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TITO Update - August 2021


[b][u][size=150]TITO Update Ė August 2021[/size][/u][/b] [/align]
[align=center][b]TITO Command[/b][/align]
Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Commander-in-Chief: [nation]Hakketomat[/nation]
~Field Commander: [nation]Kanta Hame[/nation]
~Tactical Officers: [nation]Shy Guyia[/nation], [nation]Smugglers and Mercs[/nation] (TITO EF), [nation]Controlitia[/nation], [nation]Wischland[/nation], [nation]Sulenia[/nation], [nation]Flying Eagles[/nation]
~Executive Officers: [nation]HN67[/nation], [nation]Eastern New England[/nation]

[align=center][b]The Update Update[/b][/align]
There was plenty to do for TITO members this month! Troops clocked in a total of 13 defenses, 19 detags, and 10 chase runs. The TITO Expeditionary Force also got their battle stars in, helping pile in 3 different liberations to build influence and restore the sovereignty of the region. Some EF members even snuck into update a few times! With every TITO member, both updating and EF, proving their skill and importance throughout August, we wanted to give a huge thank you to our troops for all their hard work!

[align=center][b]Monthly Memes [/b][/align]
The month of August so lots of laughter in TITO chat, with members and commanders alike receiving a hilarious (and well-deserved?) ribbing.
[spoiler=Perfectly Sane Officer][img][/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=True Terror Part 2][img][/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Update Kills][img][/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Old Man Hame][img][/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Dead Meme Dok][img][/img][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Eldritch Horror Moon][img][/img][/spoiler]

[align=center][b]TITO Interview[/b][/align]
[nation]Tsuki no Hana[/nation] also affectionally known as Moon in TITO chat, is a newer member of TITO, but has been incredibly active ever since they joined. Appearing several times in the monthly memes of past reports, and a consistent face at update, Moon has quickly accumulated enough battle stars to reach knighthood. We sat down with Moon to get their take on TITO.

[b]Wisch:[/b] Youíve been involved in several regions prior to XKI. What made you come here?
[b]Moon:[/b] XKI was actually my first region, when I created my original nation. I had just been introduced to NS, and the telegram gave me special vibes. I remember thinking "That sounds like a secure and wholesome place to get my start." And it was ^-^ Still is, too.
[b]Wisch:[/b] What caused you to join TITO?
[b]Moon:[/b] My original reason was that I wanted to experience this part of the game, and TITO was the first thing I thought of. But as I became more integrated into TITO, I came to realize that I truly belong in it, fighting beside amazing friends and honorable defenders.
[b]Wisch:[/b] Thatís great to hear! What would you say has been your favorite part of updating?
[b]Moon:[/b] That would definitely be the update chat! Talking with such vibrant and unique personalities always makes me feel like I'm involved in something special. Whether it be Hame's jokes, Sul's general cheer, or your greetings, I love every moment of it.
[b]Wisch:[/b] Now, about the actual defending bit of TITO, what has been the most memorable operation for you, and why do you remember it?
[b]Moon:[/b] The op that sticks in my mind the most is the Genua fash bash. The sheer happiness shared by the combined forces of R/D drew me further into NS, as well as sharing that blissful moment with TITO.
[b]Wisch:[/b] Youíre also due to be knighted soon, having reached 50 battle stars. Where do you plan to go from there?
[b]Moon:[/b] To the top! After my knighthood, I aim to make command, and maybe delegate if my busy life allows it.
[b]Wisch:[/b] Ambitious! But with enough dedication, Iím sure you can do it. Any final comments?
[b]Moon:[/b] That I'm extremely grateful to be able to work with all of these wonderful people, and look forward to serving with them for many more years.

[floatright]Until next month, this is your TITO Update Staff signing off -  [nation]Wischland[/nation][/floatright]