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Partnership for Sovereignty Recommendation: Vote FOR “Against Quorum Raiding”

Against Quorum Raiding

Voting Recommendation: FOR

Reasoning: The Security Council proposal “Against Quorum Raiding” seeks to denounce the practice of “quorum raiding”. The act of quorum raiding occurs when raiders overthrow regional delegates through the use of force, in order to remove approvals from World Assembly proposals and prevent them from going to vote.

It must be noted that quorum raiding, though often seen as an action against World Assembly proposals, is an attack on regions themselves. All regions (except those which epouse hate, or launch unjustified attacks against other regions) have the right to self-determination, to function without any outside group imposing their will on the region. When a delegate approves a proposal, they are expressing their region’s political wishes. When quorum raiding occurs and a delegate’s approval is removed, a region’s political voice is silenced — an action which undermines regional sovereignty, and the ability for the residents of the region to play the game according to their own terms. Moreover, quorum raiding threatens the health and vibrancy of the World Assembly. As the proposal lays out, continued instances of quorum raiding may discourage regional delegates from approving any proposals in the future, in order to avoid an invasion. This makes it harder for WA proposals to make it to vote, and consequently may hinder the efforts of aspiring authors. Due to the risks posed to both regional communities and the WA by the practice of quorum raiding, the Partnership for Sovereignty fully supports the proposal's efforts to criticize it.

The proposal rightfully raises awareness about “non-combative means of preventing a proposal from going to vote”, such as counter campaigns or reaching out to regional delegates. These methods of persuasion encourage constructive dialogue, a boon to the health of the WA, while safeguarding regional sovereignty by allowing regional delegates to make the ultimate decision on what to approve.

The Partnership for Sovereignty recognizes that there may be certain cases where it may be appropriate for quorum raiding to occur - such as a last ditch effort to prevent a hateful proposal from going to vote. Luckily, the at-vote proposal does not denounce quorum raiding if done to prevent propaganda for a “hateful ideology” from going to vote, as long as the only regions affected also adhere to the hateful ideology in question. By limiting targets to only the regions which espouse hatred, the proposal enables action to rid the game of hate, while still protecting regions which do not subscribe to harmful views.

The Partnership for Sovereignty believes that a denunciation of quorum raiding will promote the right to self-determination, and will encourage constructive dialogue in the World Assembly.

For these reasons, the Partnership for Sovereignty recommends a vote FOR the SC proposal: “Against Quorum Raiding”.