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The Mongoose, Issue 001: Anterian Director of Roleplay Election

Disclaimer: Some quotes have been slightly edited for grammar and readability.

Roleplay is a central part of Anteria.Which is probably why the upcoming election for Director of Roleplay is so important. You're reading The Mongoose, your guide to NS politics, and this is our look at the upcoming Anterian Director of Roleplay election.

Following the resignation of New Sebronia, who has been serving as Director of Roleplay since October 5th, 2020, an election for the position was scheduled for July 28th. In the days leading up to it, multiple individuals announced their candidacy. We were lucky enough to get interviews with three of them, as well as a special interview with New Sebronia.

One of the first candidates to announce themself was Qui Latine. Qui Latine has been in Anteria for about half a year, and has enjoyed the experience. "I have really enjoyed working with other players in Anteria, whether it be fleshing out history or starting modern plotlines," says Qui Latine, "I will make it my goal to encourage those kinds of player to player interactions." 

While he hasn't been around as long as some members of the region, his time has given him a clear look at what makes Anterian roleplay great -- and what it can improve on. "I feel like we as a community are negligible toward new nations or established nations in Anteria sometimes," says Qui Latine, "We're focused on the people who have been in Anteria longer or the people who interact those people, and I think we have to find a way to stop that and include newer players, or even players that are established here and aren't getting the attention they deserve. I would like to get a more active greeting community going, and I'd like to possibly start conversations with the new members about their country."

However, there's more than one candidate with ideas about what can be done with the roleplay. Neuewland is the most senior of the announced candidates- he's resided in the region for four years, and has leadership experience that may aid him. "I have experience working alongside Seb as an RP councilor, and I've seen the ups and downs of Anterian RP, so I know what the best ides are based on past experiences," says Neuewland.

Neuewland has learned over time what helps to make a roleplay great. "I've learned that maintaining civility is the best course of action to not alienate members of the community," says Neuewland, "Playing on the strength of the Anterian community to self-regulate and ensure the quality of RP is what I think could be good to expand on."

Our third candidate is Hoterallia. Hoterallia is the newest of the candidates, having been in Anteria for around three months, but this certainly isn't his first dabble in the roleplay world. "The greatest strength that I see in myself is my experience in many other roleplaying servers and regions," Hoterallia says, "Throughout the years before I joined Anteria, I wandered the vast lands of roleplay. I observed and learned from many. I've seen how the lack of players will make a place die out, but I've also seen how the overpopulated servers will make horrible quality roleplays."

Hotarellia has concerns about the effect that the end of Covid lockdowns will have on Anteria, and wants to make sure people stick around. "I think I will be trying to encourage more people to roleplay. You never know how much people will be active nowadays, as quarantine in most countries is starting to loosen up. People will leave NS and rejoin their normal lives. I just want people to remember that Anteria is an experience -- an experience that will make people roleplay once in a while."

Of course, we must remember the most recent Director of Roleplay, whose resignation brought about this election. There's no denying the massive impact New Sebronia has had on Anterian roleplay, and, by extension, Anteria as a whole. "I'm usually not a person to take leadership, so I wasn't expecting much change. But looking at how roleplay has changed to the better over the last few months, I am proud of having been able to play such a big role in it!" says New Sebronia, "I was happy to be able to help inexperienced and veteran players with their roleplay and learned a lot myself, considering I was quite a new member myself when I became DoRP."

New Sebronia has made some particular advancements he feels proud of. "My biggest accomplishment is definitely the improvement of the roleplay quality itself, as well as the creation of the Roleplay Guide," says New Sebronia. "Since we've got a team of experienced roleplayers dealing with unrealistic and/or low quality roleplay and the Roleplay Guide (and multiple other guides) explaining basics and advanced roleplay in Anteria, the situation of the formerly very unorganized and 'wild' roleplay changed to an enjoyable atmosphere."

New Sebronia is confident that Anteria's roleplay can continue to be great under the next Director of Roleplay. "As far as I know, we will have candidates with a very advanced understanding of roleplay, diplomacy, economics, war, etc., and I'm sure one or two of the current Roleplay Councilors - who have done an amazing job - have the intention to run," says New Sebronia, "They have my full support."

As for the candidates, we'd be honored to forward to them some advice from New Sebronia himself:

1) It's not just an election to win by being charismatic and convincing, but a responsibility that comes with it. Take it seriously.

2) Don't just decanonize unreasonable posts and scold the player. Work with them and give them advice. They're trying to have fun too.

3) If you don't have fun doing your job, don't go on for the sake of keeping the position or not disappointing anyone. Do what's best for yourself.

With all that said, we wish the candidates the best of luck, and we look forward to seeing what the victor will accomplish in their position.

An enigmatic mongoose