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10KI Update - July 2021

Stats of the Month:

Date: July, 2021 | Population: 991 nations| Delegate Endorsement: 330 endorsements

More XKI!


Joint Dispatch on The Black Hawks Espionage
July TITO Update
July TIBOE Report
LinkJuly Council Report (Requires a XKI Forum Account)

Interested in XKI? All of our Foreign Affairs dispatches will be published by 10000 Islands Foreign Affairs, and posted in our embassy thread!

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Chief Executive: Hakketomat
~Field Commander: Kanta Hame
~Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (TITO EF), Controlitia, Wischland, Sulenia, Flying Eagles
~Executive Officers: HN67, Eastern New England


As of this report's publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~Chief Executive: Hakketomat
~WA Delegate: Wischland
~Senior Senator for Himes West (Role Play): Zaberaz Hapang
~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Valentian Elysium
~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): Flying Eagles
~Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): Porflox
~Minister of Education: Free las pinas
~Minister of Labor: Wille-Harlia
~Minister of Immigration: Sulenia

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found Linkhere.

May Senatorial Elections

This month saw the senatorial seats for Himes West (Regional Role Play) and Lyonesse East (Houses) go up for grabs. Incumbent Himes West Senator Zaberaz Hapang ran with plans to overhaul the forum roleplay experience, as well as organize more interregional roleplays (read about it Linkhere). Flying Eagles ran for Lyonesse East with more modest but no less important goals, including more Discord advertising and adding more house awards (you can read their campaign Linkhere). You can also read both candidates' answers to debate questions Linkhere. Both Zaberaz Hapang and Flying Eagles won in uncontested landslide victories. Margaux has also decided to step down as Minister of Immigration this month, with Sulenia being appointed to lead the department of immigration. We wish you all a successful term!

Around the Islands

~ Xeroa was named featured nation of July for their contributions to TITO and activity in XKI roleplay over at A Taco Archipelago and our discord, all in under two months since their arrival in June. You can more about it here.

~ TITO Command and the Council of 9 held Q&A office hours on the RMB to discuss what they're doing and their plans for future developement. Look out for the next Q&A coming soon, or better yet, telegram them directly about your questions/suggestions!

~ XKI organized the Summer Beach Bash festival with our friends over in the Rejected Realms, The East Pacific, and the South Pacific! We had a lot of fun hanging out, and competed to win the Summer Beach Bash trophy!

~ The Cultural Office ran a XKI jeopardy quiz on Discord this month, with Valentian Elysium taking first place, Flying Eagles in second, and Kanta Hame in third. Congrats on the victory (and the tacos) Val!

Islander Achievements

~ Paffnia's submission to the Sixth Issues Contest was chosen by the issues editors of NationStates. Congratulations on the well written Fares Fair? and we look forward to answering it soon!

~ Islanders from across XKI have started spicing up our new art channel on the discord with their artwork, some of the most active being Porymonia, SaneSauceLand, and Coldian. Come join us on the Discord!

~ Free las pinas has been chosen as Account of the Quarter by the regional reserve, highlighting their activity in our forum economy (you can read the full announcement Linkhere) Congrats FLP!

XKI Game-Side

This month, regional pollster Jabberwocky polled regarding the crucial global vaccination effort, "Have you received your COVID vaccine? If not, do you intend to get it?' This poll clearly generated interest with a total of 117 responses. 62 votes (52.99%) came from fully vaccinated people, and 38 votes (32.48%) came from those intending to get vaccinated. There were 17 votes that were either from those not getting vaccinated, either because they think COVID is hoax, religious/ethical reasons, or paranoia about chip inplantation. Fortunately, the total number of sane voters (vaccinated or intending to get vaccinated) was 85.47%, which is above the 70% needed to achieve herd immunity. You can look at all the numbers here at the polls page.

Islanders have been scurrying the past month to find the meaning to life, the universe, and everything (alongside some other important questions).
~ Who are these mysterious recruiter recruiting recruiters?
~ Nationstates issues do be like that sometimes
~ Nationstates cards also do be like that sometimes
~ Is Hakke an ostrich ghoul? Probably.
~ Retro gaming with Val!

Meet The Nation

This month, Deputy Senator for Blue Canaria North AxeCapital interviewed the biggest name in XKI sports roleplay over at A Taco Archipelago. Venmere has organized a number of tournaments under the Peregrine Cup name, and is now working with Haivon, Zaberaz Hapang, Krystalveil, and The Republic of Osea to organize the first ever ATA Olympics.

AxeCapital: Why did you decide to make XKI your home in NS?

Venmere:When I first founded my nation, I was looking around for a region to join. I saw something about tacos in the fact page for XKI, and I joined instantly! I've been here ever since then.

AxeCapital: What is the thing you enjoy the most about XKI?

Venmere: I love how everyone here is so supportive. I never would have gotten off the ground and into the big nation I am today if it weren't for everyone else here.

AxeCapital: When did you organize your first sports tournament, and what made you decide to first organize one?

Venmere: The first Peregrine Cup was held in December of 2020. I've always been a bit of a sports nerd, and I love stats and such. It was natural for me to want to host one here after I saw that other nations had done the same. Organizing that first tournament is what launched me into RP and into ATA, and it's something I'm incredibly grateful for.

AxeCapital: What are some of your most memorable moment/moments that any of these tournaments?

Venmere: Probably my favorite moment was the semifinal of the Peregrine Cup III, in which Haivon defeated Zaberaz Hapang. It was 5-5 at the end of regulation, and Haivon beat ZH in penalty kicks. You can see the full commentary from that game here.
That game was a nail-biter and very tension-filled. I was pumped with adrenaline afterwards and I had to go lie down.

AxeCapital: You recently decided the consolidate all sport tournaments into the ATA Summer & Winter Olympics. What do you think will be the impact of this (Higher participation, more event types)?

Venmere: Since there are more events, I hope more people will want to join. Additionally, the Olympics gives it a feel different than what the Peregrine Cup had been before, e.g. it's no longer "Venmere's Tournament" but "ATA"s Tournament." I want as many nations as possible to join, and if you're reading this and haven't been in RP yet, come on over to ATA and give it a try! The first Summer Olympics will take place in September of this year.

Until next month, your XKI Update Staff is signing off!
Porflox and AxeCapital