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GA "World Assembly Peace Prize" Voting Overview

Current Proposal: World Assembly Peace Prize


This proposal aims to establish an official peace prize, which is to be awarded to an individual or a group of people that have attmepted to stop violence and aggressions in a non-violent manner.



Cappedore wrote:This resolution takes an international stand for the promotion of worldwide peace, and therefore it has gained our support.

Waldenes wrote:*The Ambassador from Waldenes beams from ear to ear, almost annoyingly. Anyone present would likely be able to predict, just from his expression, what would come next.*

“Why, this is an absolutely marvelous idea, Ambassador! You have our full unwavering support!”


Bananaistan wrote:"Opposed. The hardworking socialists of Bananaistan refuse to have the fruits of our labour wasted on such fripperies. Also the inclusion of the word "sapient" is bad, and being unable to strip somebody of this "prize" if they were, say, subsequently found guilty of war crimes, for example, is problematic."

Separatist Peoples wrote:"We are opposed. This proposal is wasteful fluff for which the World Assembly has no need. If it passes due to the resounding ignorance of the voters, I will happily bankroll any repeal effort."

10ki wa secretariat