • Right-wing populism, nationalism, traditionalism, isolationism.

  • "Daarwyrth must come first."

  • Founded in 1958 CE, remained in the Royal Diet for a few decades, but has had no elected representatives since 1974 CE.