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Unified Initiative Hub (hopefully the last one) (fat WIP too)


Welcome, again.

If you've stuck around for more than a few months then you've probably been here before in one way or another. Not this dispatch in particular, no, but a form of it. If you're unfamiliar, this is a bit of a project of mine and a rather large one at that having been brewing to some capacity since the Summer of 2019. Its scope is ever-growing, the expectations likewise, and it's been clawing at my head for these past two years. I've been at this for a while and as you can probably tell, I haven't been happy with it for all this time. With this latest iteration, I am not expecting that to change.

Writing for this project (the Initiative) is something outside of my comfort zone but it is still something I want to do. My brain is tuned to work with those more mechanical and military concepts, models of jet fighter craft, the specific signature reduction characteristics of a ship, how many TELAR vehicles are in a standard surface-to-air missile battery. The Initiative might have started out conformant to this mold, as of present it is anything but that. This current iteration hopes to build a picture of many many things I do not understand well or have experience writing. As with all people, I need time to research, form ideas, and put things together so for the sake of quality assurance, please do be patient.

Hopefully this homepage will be the last one I'll need to put up but knowing my track record, I can't make any promises. I only wish that you enjoy taking-in these pieces of writing as much as I (usually) enjoy making them.

So, what happened?

Nothing, well not 'yet' actually. It's not really something you can stuff into a clean definition and even if you could, I'd hate to spoil it so easily. What you've read, heard, known outside of this, all of it is still there, you don't have to worry. This series of narratives is only looking at things from a different angle, through different times and in different places perhaps but fundamentally no different than the worlds you might be more familiar with. Why? Because these are stories about people, or at least analogues of people. Stories about people and for people; assuming the latter is true in your case, you should come to at least a conclusion given enough time.

Nothing has truly changed here, it's only a matter of piecing together what is familiar.

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