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SC "Convention Against Heisting" Voting Recommendation

Current Proposal: Convention Against Heisting
Voting Recommendation: AGAINST


"Convention Against Heisting" aims to minimize the effect of heisting, which is the practice of stealing bank from another nation during card transfers, by setting guidelines that explain how to reduce the risk of a heist and how to strengthen international cooperation to avoid heisting in the future.

The Secretariat recommends voting against "Convention Against Heisting" as the proposal utilizes and defines the term "guild" to refer to a cards organization when in reality the only card organization that uses such a term is TNP's. Additionally, the proposal does not consider that certain, technical mechanics of card farming may change over time and thus require a total redrafting. Lastly, it encourages the victim to reason with the heisting nation, while not weighing in the rather high chance of them not wanting to cooperate.

10ki wa secretariat