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Janpian Union of Revolutionary Forces

Military Equipments


Janpian Union of Revolutionary Forces


"Hardwork, Discipline, Unity"


Military Branches

Janpian Union Revolutionary Army

Janpian Union Revolutionary Navy

Janpian Union Revolutionary Airforce

Janpian Union Revolutionary Missileers

- 4th Era

Military Age:

Janpian Union of Government Workers Party

People's Marshall:
Marc Andruvinov

Current Era:
5th Era

Active Personnel: classified
Reserve Personnel: classified

Percentage of GDP: 20.3%

Intelligence Agency
Janpian Union of Revolutionary Intelligence Center

The Janpian Union of Revolutionary Forces (JURF) is the armed wing of the Janpian Union of Government Workers Party (JUGWP). It is the primary, and only armed organization of Janpia against its enemies.

It first started as the United Freedom Front by the Janpian Union Party to fight against warlords and party-controlled regions during the 4th Era Revolution. Its main objective is to oust Janpian foreign enemies and uniting Janpia as a whole. As more warlords and parties joined or become subjugated by the Janpian Union Party, the party renamed itself to Janpian Union of Government Workers Party (JUGWP). The United Freedom Front also renamed itself as the Janpian Union of Revolutionary Forces. The JURF fought across the JUGWP held borders, and against other warlord-controlled party states. They also fought against hostile foreign forces and foreign-backed parties.

On Febuary 2, JUGWP was able to unite the whole Janpia after the the last region, the Maricha People Workers Party, joined and united with the Janpian Union of Government Workers Party. On Febuary 4, The party leaders and warlords have gathered on Fort Kalinka at Kalingrad City to sign the declaration of the creation of Janpian Union of Revolutionary States, thus marking the 5th Era. The declaration also includes the continued revolution ideology and also the clause that JURF will be the armed wing of J.U.R.S

The JURF's objective is to lead and spread the ideals of the revolution in both domestic and international. The revolution will always continue since there are many Janpian enemies abroad and people who aren't enlightened by the ideals. These enemies are called counter-revolutionaries.

JURF has 4 branches. Also known as:

Janpian Union Revolutionary Army (JURA)
Locally called as the "Unoschi Janosche Revolutsiya Armei". JURA leads the revolution on land. It commands various military groups such as the armored divisions, revolutionary divisions, mechanized divisions, cavalry divisions, and also the special forces such as RAID Group. They are more focused on speed, firepower, and range.

Janpian Union Revolutionary Navy (JURN)
Locally called as "Unoschi Janosche Revolutsiya Naveyie". JURN leads the revolution on the sea. It also commands 5 major fleets and all the naval units of the Revolution. They are focused on denying enemy use of sea, and to project the Revolution on the far high seas.

JURAF Roundel

Janpian Union Revolutionary Airforce (JURAF)
Locally called as "Unoschi Janosche Revolutsiya Araa Farusye". JURAF are the ones that controls the revolution's skies. They are the first ones to be sent on combat, and it focuses on aerial superiority, and support.

Janpian Union Revolutionary Missileers (JURM)
Locally called as "Unoschi Janosche Revolutsiya Maschillyeno" JURM controls all the long range missiles and weapons such as ICBM, WMD, and IRBM. The JURM has many different branches such as the Nuclear Command, ICBM Launch and Planning Branch, Strategic Missile Bombardment Branch, Space Force Branch, MLRS Divisions and others.

Janpian Union Revolutionary Intelligence Center (JURIC)

Locally called as "Unoschi Janosche Revolutsiya Santosho Intellivistya".
JURIC's main objective is to gather intelligence from its enemies and to counter against any individual or groups who threatens the revolution both domestic and international.

They also act like a paramilitary group with unknown numbers. They can do any operations and finish it succesfully with efficiency on whatever Kalingrad and the party commands.

JURIC can also perform various operations in any locations such as assasinations of high value targets, inciting rebellion, sabotaging, infiltrating organizations and other such operations. It is also the primary force on Janpian Cyberspace


JURF mainly follows the 5 core doctrines. This is followed up by the 3 Military Usage Doctrines. These doctrines are recorded and used based on JURF's experience overtime.

