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Practice Regions for Triggering

Practice Regions for Triggering

The regions below are made available to be used for trigger practice. As time goes on, their spacing will become less precise by other players' founding of new regions, and the dissolution of existing ones. For the moment, however, they are intended to be approximately two minutes apart from one another (at Major's pace) in all instances where an extremely large region does not obstruct this timing. Some regions have been placed directly after large regions, such as GCRs and jumppoints, in order to increase the skill required to successfully carry out a triggered hit.

You may locate these regions in Spyglass by their embassy with this region, Primitiveness, or by searching Refuge Isle in the World Factbook Entry.

In order, these regions currently include:

  1. Starzone Amlitzer

  2. Past Roleplay

  3. North Gamer

  4. Hellverse

  5. Not Found

  6. Meh

  7. Worms

  8. Raven Brook

  9. The No Yous

  10. Republic Of Laughs

  11. International Peacekeepers

  12. The Weird And Extreme

  13. The Servants Quarters

  14. Mar Sands

  15. Skyward Keep

  16. Scars

  17. Hopeful Moments

  18. Twin Peaks

  19. Sand In Shoe Bay

  20. Salutations

  21. Unified Command

  22. Land Of The Maybe Free

  23. The Imagination

  24. New Parmaetheus

  25. Aurora Nights

  26. Anthill

  27. Safeguard

  28. Scientific Knowledge

  29. Infinitium

  30. The Federated States Of Eurasia

  31. Swampland

  32. The Pirates Isles

  33. Cherry Dapplemello

  34. The Heavenly Council

  35. The Environmentalists

  36. Twisted leaf