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The Hulldomian WA Delegation

[center][b][color=B02418]The Hulldomian Delegation to the World Assembly[/color][/b][/center]
[background-block=#B02418][b][color=white][center]Authors of GAR #560, GAR #575, GAR #579, GAR #585, and GAR #594[/center][/color][/b][/background-block][hr][background-block=navy][b][color=white][center]Proud Sister Nation of Boston Castle
Authors of GAR #522, GAR #539, and GAR #550.[/center][/color][/b][/background-block][hr][background-block=#B02418][b]
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[b]Dr. Joseph Émmanuel Robert Le Maldo[/b] is the current Ambassador of Hulldom to the World Assembly. He was born on November 9, 1970 to Francis Pierre Le Maldo, a shop owner, and Alexandra Louise Le Maldo (née Robinson), a seamstress, in Fort McMillan, Cascadia, Hulldom as the third of their five children. He is of French and English descent and is a first generation Hulldomian on his dad’s side. He is married to the Rt. Hon. Katherine (Kate) Marine Le Maldo (née Tuchel), with whom he has one son, John.

Ambassador Le Maldo attended Hulldomian state schools throughout his life, as his parents were both working class to lower middle class people who could not afford private education for their children. He graduated Roswell County High School in 1987 one year ahead of schedule and proceeded to enroll at Gordonstown University in St Perry, Frobisher on a full scholarship. In addition to being elected chairman of the student body his senior year at Gordonstown, Le Maldo presented very well—taking a triple first class degree (Gordonstown is one of three schools in Hulldom which rate their degrees) in Economics, Geography, and Peace Studies. He began his career shortly thereafter working for Shelby Bank’s Investment Risks desk.

In 1994, when his employer agreed to pay the full cost of his studies, Le Maldo took advantage of their generosity, returning to The University of Parliament in Nansemond to pursue his MA in Economics which he duly took in 1997. Upon receiving an appointment with the Center for the Study of Conflict at the University of Parliament that same year, he applied for, and began, his PhD in Public Policy, which he duly received in 2001 with a dissertation entitled “The Role of the Office of Electoral Administration in Promoting Fair Elections”—a dissertation which has had an outsized influence on Hulldomian decision making in repealing the resolution which founded it. He also earned a BLL in 2004 from St. Francis University after explaining a burgeoning interest in international law to his colleagues, before earning a Doctor of Legal Studies degree in 2007 after applying his research with the CSC to his Dissertation "The Impact of Hulldomian Developmental and Legal Assistance In the Baltic States, 1990-1997". After 13 years at the Center for the Study of Conflict, Dr. Le Maldo left a full-time research role at the University for a role within the World Assembly Delegation in 2010.

He initially served as the Deputy Attaché for Administrative Compliance before being promoted in 2014 to the role of Attaché of the Hulldomian Delegation to the World Assembly to the Commissions and Offices of the World Assembly. He was considered for the post of Ambassador by Prime Minister de Vries in 2016, and indeed the National Post reported on May 25, 2016 that he was to be the next World Assembly Ambassador from Hulldom. This reporting was followed by a report that he was instead to take a position with the Independent Adjudicative Office, thus leaving the Hulldomian delegation, before Le Maldo publicly announced that he was staying on as Attaché of the Hulldomian Delegation to the World Assembly to the Commissions and Offices of the World Assembly. 

He began his tenure as Ambassador on December 10, 2021 upon the resignation of Elizabeth Van Rooy as Ambassador upon her election as Hulldomian MP for Kimberley East.
[hr][b][center][url=#Comms]The Commissions Attaché[/url][/center][/b]
[b]Paula Joanie Arripais[/b] is the current Attaché of the Hulldomian Delegation to the World Assembly to the Commissions and Offices of the World Assembly. She was born May 19, 1981 to Thomas Sebastian Leclair, a physical therapist, and Josephine Kelly Leclair (née Gordon), a secondary school economics teacher, in Exeter, New Hibernia, Hulldom. She is of French, English, and Scottish descent. She is married to Iker Hugo Arripais, a first generation Hulldomian from Lekeitio, Spain in the Basque Country, with whom she has two sons, Lucas and Will.

Ambassador Arripais was, like Ambassador Le Maldo, a state school graduate, graduating from Essex High School in 1999 having been crowned Parliamentary Debate Champion of New Hibernia her sophomore (1997), junior (1998), and senior (1999) years with her partner Addison Sampson, winning the Hulldomian Speech and Debate Society Championship for Parliamentary Debate with Sampson in 1999 after finishing runner-up in 1998, 15th (lost in the Octafinals) in 1997, and 65th (lost in the Triple Octafinals) in 1996. Upon graduating from Essex, Madame Arripais entered Sherbrooke University, eventually graduating in 2003 with a double BA in Economics and Sociology. She then matriculated at the Université de Nantes, taking her MPP in Public Policy in 2005.

After attaining her Master's of Public Policy, she entered the service of the national education policy think tank, the McKenna Foundation, researching inequities in language acquisition between rural schools and urban schools, particularly focusing on the gap between Native and Non-Native communities in Gladstone State. She published a book, [I]Speaking In Their Tongue: A Language Acquisition Guide For The Next Generation[/I], which reached No. 1 on the [I]Nansemond Times[/I] best-seller list and whose core conclusions and policy recommendations formed the basis of the Education (Language and Skills) Act (2013). 