Core Doctrines

I. Scorched Earth
The pride and the most celebrated military doctrine of the JURF. Scorched earth can be used for offensive or defensive operations. It is meant to destroy any opposition or gains, and leaving the enemy nothing at all. This may go beyond to capturing and killing living things on any sides to avoid technology, strategic leaks, or to achieve stealth on operations.

II. Superior Firepower
Superior Firepower doctrine aims that the battle must be won through superior arms with technology. In order to destroy the enemy in the battlefield, it must first defeat the enemy's strong points and to destroy them efficiently, and in a less costly-manner. To do this, the weapons must be superior enough to overcome the challenges imposed by the enemy.

III. Speed
Speed doctrine intends to attack the enemy, before they even realize it. The goal is to kill quickly, take the objectives fast, and disrupt the chain of command of the enemy. Hoping to paralyze or completely stop enemy advancements or retreats.

IV. Range
Range doctrine intends to kill the enemy on very long distances while invulnerable or unseen to enemy fire range or radar. The reason for this doctrine, is to save Janpian lives and infrastructure from any potential threats.

V. Effectiveness
The effectiveness doctrine is one of the core doctrines of JURF. It intends to finish the job with efficiency, proffessionalism and better performance. The purpose of this doctrine, is to stop any enemies right on their tracks.

Military Usage Doctrines

VI. Tank Superiority
This is doctrine is a belief that tanks are the true weapons of the war. This suggests that tanks alone can win the war since tanks can be well-protected and armed. In addition, it is easy to produce, and it is strong and powerful when designed correctly. Due to the massive Janpian plains, the land is very suitable for tanks. With this doctrine, the JURA is more focused on tank development, usage, and strategies.

VII. Underwater Supremacy
As stated by its title, underwater supremacy aims to have Ocean supremacy with the use of submarines. Since aircraft carriers are bigger, much more expensive to maintain, and it also requires to be escorted, this doctrine completely renders aircraft carriers as useless. Unlike the submarines, submarines can act independent and give credible force even against a superior enemy naval group. Since Janpia is an archipelago, the doctrine provides utmost importance to guard Janpia's vast seas, and to let the enemy anxious when sailing the oceans. The doctrine intends to wipe out enemy surface fleet with the use of submarines.

Nuclear Doctrines

JURF owns an unstated number of nuclear weapons.

The Janpian Nuclear program began after the creation of the Janpian Union of Revolutionary States (Beggining of the 5th Era). The first nuclear test was fired against captured notorious Imperial Janpian War criminals at the Execution Island located at the border proper of the Union Island Group. Since then, all nuclear testings were performed at Execution Island and along with various criminals and terrorist who have caused great trouble in Janpia.

Nuclear Weapons is under the branch of Janpian Union Revolutionary Missileers (JURM)

The JURF will not send a nuclear strike unless:

1. The enemy nation have been detected to launch nuclear weapons against Janpia

2. When Total War is ordered

3. Strategic and beneficial way to save more lives and a guaranteed way to finish the war. Must be done with extensive JURIC research and scouting.


Here are the known strategies used by JURF

Pincer movement:
One of the most oldest yet effective tactic, the pincer movement is about flanking and encircling the enemy with the use of armored units and airforce. The tanks will be the prime offensive factor, supported by infantry and aircrafts.

Deep Assault (Blitzkrieg)
The deep assault strategy utilizes self-supporting army groups, coordinating together as it pushes deep into the enemy lines in a quick manner. To achieve such a strategy, the first step is to gain air superiority. Once the air is under control, the airforce can rely intelligence data to support ground troops and simply deny the enemy use of airspace. After gaining air superiority, the airforce must then scorch the earth by destroying supply lines, military fortifications, installments, or anything that the enemy can take advantage of or hold onto. With the front weakened, desolated, and uninhabitable, a massive attack will take place spearheaded by the tank divisions. The tank divisions will closely coordinate with the CAS aircrafts or attack helicopters to finish the job faster. They will mainly do the clean up duty that was left during the aerial scorched earth. The tanks will then continue to push inward to the enemy territory until it reaches the objective point. The push will be supported by a stable logistics group, protected by support infantry or armored units on the flanks. In order to defend the itself from any possible encirclement, the flanks will be well protected by air support and armored divisions. If there is an attempt to cut the supply line or encircle the main force, the logistics line will primarily prioritize on giving supplies to the flanks first, and additional reinforcements will arrive to defend the affected flanks.

