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Janpian Union of Revolutionary Forces

Military Equipments


Janpian Union of Revolutionary Forces


"Hardwork, Discipline, Unity"

(fine serious this time)


Military Branches

Janpian Union of Revolutionary Army

Janpian Union of Revolutionary Navy

Janpian Union of Revolutionary Airforce

Janpian Union of Revolutionary Missileers

- 4th Era

Military Age:

Janpian Union of Government Workers Party

People's Marshal:
Annie Natya Anya

Current Era:
5th Era

Active Personnel: classified
Reserve Personnel: classified

Percentage of GDP: 8.6%

Intelligence Agency
Janpian Union of Revolutionary Intelligence Center

The Janpian Union of Revolutionary Forces (JURF) is the armed wing of the Janpian Union of Government Workers Party (JUGWP), being the primary and only armed organization of Janpia against her enemies.

The JURF first started as the United Freedom Front of the Janpian Union Party to fight against warlords and party-controlled regions during the 4th Era Revolution. Its main objective is to oust Janpian foreign enemies and unite Janpia as a whole. As more warlords and parties joined or become subjugated by the Janpian Union Party, the party renamed itself to the Janpian Union of Government Workers Party (JUGWP). The United Freedom Front also renamed itself as the Janpian Union of Revolutionary Forces. The JURF fought throughout JUGWP's borders, and against other warlord-controlled party states. They also fought against hostile foreign forces and foreign-backed parties.

On February 2, JUGWP was able to unite the whole Janpia after the last region, the Maricha People Workers Party, joined and united with the Janpian Union of Government Workers Party. On February 4, The party leaders and warlords gathered on Fort Kalinka at Kalingrad City to sign the declaration of the creation of Janpian Union of Revolutionary States (Union Pact), thus marking the 5th Era. The declaration also includes the continued revolution ideology and also the clause that JURF will be the armed wing of J.U.R.S

The JURF's objective is to lead and spread the ideals of the revolution both domestic and international through an armed conflict. Like its mandate, the revolution will always continue as long as there are people or counter-revolutionaries who aren't enlightened by the revolutionary ideals.

JURF has 4 branches:

Janpian Union Revolutionary Army (JURA)
The "Janoschen Unoschi no Armeii Farusye" or JURA, is the primary force that leads the revolution on land. It commands army groups and is in charge of mainland defense.

Janpian Union Revolutionary Navy (JURN)
The "Janoschen Unoschi no Naveyie Farusye", or JURN is the Party's naval force that leads the revolution on the sea. It commands 4 major fleets, which contain all the naval units of the Revolutionary force. They are focused on denying the enemy use of the sea and projecting the Revolution on the blue water.

Janpian Union Revolutionary Airforce (JURAF)
Locally called as "Janoschen Unoschi no Araa Farusye", JURAF controls the revolution's skies, being the primary aerial force of the Party.

Janpian Union Revolutionary Missileers (JURM)
Locally called as "Janoschen Unoschi no Maschillyeno Farusye", JURM controls all long-range missiles and weapons systems such as ICBM, WMD, and IRBM. They are often attached to nuclear units such as SLBMs or mobile ICBMs, where they symbolically and literally hold the other key to initiate a nuclear attack. The JURM has many different branches such as the Nuclear Command, ICBM Launch and Planning Branch, Strategic Missile Bombardment Branch, and Space Force Branch.

Janpian Union Revolutionary Intelligence Center (JURIC)

Main article: Janpian Union of Revolutionary Intelligence Center

The JURIC (Janpian Union of Revolutionary Intelligence Center), is the main intelligence ministry of the Janpian Union of Revolutionary States, subordinate to the Janpian Union of Revolutionary Forces under the Revolutionary Council. Not written on the constitution of the Janpian Union, JURIC has unknown functions on the Party, with its public functions only aimed for intelligence gathering, carrying out internal security, foreign intelligence, counter-intelligence and secret-police functions. Prior to the establishment of the Party, the JURIC used to exist as the Revolutionary Internal Security Enforcement (RISE), before being integrated with the other ministries such as the Revolutionary State Intelligence Ministry (RSIM) and military equivalents. The JURIC is officially under the Janpian Union of Revolutionary Forces (JURF) branch, on command of the Revolutionary Council.

