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Today marks the two hundred year anniversary of the final retribution— a dark chapter of history marred by the eternal legacy of the Third and last Armageddon. To the unassuming eye Erudia was a youthful ordinary world, though it laid fractured to its core by the gravity of Elitism. Then exploitation was replaced with ecological collapse, autocrats and corrupt cabals gave way to lawless barbarianism, the "unclean" purged by genocidal tyrants.

The saving grace of the Divinity of Yan rescued all Erudia-kind from teetering on the edge of the abyss, to face all the acrimony and harrowing miseries; bringing salvation from the Post-Atomic Horror. Those long decades of horror brought the remnants of Orienisia together under the leadership of the Divine Secretary and her most faithful collaborators; the Eternal Revolutionary and Dr. Zen Taiping, ushering an era of accelerating restoration. With families reunited, skyscrapers rebuilt, aspirations for the stars rekindled by revolutionary breakthroughs, the winds of hope swayed the stalks of the cornfield.

Humbled by the threat of extinction, the children of Orienisia under Yan's guidance achieved the Fusionist dream of world unity. Among these newly united peoples, there is a saying as old as time; history is a library teeming with the tales of people waiting to be told;

Thus it may be of importance if one was to get acquainted with re-occurring high-interest individuals, those immortalized into tales;

Welcome to the Omniscient Records, where it is quiet and quaint as a monastery situated atop the highest mountain peak.



⬩⬥⬩ Character Brief ⬩⬥⬩

Name: Yi Jihye
Age: 231 Years
D.o.B: 20th Day, 2nd Month, 31st Year Before the Arrival of Yan
Gender: Female
Relatives: Yi Ji-hoon† (Brother), Yi Gi-hun† (Uncle)
Occupation: Apalachikeu (Full-time Functionary), Hiker (In her free time)

Blood Type: O
Enneagram Type: Link8w7
Eye Color: Dark Grey
Hair Color: Black
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Orientation: Asexual
Species: Corian Erudite (Formerly), Cybernetic Transhuman

To close friends and family members, Yi is a generous and intensely loving woman who freely offers refuge and advice. Craving respect over status or being liked by their peers, loyalty is her universe; she is a woman devoted to those who have proven themselves trustworthy and will stand by them until the end—through hell or high water. By all accounts, Jihye possesses an adamant inner sense of justice that hasn't dulled with age. As the Apalachikeu of the Armed Forces, Yi critically evaluates her own actions and works towards self-improvement in her downtime.

Alas if this woman is having a bad day, she can be stone-cold to the point of taking an antagonistic stand toward anyone who dares to question her and her motives. She tends to use empty threats to regain power over others or turn existing relationships into tests—where one can only pass or fail. Because of this, Yi tends to view other people as either with her or against her. The black-and-white mentality has made it difficult to form solid, authentic relationships. However, with the help of Kim Dokja and her cabal of friends, Yi dreams that one day she may become more open to giving and receiving love more freely; and learn that not everything has to be earned.

Reportedly her most prized possession is a long, single-edged sword; obtained as a post-mortem parting gift from her uncle after his passing. She named it Curacao and is almost never seen without it. Yi distinguished herself as a commander by living and leading at the front, according to some first-hand accounts of men who fought directly under her wing during the People's War in the closing days of the 1st century B.A.Y, Yi conducted ambushes against companies of Holy Hanguk troops and led her soldiers into battle with Curacao; however, the validity of such statements are downplayed merely as myth. After the Third Armaggedon, Yi was active during the Reunification Wars; using Curacao to execute Premier Junghyuk and dismantle his Vanguardist regime of tyranny.

⬩⬥⬩ Character Brief ⬩⬥⬩

Name: Yan Sooyoung
Age: 157,034
D.o.B: 1st Day, 7th Month, 157 Centuries Before the Arrival of Yan
Gender: Agender
Relatives: Undisclosed
Occupation: Generalissimo (Formerly)

Blood Type: Unknown
Enneagram Type: Link1w9
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Orientation: Biromantic
Species: Mihnyean Precursor Sapien

In the aftermath of the World Eater Cascade on Earth in Korea—caused by human mishandling of forgotten relics in the 70's—Yan was freed from interdimensional internment lasting hundreds of thousands of years. She is the last member of her kind, a precursor race known as the Minhyeo. Rocking a pob cut, the First Among Equals exudes timeless elegance.

Among obscure interweb spheres she is referred to as a thing of urban legend— stemming from reoccurring appearance throughout recent Erudian history. Captured by different photographers separated by thousands of miles and the time span of decades, certain esoteric in-groups have come to rever her as a harbinger of chaos and destruction, attributing the cause of the Third Armageddon War to divine will.

