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Chemical and Biological weapons

Oceania is no stranger to using chemical and biological weapons since it is used in every branch of the military and with the help of the OSDRT they have managed to modify all to their weapons to be more lethal and cheap to produce meaning they became the highest producer in these weapons.

anything made with XF-67 or XK-67 people who taken the XF-67 vaccine will become immune to both biological weapons and XF or XK weapons and even the skin-harming chemicals such as mustard, sarin, nerve gas, and the nerve gas subtypes (Tabun and Soman)

Chemical weapons

-XF-67 and variants

-Sarin Gas

-Nerve Gas






-Weteye: a special mixture of XF-67 and (REDACTED) if the victim were to breathe it in they face the effects of XF-67 but a puddle of blood will form around their eyes since its made with XF-67 anyone who taken the XF-Vaccine is granted immunity it is advised to use the special filter that is given to soldiers to survive since the gas will rust non-modified filters

Some chemicals are mixed and released to cause more casualties


-XK-67 and its variants (XK is on a line between Chemical and Biological)

-Eko-Anthrax- Eko-Anthrax was modified so it won't kill those who have taken the XF vaccine it also was modified to survive a lot longer

-Weteye-flu- while looks like the regular flu on the outside it however infused with Weteye samples meaning all deaths will have the dead person eyes covered in a puddle of blood the reasoning it was infused with the common Flu was because Flu can be easily transmitted to other people and people will just think they are down with the flu and wait to recover until they realize its too late

-Stem Rust- both wheat and rye stem rust fungal anticrop agent

-Rice blast- an anticrop fungal agent can be used on every crop

-M-Smallpox modified smallpox to be deadlier and easily transmitted since many people believed smallpox was gone forever the OSDRT resurrected the virus and experimented with it

-M-Plague modified plague to spread through air and water and livestock


-yellow fever

-bird flu