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Has it really been 2 years?

It certainly doesn’t feel like it. Last night while speaking with Phastia she expressed disbelief that it had already been two years since I became the delegate of Warzone Sandbox, and I concurred. Time has certainly flown by, and more time has flown by than I ever thought was going to be possible. A year ago I became the fourth person to ever last a year as a warzone delegate, and today I become only the second person to ever see the counter beside their name change from 1 to 2 years.

There are a lot of people to thank for this, there are the people who have endorsed me over the years, the people who’ve taken the time to get involved in the region, Drew Durnil (the youtuber), and there are the regions that have supported me, and finally there are my fellow Warzoners. Without all of these people, and more, I would never have accomplished this feat.

When I came to Warzone Sandbox there was almost nothing here, it was the second smallest Warzone, and the only Warzone with no delegate, and there had been no delegate for over a week (though it seems like a much longer time period than that and I would have sworn on my life before researching this that there were more than 8 days between Walden7’s CTE and my arrival in Sandbox). There were WA nations in the region, but all of them were inactive enough that they hadn’t bothered to endorse each other (or they were waiting for the others to endorse them so that they could become delegate).

These past two years have been something of a golden age in the Warzones. They’ve seen the number of delegates who’ve lasted for more than a year in their position almost double, they’ve seen stability and growth in almost every warzone, and the breaking of records that no one ever thought would break. I like to think that I was the catalyst for that, I like to think that it was my arrival in Warzone Sandbox bright eyed and bushy tailed and with the intent to build the best Warzone that I could which lit a fire under the other Warzoners. We’re nothing if not a competitive bunch. However, that’s probably just self-aggrandizing pride on my part. It was more likely the collapse of the Warzone Federation that spurred this on, as individual Warzones no longer had someone to pass the buck off to, and were forced to take responsibility for their own destinies; though Sandbox was never a member of the Warzone Federation I will always and forever see this collapse as a good thing, and the subsequent golden age which followed it as a reminder of the flaw in assuming a federation is best for the Warzones. We’re stronger when we work together, yes, but we work best as individuals with all of our unique cultures on full, and vibrant display.

However, in the Warzones there is danger in complacency. No matter how safe or secure we are we must always stand alert and resolute in our dedication to the protection of our regions. All it takes is one update, one second really, that we’re not paying attention and we could lose everything. That’s the risk that makes the Warzones what they are, and it’s what makes them some of the most exciting regions to be in.

I am grateful for these last two years, for all my successes and failures, and for everything that they have taught me. I’ve met and argued with some amazing people.

Here’s to many more!

Humbled and a little emotional,
One Small Island
Ali’i of Warzone Sandbox