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Good Things and Bad Things

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Best Thing: Libertarian Socialism

Good Things: Data, polling, numeracy, egalitarianism, people, urbanism, upzoning, public transit, pedestrianization, protected bike lanes, signal priority, multi-door-boarding, toll roads, VMT's, VATs, cities, urban infill, density, 5-over-1's, taxes, bank reporting requirements, fiat currency, budget deficits, government debt, minting coins, food stamps, family leave, medical leave, workers' unions, tenant unions, the renter class, OSHA, nuclear power, GMO's, clean energy standards, decarbonization, climate retrofitting, civil services, transparency, universal healthcare, proportional representation, universal suffrage, integration, pluralism, earmarks, post offices, libraries, public defenders, small-d democracy, mail voting, prison abolition, police abolition, consent decrees, Unsecured Bonds, fee waivers, universalism, democraticization, Deliverism, secularism, redistributive programs, centralized redistribution, the public sector, restorative justice, building homes, drug price negotiation, accountability, meta-analyses, revenue sharing, the Commerce Clause, the 14th Amendment, the Supremacy Clause, the Elastic Clause, judicial overrides, judicial exceptions, puns, cats

Bad things: capitalism, conservatism, legalism, agrarianism, elites, ethnocentrism, local control of zoning, euclidean zoning, downzoning, suburbs, cars, highways, parking lots, parking mandates, tribalism, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, Centrism, bipartisanship, the American Senate, supermajority requirements, The Reapportionment Act of 1929, propaganda, Popularism, Forcing the Vote, nations, nationalism, budget surpluses, debt ceilings, the Beltway Press, local media, right-wing media, the foreign policy establishment, The Fairness Doctrine, civility politics, horserace politics, optics politics, the IMF, cryptocurrency, commodity money, gold standards, voting restrictions, means-testing, 1031 exchanges, Prop. 13, the Supreme Court, landlords, the rentier class, home-ownership, HOA's, police union, prosecutors, the State Secrets doctrine, gerrymandering, congressional districts, American States, common-sense, markets, administrative burdens, cops, militaries, "devils-advocates", the surveillance state, dogwhistles, guns, True Crime, people who unironically use the phrase "the woke mob", bothsiders, superficial populism, mandatory surcharges

The Algorithm of Kowani