In 2013, she accepted a job offer with the World Assembly Delegation as Scholar in Charge of Educational and Cultural Affairs. She ascended to the position of Deputy Attaché to the Offices for Education under former Ambassador Rupp in 2015, staying in that position for six years before ascending to her current position following the resignation of Ambassador Van Rooy in 2021 and the subsequent appointment of Dr. Le Maldo as Ambassador of Hulldom to the World Assembly.
[hr][b][center][url=#Current]Current Endeavors[/url][/center][/b]
[b][url=]Access to Scientific Knowledge[/url][/b]
[b][url=]International Telecommunications Authority[/url][/b] (forthcoming)
[b]End Abusive Therapeutic Practices[/b] (forthcoming)
[b]Ensuring Competitive Business Practices[/b] (majorly forthcoming)
[hr][center][b][url=#Programs]Our Programs[/url][/b][/center]
The Hulldomian Delegation to the World Assembly currently operates two programs to continue the already insatiable interest in the World Assembly among Hulldomians.

[b]The Fried Scholars Program[/b] is a program that began in 1980 on the impetus of Hulldomian billionaire Ashton Horst Fried, who was a tireless supporter of Hulldomian entry and participation in the World Assembly. He donated approximately £1,000,000 every year to the Government until his death in 2005 for the pay and upkeep of ten Hulldomian college students and graduate students who wished to work as interns within the Delegation. While applications generally tended to be graduate level students, and interns almost universally have been, undergraduates may apply. Fried Scholars form a sort of legal and research base for the Delegation and rather than doing the traditional grunt work of their less skilled counterparts, Fried Scholars are very often the crème de la crème of politics, history, policy, and economics majors at Hulldomian universities. It is traditional for a Fried Scholar to receive a return offer in the employ of the Government as a Research Assistant within the government bureaucracy.

[b]The World Assembly Pathway Program[/b] is a program by which interested students can have their college paid for (Hulldomian college students have to cover living expenses or tuition, but not both) in return for agreeing to work as a Legal Assistant, Editor, Researcher, or Secretary to a member of the Hulldomian WA Delegation. 25 graduating Hulldomian high school seniors are accepted every year, and by tradition, only one of the accepted can be a student from a private school. Upon their graduation from their chosen institution, the students immediately begin a paying job in the lowest level administrative work of the Delegation for approximately two full years.
[hr][b][center][url=#Complete]Complete Staff List[/url][/center][/b]
[b]If you wish to contact the Hulldomian Delegation, please lodge a request with our Receptionist at our offices in the West Wing of the Violet Building, 400s Suite.

[b]Ambassador of Hulldom to the World Assembly[/b]: Dr. Joseph Émmanuel Robert Le Maldo
Office Directory: Violet Building, West—Office 408

Special Assistant to the Ambassador: Thomas Bouchard 

Secretary for the Ambassador: Riley Wilson-Thomasson
Receptionist for the Ambassador: Anne Nguyen

[b]Deputy Ambassador of Hulldom to the World Assembly[/b]: Casper Dolbund

Special Assistant to the Deputy Ambassador: Tessa Grazer

Secretary for the Deputy Ambassador: Kimberly Loue
Receptionist for the Deputy Ambassador: Reed Thorsen

[b]Attaché of the Hulldomian Delegation to the World Assembly to the Commissions and Offices of the World Assembly[/b]: Paula Arripais

Special Assistant to the Attaché: Ella Mark

Secretary for the Attaché: Anthony Miller
Receptionist for the Attaché: Tyler Carrow

Deputy Attaché to the Offices for Education: Joanna Symonds
Deputy Attaché to the Economic Offices: Victoria Sinclair
Deputy Attaché to the Cultural Offices: Eli Ellingwood
Deputy Attaché to the Political and Judicial Offices: Sonia Vicario-Iglesias
Deputy Attaché to the Administrative Offices: William Boedemayer
Deputy Attaché to the Scientific Offices: Marta Schoelkepper
Deputy Attaché to the Diplomatic and Peace Offices: Holly Flickinger

[b]Compliance Officer for the Hulldomian Delegation[/b]: Danny Wilkinson

Legislative Attaché for Compliance for the Hulldomian Delegation: Hudson Card
Office Compliance Officer for the Hulldomian Delegation: Chrysta Free
Permanent Representative of the Hulldomian Foreign Office and Office of State: Vincent Mycroft

[b]Legal Advisor to the Ambassador[/b]: Ormond Massif

Legal Assistant: Xavier Crawford, Diane Morales, Finn Connolly
Legal Researcher: Allison Spencer, Thomas Hunt, Kyle Tobe, Tobias Helton, Amalia De Bekker, Leonée de Hallinger, Annie Nilsson, Ryan Chevalier, Torren du Plessis, Ellen Harrison, Rosanna Faulkner

[b]Academic Advisor to the Ambassador[/b]: Dr. Molly Titan

Scholar in Charge of Economic Affairs: Rhys Noshua
Scholar in Charge of Political, Judicial, and Administrative Affairs: Dalian Sorren
Scholar in Charge of Scientific Affairs: Parker Alexander
Scholar in Charge of Educational and Cultural Affairs: Kelly Danforth
Scholar in Charge of Diplomatic and Peace Affairs: Grace Currie
Researcher: Jacob Grier, Amanda Welsh, Rhys Griffith-Smith, Dina Portales, Vivi Cavan, Nicholas Reed, Alexander De Vrilliers, Grégoire Fontaine, Jessica Torrance, Lyndsey Freyo, Sammy Tollinger, Daniel Cavendish

[b]Chief Archivist of the Delegation[/b]: Daniella Faygo
Archival Assistants: Tim Debrun, Carla Kennedy, Easton Plank, Harris Poplar, Rhoda Maliscie

Fried Scholars: Grayson Daughtery, Isabella Grier, Zalone Marshall, Adam Harriman, Andrea di Paulo, Louis Dupont, Ferenc Becskei, Lydia Thomasson, Will Vance, Raleigh Marshall

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