Described as the dark chamber of the Party, JURIC, like all the ministries of the Janpian Union of Government Worker's Party, is headquartered at JURIC Hall in Fort Kalinka at Kalingrad, and has subordinates in every towns, kolshaks, or cities. It has been noted that JURIC's primary emphasis is on matters of intelligence, security, and covert enforcement. However, its jurisdiction and extent is unknown, as it's functions was not defined in the Party constitution, unlike other Party organs. Its modus operandi, or mode of operation, is also unknown and often times unreported. Subsequently, the JURIC Ministry is under the command of the Janpian Union of Revolutionary Forces, with less constraints imposed by the rule of law. Officially, the JURIC operates under the extent of the Revolutionary Interests, doing every measures it can to bridge and provide it for the Party.


JURF mainly follows the 5 core doctrines. This is followed up by the 3 Military Usage Doctrines. These doctrines are recorded and used based on JURF's experience over time.

Core Doctrines

I. Scorched Earth
The pride and the most celebrated military doctrine of the JURF. Scorched earth can be used for offensive or defensive operations. It is meant to destroy any opposition or gains and leaving the enemy nothing at all. This may go beyond to capturing and killing living things on any sides to avoid technology, and strategic leaks, or to achieve stealth in operations.

II. Superior Firepower
Superior Firepower doctrine aims that the battle must be won through superior arms and technology. In order to destroy the enemy on the battlefield, it must first defeat the enemy's strong points and destroy them efficiently and in a less costly manner. To do this, the weapons must be superior enough to overcome the challenges imposed by the enemy.

III. Decisive Battle
The decisive battle doctrine states that a single strategic military victory defines and resolves the objective being fought over, ending one stage of the conflict and beginning another stage. Until a decisive victory is achieved, conflict over the competing objectives will continue.

IV. Effectiveness
This doctrine intends to finish the job with efficiency and professionalism, executing commands with discipline and order. As it is believed that an organized force is necessary to maintain order, lessen casualties, and execute commands better.

Military Usage Doctrines

VI. Armored Superiority
This doctrine is based on the belief that tanks are the true weapons of war. This suggests that tanks alone can win the war since tanks can be well-protected and armed. In addition, it is easy to produce, and it is strong and powerful when designed correctly. Due to the massive Janpian plains, the land is very suitable for tanks. With this doctrine, the JURA is more focused on tank development, usage, and strategies. However, with the recent conflicts, this is expected to change anytime soon.

VII. Ocean Supremacy
Ocean supremacy doctrine is the successor of the underwater supremacy doctrine. This is made to replace the submarines as the captaincy of the seas, and to add more focus to the destroyers or carriers. This is mainly due to the range, firepower and speed offered by the destroyers and carriers, as compared to the submarines. The doctrine's objective is to seize control of Janpia's vast seas, secure them, and destroy the enemy when it passes through by employing a variety of weapons and taking advantage of range and detection. It must completely wipe out any enemy surface fleets on the oceans and be the masters of the seas. Furthermore, the doctrine focuses on expanding its blue water and power projection capabilities. As such, the JURN is more focused on building guided missile destroyers, and their use of them.

Nuclear Doctrines

JURF owns an unstated number of nuclear weapons.

The Janpian Nuclear program began after the creation of the Janpian Union of Revolutionary States (Beggining of the 5th Era). The first nuclear test was fired against notorious Imperial Janpian War criminals at Eshiruscho Island, at the border proper of the Unschon Island Group. Since then, all nuclear testings were performed at Eshiruscho Island and used against various criminals and terrorists who have caused great trouble in Janpia. Though using of nuclear weapons against criminals decreased over time, as the Revolutionaries slowly stabilized the state.

Nuclear Weapons is under the branch of Janpian Union Revolutionary Missileers (JURM)

JURAF Roundel

The JURF will not send a nuclear strike unless:

1. When a state or entity launched a nuclear armed conflict against Janpia

2. When Total War is ordered

3. Strategic and beneficial way to save more lives and a guaranteed way to finish the war. Must be done with extensive JURIC research and scouting.

Total War Order
This is when an enemy state have managed to penetrate into the Janpian Mainland. This strategy must only be used when the state of Janpia is fighting for its survival or existance. Therefore this must only be used as a last resort. The objective is to completely mobilize all Janpians for the war. The sick, the strong, the young and the old will arm themselves for the invasion. The goal is to stubborn the enemy and to counterattack the invasion with stubborn resistance.

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