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Amelia Peck's Performance in the Olympics: A Breakdown
Thursday, 29 July 2021

By Kurt Johnson; Translated from Fardelshufflesteinian

As we all know by now, Amelia Peck, the only Olympian to represent Western Fardelshufflestein at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, participated in the women's individual épée and foil events this past week. The nation watched the competition unfold as she advanced to the round of 16 in both of her events. Whilst she was not the final seed, she was not projected to advance past the round of 32 based on her previous Olympic performance and her rankings in interim tournaments.

Peck has surpassed both her projected result and her personal goal. She was aiming to score "hopefully right in the middle" of each event and ended up exceeding that in both brackets.

Here is the round-by-round breakdown for both events.

24 July, 2021--Women's Individual Épée

Round of 64: Peck faced off against China's Lin Sheng in one of three matches in the round of 64. Since there were 35 athletes competing in the event, an additional round was necessitated to eliminate the bottom three athletes. Because of her seed, Peck was designated as one of the six players in this round.

Peck got the first touch in the match, but Lin proved to be a fierce competitor. The two of them exchanged an average of one touch each, with Peck scoring two points in a row two-thirds of the way through the match to bring her score up from 9 to 11. Lin continued to threaten Peck's lead, scoring a touch almost immediately afterward; however, Peck countered with two more touches in a row, with Lin scoring a final touch on Peck just before Peck got her fourteenth touch a second before the match timed out.

Final Score: Peck 14, Lin 11

Round of 32: The second match saw Peck dueling Ndeye Diongue of Senegal roughly 55 minutes after her first match. Diongue, one of the 29 athletes who had not competed in the round of 64, had the guarantee of being in the bracket of 32; Peck, however, spurred by her victory over Lin, brought with her the confidence and drive to win the match.

The match began once more with Peck making the first touch. She, in fact, made three more touches ere Diongue was able to make one. The rest of the match proceeded in this manner, with Peck increasing her lead as she capitalized on Diongue's decreasing morale, poking through the parries of her competitor with finesse.
The match ended with over 30 seconds to spare, and Peck was the clear victor.

It was her second victory that made her scream in sheer ecstasy; she had won in not one but two brackets, already far exceeding her performance in Rio. Once she regained her composure, she did congratulate her opponent and wished her well in her future endeavors.

Final Score: Peck 15, Diongue 7

Round of 16: Peck's third opponent was the Italian Frederica Isola, a 2019 bronze medalist for the Women's Team Épée at the World Fencing Championships. While Peck competed individually in 2019, she did not medal; she had been eliminated in the round of 32; therefore, she considered Isola a worthy if formidable opponent, but not impossible to beat.

However, the first touch of the match went to the Italian. Peck, whilst she was not thrown off by this, did struggle to counter Isola throughout the match. It became apparent she would not best Isola when the latter got her thirteenth touch to Peck's nine with a minute left in the match. Peck did score again in the remaining time, but the victory ended up going to Isola with Peck ending up ranked as one of the top sixteen female épée fencers in the world.

Final Score: I'll calculate this later, my dudes
Placement: 14/35

25 July, 2021--Women's Individual Foil

Round of 32: Peck was not part of the round of 64, although her first opponent, Italian Arianna Errigo, had defeated Yara El-Sharkawy earlier that morning. The silver medalist in this event for the 2012 Olympics, Errigo represented a significant challenge to Peck in the first round.

Errigo, the match favorite, got the first two touches of the match ere Peck got her first point. However, after a third touch on Errigo's part, Peck exploded forth and delivered a devastating attack that left her four touches ahead of Errigo. Errigo got two more hits on Peck, but Peck succeeded in fending her off long enough to raise her score to 10 before Errigo began successively blocking Peck's attacks. Each got a few more hits in a rapid exchange, bringing the total to 14-12 with Peck in the lead. Peck ended up securing her match victory with 11 seconds remaining, and she once more advanced to the round of 16.

Final Score: Peck 15, Errigo 12

Round of 16: Canada's 16-year-old Jessica Guo was pitted against Peck for the Round of 16. Peck did get 11 touches against the left-hander, but the rookie ultimately dominated. Whilst Peck was favored in the match, she was projected to win by a relatively slim margin of two to three hits despite her victory over the Italian medalist. Much like in her previous matches, Peck and Guo went back-and-forth throughout the match, but Peck was never able to gain an advantage at any point in the match.

She took her loss graciously, thrilled to place within the top 16 in the world, and congratulated Guo on her win. She was spotted cheering Guo on during Guo's quarterfinal event against Alice Volpi, and, whilst the latter triumphed, was recorded screaming loudly at the results.

Final Score: Peck 11, Guo 15
Placement: 12/35

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