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Justice for Yazakhastan

The Council for the freedom of the Yazakhastanian State
Five months ago the nation of Yazakhastan was permabanned from the Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom due to spamming and un-realistic RP. Unfortunately the court case which decided the ban was highly biased against him, and Yazakhastan was denied a lawyer. Since then the ROs of the Institute of Cellulose have denied any retrial or any change in Yazakhastan’s attitude. Even permitting unnecessary violence to be said against him, Despite overwhelming evidence. Thus North American Imperial State,Cormoe, and Alexander the Magnus , and The Joeanian Republic have banded together to prove his innocence and allow him a 1 day trial. Thus Yazakhastan asks you humbly, to support him in his fight for justice TG him for further info.
WARNING: Do not telegram or ask any of the ROs of the IoC about Yazakhastan or any of his actions. You will get untrue and biased information regarding his case.