Adopting observational pacifism, the now-immortal Yan disassociates herself from her tyrannical past as the Generalissimo of Mihnyeo Kind. As a military leader, she was a patient, utilitarian strategist with a knack for adept risk assessment. For most of the Era of Strife Yan condoned Eirilia Sovngarde's callous-hearted and brutal tactics, dropping meteors onto supervolcano calderas to the use of nano-weaponry on food supplies. Impressed by the second-in-command's effective tactics in crushing numerous putsch and suppressing insurrectionary activity throughout the Mihnyeo Star Federation. The two were close-knit, inevitably a schism came about when Eirilia was exiled to the outer periphery after rallying prominent factions of the military behind a fringe cause—disguising the genocide of Mihnyeo kind behind a veneer of 'preserving the universal balance'. The Mihnyesians fought each other in the celestial civil war. Eventually, Yan and other regime loyalists were defeated after a last stand on the Mihnyeo homeworld. Rather than executing her former superior, the Sovngarde used the Portal Way to seal Yan indefinitely within Interraria—isolated from all space and time as a show of mercy. Yan spent millennia inside the Interraria, trapped alone with regrets, the shadows, incapable of aging in a dimension outside of time.

⬩⬥⬩ Character Brief ⬩⬥⬩

Name: Yozhi Mimika
Born: 1st Day, 7th Month, 40 Years Before the Arrival of Yan
Died: 25th Day, 12th Month, 52 Years After the Arrival of Yan
Gender: Male
Relatives: Kokomi Teruhashi† (Mother), Mimika Saiki† (Father)
Occupation: Genetic Scientist

Blood Type: A+
Enneagram Type: Link4w5
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Juwanesian Erudite

Mimi Biotechnologies Ltd, as a company, began with its founding in 1976. Its president, Yozhi Mimika, for a time got some small fame as a Post-Graduate student by theorizing the Large Body Paradox in regards to cancer. With the fortune that he amassed and being rewarded numerous science grants, Mimika set up Mimi Biotechnologies, earning the attention of angel investors to afford most of the scientific equipment from Bhatkhalian suppliers. Driven by ambitions of self-interest, he’s a survivalist who was born and raised in the cut-throat culture of the Third Juwanese Empire in its heyday. After being diagnosed with lung cancer in his teenage youth, naturally, his goal became to survive, thrive, to overcome anything that comes at him. To dominate any challenge the world decides he deserves, and smile at their defeat.

One day while studying a culture of bacteria exposed to a virus sample, Mimika observed the capabilities of CRISPR-Cas9 in developing resistance to viral pathogens. Seeking to patent the idea for future application in the field of artificial genetic engineering, his discovery garnered the attention of the imperial palace. Mimi Biotechnologies was nationalized into a Special Research Division under military command, they offer him the job position and salary to prevent him from taking his trade secrets to another country. His new government lab, situated in a classified black site, was equipped with a good supercomputer to help him and his team calculates novel DNA structures for highly transmissible and lethal pathogens. His expertise contributed to not just the manufacture of gene-edited babies, but also genetically engineered biological weapons.

⬩⬥⬩ Character Brief ⬩⬥⬩

Name: Kim Dokja
Age: 31
D.o.B: 3rd Day, 7th Month, 180 Years After the Arrival of Yan
Gender: Male
Relatives: Park Huijin (Mother), Kim Suchan (Father)
Occupation: Congressional Functionary

Blood Type: A
Enneagram Type: Link5w6
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Corian Erudite

He is a pragmatist, stemming from personal self-esteem of taking charge that arose out of his parent's hands-off parenting style. It sets him apart from his idealistic yet by-the-books comrades. Although, he tends to be so serious about his convictions that it interferes with what other people have going for themselves, more often than not creating rivals and enemies for himself, and so the need to strike compromise arose out of necessity.

Passing school with an engineering major, he took up an engineering profession. Through his personal merits, Kim was eventually vouched for by his workplace friends to run for office, landing himself a seat in a local council through his personal merit. Driven by duty, he felt like he could give back more to his comrades by taking up a leadership position and putting his talent to good use. One day his wife was kidnapped, and they hold her hostage in exchange for Kim stepping down from governance. In face of a ransom, he personally endeavors to rescue his wife, consulting the help of a clandestine paramilitary, police-intelligence unit. After rescuing his wife, her captors reveal that the ones truly responsible for orchestrating his wife's kidnapping were a cabal of political rivals who wanted him out of the picture as his proposed reforms threatened to undermine their drug laundering scheme.

⬩⬥⬩ Character Brief ⬩⬥⬩

Name: Soo Junghyuk
Born: 12nd Day, 4th Month, 9 Years Before the Arrival of Yan
Died: 29th Day, 6th Month, 25 Years After the Arrival of Yan
Gender: Female
Relatives: Marcilina Lirito (Mother), Soo Yun (Father), Soo Jin (Brother)
Occupation: Counter-Revolutionary Insurrectionist

Blood Type: B
Enneagram Type: Link2w3
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Bhatkhalian-Corian Erudite