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by The Sayoko Soyjack of Unified Communist Councils. . 136 reads.

[PUCCR] — First Edition of the All-Union Gospel

All-Unionism is the theo-political ideology formed by our First Among Equals Yan Sooyoung.


All-Unionism is the marriage between religion and ideology, a perpetual scripture instrumental to the acceleration of Erudian Proletariats' emancipation through Technological Singularity. All-Unionism insists on interdependency and foreign cooperation, tolerance and the celebration of cultures, collective self-management through direct democracy, the socialization of society for the withering of the state, and acting upon the fundamental axiom of "To each according to his need, for the greatest minimizing of suffering". Unlike Beian-Fingian Socialism pursued by the Jeijingians of old, All-Unionism is focused on the current political situation and needs of the people of Erudia as it pushes further towards the realization of an All-Unionism reality in unity with the rest of the egalitarian factions. Our people have struggled, sacrificed, and fought for every inch of progress against opportunists, imperialists, fascists, and those who would rather sabotage our otherwise harmonious society than relinquish their influence over others. No longer will our people be burdened or threatened by reactionaries and counter-revolutionaries pursuing personal goals over the needs of the general public. This ideology formed from the will and desire of Divine Right is the salvation for the people of Erudia by addressing their needs, their longing for stability and activity, their hardships and struggles, in favour of harnessing the limitless strength and creativity of their collective power. As so with the publishing of this founding revolutionary document, we march forward under the banner of All-Unionism, the indisputable direction of Erudia, guided and given direction by the First Among Equals, Yan Sooyoung.

1) An All-Union of Self-Managing Peoples

  • The People are instrumental to our society, our way of life. Political power is vested into the people through universal sufferage, direct election and proportional representation of officials, and transparency underpins the Social Contract between the electors and their functionaries. Our proud people are the indivisible nuclei of all left-wing and revolutionary Parties and its maternal centre, the Divine Secretary, has the first representation in all matters. Above all else, the people's overall welfare should be looked after, nurtured, and expanded to increasingly higher quality.

  • The Socialization of Society should be carried out to further encompass not just a political focus but also on keeping the people informed, entertained, and optimistic. Through democratic self-management, the promotion of international unity, racial harmony, and solidarity until the people love their fellow comrades. It should be our goodwill and rational self-interest as individuals to make all people enfranchised, liberated, and together by participating in democratic elections. We should be involved in culture and the promotion of diversity, different cultures interacting with one another; in information, publications giving the people their news and promoting a mass line in adherence with the All-Unionist dream; in defence actively training volunteer domestic forces, and all other areas of government policy.

  • It is an inalienable right for People of all backgrounds to feel valued and supported within their community so long as they remain respectful to their fellow members. This duty is especially important for committee officials and public servants, who should make it a major priority to meet every single member of their community and engage with them in a friendly and supportive manner. Constant communication with the public is a must for any government that claims to represent the people. All rational opinions should always be valued and considered when making decisions on people’s behalf.

  • Communual Assemblies on all levels of administration must always strive to meet the mandates set by the People and their wishes in all areas of government. When the Labour Committees assemble for a session, they speak and act on behalf of their electorate base. The largest consensus possible should always be the attempted end result of any debate or policy deliberation and all sides should take into account different points, facts, and opinions to have a wide array of options for any difficult decision. The principles of All-Unionism should always be first in mind.

  • A delegate is directly accountable to their grass root voters. They must always have the imperative mandates of the common people at heart in all matters. There is no separation of powers, delegates reserve the authority necessary for making happen educated & informed decisions on behalf of the collective even when faced with difficulty. These delegates must be recallable at any time from their positions through impeachment. Impeachment is an important safeguard against corruption and unresponsiveness among the representatives.

  • Few but important functions which would still remain for a central government are not to be suppressed, but instead are to be transferred to communal, i.e., strictly responsible, public servants. Regional unity is not to be broken, but, on the contrary, organized by the communal confederation; it is to become a reality by the destruction of state power which posed as the embodiment of that unity yet wanted to be independent of, and superior to, the nation, on whose body it is but a parasitic excrescence. While the merely repressive organs of the old governmental power were to be amputated, its legitimate functions are to be wrested from an authority claiming the right to stand above society and restored to the responsible servants of society.

    2) On People's Organization, Harmony and Welfare

  • Workers' Councils requires a public forum to appropriately operate and have a stable government structure if it wishes to be democratic. Impromptu venues are permissible in regions with damaged infrastructure. These forums are the sites where people and their public servants deliberate and reach a consensus on policy-making. Through a well kept and organized forum, political participation will be improved and overall political discourse will arise which is more complex and hence more enticing to those interested.

  • It is directly defying the spirit of liberty to infringe or discriminate against an individual on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, and ability. Users should be judged for their words and actions against the people and not by outdated prejudices and traditions systematically engineered to repress and infringe the rights of minorities. Our people have never tolerated and will never tolerate fascists, racists, national socialists, or any bigoted persons who stand against any group of people for their color, origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

  • A government should provide many incentives to obtaining citizenship and being a positive addition to their community, the Proletariat should always be shown the respect and admiration that matches not only their contributions but also their conduct with other members of the community. A citizen who works very hard but treats his comrades with unwarranted disrespect is no true comrade.