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WA Office | World Assembly Peace Prize


The proposal at-vote, “World Assembly Peace Prize”, aims to create an award for those individuals within member states who, in the view of the WA Commission on Human Rights, have contributed to the resolution of major conflicts between member states. There is also a clause at the end, ostensibly to avoid the proposal focusing solely on a committee, which discourages organised warfare.

The legislation’s main mandate is contained in clauses b-i to b-iii, which describe the processes of nomination and selection for the award. Though there are much needed exceptions around self-nominations and the like, the provisions given seem too narrow, excluding those individuals who prevent major human rights abuses which were not part of an international conflict, those individuals who prevent international conflicts before they arise, or those individuals who help resolve civil wars. Clause b-iv is a detail description of the medal, which could be viewed as somewhat superfluous, while clause c prevents confiscation of the award and clause d discourages unjustified organised armed conflict.

However, the main issue with this proposal is that there is very little real impact on member states or on the wars that member states create. Its only real mechanism of preventing conflict is an award, over which there will undoubtedly be disagreements and controversies due to the selection of one winner from tens of thousands and states, which is a mechanism already fulfilled in-part by the Security Council. An award to individuals will not, generally, incentivise member states to avoid conflict.

Therefore, this Office recommends a vote AGAINST “World Assembly Peace prize”. Though the legislation executes its immediate aims well, these aims do not work to achieve the proposal’s policy goal of reducing armed conflict. Because of this, the award will do little other than being a drain of the WA’s expenses.

Addendum. (Imperium Anglorum) In out of character terms, it is impossible for any player or any role played person to be given this award: the actions of committees are unknowable and not played out by players. Any attempt to note such an award in the General Assembly would be a per se rules violation and dead on arrival. At best, any such award would be only at the assertion of some player rather than an actual bestowing of recognition. The proposed awards framework offers very little for anyone, real or imagined.

Primary author(s): Kenmoria, Imperium Anglorum.


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