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Largest Naval Fleet Review in Janpia held at Magochyo

Total number of participating ships

Source: Revolutionary Council - Janpian Union of Revolutionary Navy Command

A total of 155 surface warships, comprising 90% of the Revolutionary Navy combat fleet, are present in the Magochyo Sea for the annual Fleet Review. The Naval Fleet review is led by the Magochyo Fleet, with warships coming from the Janpian Sea Fleet and Unscho Fleet. The Magochyo Combined Fleet Review is to commemorate the combined revolutionary naval victory against the Janpian Imperial Fleet at the Battle of the Janpian Sea, paving the way for the establishment of the modern Janpian Union of Revolutionary Navy.

A grand total of 5 out of 7 Revolution-Class Aircraft Carriers, 4 out of 5 Avescho-Class Battlecruiser, 48 out of the 64 Katyacha-Class Guided Missile Destroyers, 31 out of 45 Voloklava-Class Guided Missile Frigates, 17 out of the 30 Helgo-Class Corvette, 22 out of the 46 Noterburg-Class FACs, and 4 out of 24 Alevayev-Class LSDs, followed by the overall total of 4x Hanschinburg-Class, 6x Gamerov-Class, and 2x Kalingrad-Class, were reservedly present in the Magochyo Combined Fleet Review, making the the total amount of surface vessels to 159. A fly-over will also take place with 186 Hisshin Naval Aircraft from the 1st to 5th Air Fleets and 104 additional MH-2N Helicopters, thus making the event the largest naval review in Janpian history. The naval review was launched by the acting People's Marshal Tesrayin Ustinov and 1st-Class Revolutionary Grand Admiral (1C-RGA) Skanavya Helegen of the Magochyo Fleet, who led the start of the commemoration on behalf of the People's Marshal, Natya Anya, who is currently at South Olpen. The segment of the naval review starts with the speech of Admiral Skanavya, followed by the trumpet call of all ships, signifying the opening of the event. Once everything is set, Linknaval Linkmarches will be played, followed by a fly-by of the air fleets and an airshow performed by the 5th strike wing of the JRS Ruschovosch (Land of Ruscho trees. Alternative name of Janpia), a Revolution-Class Aircraft Carrier. 4x Alevayev-Class LSD ships, JRS Unstrak, JRS Elyema, JRS Kondotoro, and JRS Kravadt, will be used to ferry spectators and guests as it reviews around the combined fleet. The salute of guns segment will be led by JRS Kalingrad, an Avescho-Class Battlecruiser, followed by a 21 gun salute towards the Magochyo Fleet flagship, JRS Dabun Javosch (Land of the dead emperors. Alternative name of Janpia), a Revolution-Class Aircraft Carrier. At the moment, participating ships are docked at the Munschen Harbor, where guests and spectators can tour around the ships, before sailing to the Bay of Munschen.

According to 2nd-Class Admiral Einstokov Unramana, the security of Janpia during the fleet review will be handled by the Revolutionary Maritime Guards, which will maintain a secure sea presence during the event. The remaining combat ships will also be used to maintain a naval presence in Janpian interests. Furthermore, the Admiral stated that the Sichanashi 3rd Fleet will not participate in the fleet review, given that the 3rd fleet is still fighting in an armed conflict against the state of Muqaddasia.

Revolutionary Grand Admiral 2nd-Class (RGA-2C) Einstokov Unramana
"In order to commemorate this event while also maintaining a naval presence, a few combat ships will be put under the temporary command of the Revolutionary Maritime Guards, which will maintain security and a credible naval presence. I have spoken with the Naval Command on the possible contingencies or events, so I assure you, we have everything under control."

The naval fleet also involves the D and C companies of the 32nd Amphibious "Konsak" (stab) Battalion, where they will feature 45 LAV's and 3 landing ships. To bolster security ties between states, foreign navies are invited to take part in the naval review, specifically the KTO member-states. According to the security analyst,
However, some party members have remained critical of the naval review, claiming that it is a waste of oil and time, and some have suggested reducing the number of participating ships in order to strengthen the Janpian point of interest. During the UPMC plenary session, Rep. Gonkaru Suchana has stated that the Fleet Review is unnecessary, given that there are no benefits for the Revolutionary Navy, other than showcasing its equipment. The Fort Kalinka is still yet to provide a statement on to the said matter. Nonetheless, the Magochyo Combined Fleet Review is set to steam ahead on 6:00am EJT and will conclude at 7:00pm EJT. Accommodation and food for the guests, spectators, and dignitaries will be freely handled out, providing them naval curry and seafood skewers.

Marajarbia NOT a superpower!

Opinion by: Einstasch Oklovo

Remember back when former People's Marshal Karmiya called on the former Emperor Jackson and the Marajarbian government to go on trial for their crimes against humanity? Those fools from Andreusville have agreed, IF the PM or whatever receives a similar trial with the similar charges that were put against the Marajarbian government. Now, given the unreasonable excuse of Emperor Jackson back then, the party simply just refused it, yet continued on to call him for a trial. After all, justice is a must, right? And now today, the People's Marshal Natya Anya has agreed to face this challenge to take on a trial with the same charges against the Jackson and the Marajarbian Monarchial Federal Republic Government on to Olpen. Yet here we are now asking, where is the Marajarbian government's response? Where was their ego and honor when they said that? None? That's expected from a state that already has a weakened economy thanks to the interdiction order, along with maybe the logistical nightmare on its lands (thank you Himalayas!).

Now on to the topic. Recently, Marajarbian guys at Namaprika were massacred by KTO allied states such as Yitanka, Gonswanza, and ours, obliterating their attempt to escape and even completely pull out. These fellas that died on foreign land were apparently conscripts from their colonial possessions and were forced to continue working in an active warzone. Talk about colonial abuse and military mismanagement. But once again, what do you expect from a weak state? In fact, we can all agree that the Marajarbian Monarchy Federation Republic is nothing more than a shell of its former self, rather than a superpower. A state can be considered a superpower if it has a good economy, good military, high HDI, progressive policy, or influence. Given that the Marajarbian state is reliant on trade which the KTO cut off, uses colonial conscripts, has no evidence of democratic elements or state organs, still has colonies in this modern age, and has a mixed fascist-monarchist state in the guise of this fake "democracy", with no foreign governments backing them, I'd say they aren't a superpower. Even more recently, they've sent something like a billion dollars as an investment to yet another warring state, which would simply be plundered off or used for illegal means. This just puts us to the question: Why do the Marajarbians have the worst choices of investment? Call me a capitalist since I've read their system, but isn't it bad when you invest in a non-stable state with no clear economic planning and is in a state of armed conflict? If so, then what the Marajarbians did was none other than further flunk their economy due to bad investment. more proof why they shouldn't be considered a superpower in economic terms. Oh, and they also claimed that they are influential and stuff because of their alliance, when in reality, the said alliance only has 2 active member states, that being the state of Aursi and Muqaddasia. Even then, the recent statements from the Muqaddasian government seem to be heavily condemning the new emperor. More people are waking up, yes? In any case, this Marajarbian-created alliance and all "successors" of it is nothing more than a small and insignificant "group" that will play no significant role on the global stage.

Solution? Lets go back to my first paper, read my suggestion, and lets have this war already! The sounds of our missiles shall outbear anyone who stood on our way! The screams of thousands for justice shall be the sounds of explosions!




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