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Federation of Sukuma

Sukuma, The Rulers of the Savanna. Believe me, that is a title I do not want to contest. The last ones who tried all got shot. The Serengeti is not like the Jungles of my home. The lands are harsh, with Rhinos, Hyenas, Cheetas, even the mighty Elephant calling these lands home. However, hiding in the Bushwillows and amongst Africa's top predators is the most dangerous predator of all: An angry human with a gun. They had already seen the worst of colonialism, and now with neocolonialists at their doorstep, they refuse to lay down their arms and accept submission again - not without a good fight. Their villages and towns are armed, ferocious, and ready to fight anyone who thinks that fighting them will just be a fun Safari.

Sukuma is... confusing, to say the least. It is primarily located around the Tanzanian portion of Lake Victoria, with the Basukuma people who live there being the countries namesake - with the native name for the country being Shirikishoĩl Busukuma. 11,832,857 people live within its de facto borders, with almost all of them being African. It claims to be a Communist state, but it barely has a state. Really, it is more accurate to call them "Libertarian Socialists" as their government is practically non-existent. They organize themselves as these autonomous communities, typically anarchist/council but some more traditional governments exist, who have come to the collective decision that working together is better than living under URoE-Controlled Tanzania. They call their ideology "Kanumbaist", after their founder Michael Kanumba, though it has been slightly modified by "Comrade" Ndabiti Baker.

The following are so-called 'factbooks' about the nation. There will be no commentary from me beyond this point. Although, I would really like to because the people are good-hearted, but also LARPers. I do not like their ideology very much.