Mass Assault
This strategy can only be used when the situation requires an offensive, yet there are no armored units available. This strategy utilizes the infantry as it carefully advances through the enemy locations, and strategically taking important positions. After taking such positions, they will hold the lines, while waiting for further armored reinforcements, or support.

Coordinated Strike
This strategy involves the CAS or anything that delivers explosive projectiles on very long ranges. The infantry must first report the enemy positions. Standard support calling required you to be atleast 800 meters away from the spotted enemy. This was done to not alert the enemy about the incoming strike, or possibly giving away friendly position. The CAS aircrafts or tanks will then accurately shoot or bomb the designated targets to smithereens. Smart bombs/shells, or laser guided weapons will be used.

Deep Operation
This strategy aims to deploy an elite squad behind the enemy lines to take out any high ranking officers, or to perform other goals such as lowering the enemy morale, increase enemies' paranoia, and to fool the enemy divisions. They must go behind the lines by parachuting or other various ways to get in.

Naval Ranging
Naval ranging strategy seeks to destroy enemy naval units while not being detected. For this strategy to work, it must first spot and exactly locate unaware naval units with the use of any available spotting equipments. Then, after locating, recognizing, calculating and counting the enemy's ships, the intel will be sent to the nearest ships or submarines. With this intel, the nearby warships will fire a long range guided torpedo or missiles to the unsuspecting enemy fleet.

Naval Invasion
Naval invasion intends to start an offensive campaign to the enemy territory by breaking into their shores. The first stage is to bombard the enemy shores with naval artillery, missiles, or jets, to destroy enemy fortifications or strategic positions. This is to give way for the landing forces to take on to the beaches. After the bombardment, the first batch of troops will land on to the beaches, aided by LAVs. They will clear the soft targets, and attempt to make a beach head. Then, once the beach is deemed "safe", the tanks will then arrive to clear the entire area and the nearby areas

Pirate: This is used on special occassions only. Pirating refers on destroying other nation's shipping lines, naval assets, or hijacking/stealing cargo on the seas. The ships that will be used however, are modern warships that is enough to defend itself, and remain on the sea for months. This strategy will only be used when the nation is not officialy at war, but it needs to destroy enemy sea lanes. The "pirate ship" will be disenfranchised from the Revolutionary Fleet, and the crew will be independent to plan, and act in their own ways. If the pirates requires aid, the Revolutionary Fleet will fetch a submarines to rearm, and resupply the ship

Sea Wolf
Sea wolf strategy intends to destroy huge naval strike force by launching a small group of capable and coordinated attack submarines. The first step is to detect the main battle groups with the use of submarine launched drones or any available surveilance equipments. Then, the submarines will attempt to position themselves silently in many directions, creating an ambush zone for the battlegroup. The ambush will begin with a single sonar ping from one of the submarines. After the ping, the submarines would simultaneously launch their payload into the battlegroup. The submarines would coordinate in order to equally distribute its firepower to the battlegroup.

City Bombing
Involving the JURAF, this strategy is one of the basic aerial strategy of Janpia. It is locally called as "Gradstayu Araa Boma". The objective is to bomb factories, railways, bases, airports, or strategic locations on the enemy city, or territory with a flying formation of bombers protected by fighter or escort planes. The strategy also covered city obliteration bombing where the main objective is to level the enemy city to submission, and to deny any advantages to the enemy.

Total War Order
This is when an enemy state have managed to penetrate into the Janpian Mainland. This strategy must only be used when the state of Janpia is fighting for its survival. Therefore this must only be used as a last resort. The objective is to completely mobilize all Janpians for the war. The sick, the strong, the young and the old will arm themselves for the invasion. The goal is to stubborn the enemy and to counterattack the invasion with stubborn resistance. This strategy mainly uses the Scorched Earth doctrine. WMD weapons is also now permitted to be used.