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New People's Marshall, appointed

After the recent elections, the Party Central has announced that the new People's Marshal is the retired Revolutionary General, Thaducho Garinov

He has served as the commander of the JREF-I during his service at Irogg, and was promoted to Revolutionary General Class II upon his return. He promised to turn Janpia into a vanguard of communism, and to further export revolutionary ideals abroad

Katraburg City to open a new 4th Metro Line

Located near the borders between Sanverei Region and Katyechinci Region, Katraburg City has a strategic place for trade, and industries between the two regions. It is also nearby the great river of Munchen, which rans from the Gulf of Sichanaschi, and ends in the Bay of Munchen. As such, plans for a new metro line was laid out to encourage the use of public transportation, and to make it convenient and efficient. The new metro line will run from the Remivalingrad District, and crosses the Moreveno River, and unto the Main Station square. The new line will be colored yellow on the map, and will have the maximum capacity of 300,000 on its peak.


Worker's Union of Azuseho, to celebrate year's labor

At the city of Azuseho, the local farming worker's union has decided to celebrate after year's work on the fields. They stated that they have managed to make their town self-reliant on grain and corn. As such, the celebration shall happen on the Azuseho Town Square, and they are welcome for any tourists.


Janpian International Workers Union Exports Program, opened

The Janpian International Workers Union Exports Program (JIWUE) is now opened for trading with other nations or individuals. It features the craftmanship of various Worker's Unions who wishes to participate to international trading, and showcase their work. As of now, there are over 4 Worker's Union who are willing to participate this program. Communist / socialist types of government have free options to pick, depending on the output of the Worker's Union they are acquiring. Due to the limited use of currency, profit earned from this program will go straight to the government to construct infrastructure, state improvements, and welfare. The profit and transactions are transparent and can be seen by public due to the Currency Transparency Act.





Helgo Region

Partly Cloudy

27 Celsius

Maricha Region

Partly Cloudy

28 Celsius

Balhore Region


35 Celsius

Belore Region


29 Celsius

Avescho Region


22 Celsius

Katyechinci Peninsula


24 Celsius

Sichensa Region


31 Celsius

Alevayev Region


42 Celsius

Sanverei Region

Partly Cloudy

28 Celsius

*based on latest reports from the Revolutionary Ministry of Meteorology, Atmospheric, and Geophysical Union (MMAGU)*

The Front is runned by a group of revolutionary workers under supervision of the state.