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The Three Islesí History OOC

(Note: This is the history of the region called The Three Isles)
The Three Isles was discovered by Gilgus Dildus, Admiral of the Maxtopian Empireís Imperial Navy. It was colonised on the 6th of October 2017 AD. However, there wasnít any indigenous people inhabiting it. It was under Maxtopian rule for less than 4 years and then gained independence.The government and thus the region was established on the 22nd of June 2021. The first WA delegate was Oaks 71 (who we believed tried to raid us for some reason). However, they resigned from the WA and their reign lasted less than a day. We were visited by nomads led by Migrating Geese. They brought great happiness to the land for the few days they were there. Then our first valid delegate was elected: Sri lankan bovina. We joined the Council of Minuscule and Small Regions through the founder of The Region of Warsaw. We were the fourth region to join it. Sri lankan bovina resigned from the WA, thus ending their reign of 48 days. Then Dungtoper/Polomon Islands came along and became the WAD for a bit, then moved on to The Official United Nations which was in its Deep Ecologist era. We became the 3rd member of The Free Bloc. Tlord arrived and also became delegate and currently has the longest reign. We were then tag raided by The Brotherhood of Malice.