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The Peoples of Mirum











Dwarves, at first glance from an untrained eye, would usually appear to merely be shorter and stockier humans. This is usually because they share much facial structure features with humans. Their height is usually within the range of 3’6” to 5’0”, even though they usually weigh the same amount as humans. In terms of appearance, they have all the skin, hair, and eye tones of humans. Dwarves- unlike humans- have long natural lifespans of up to four hundred years. They age at the same rate as humans until they enter their thirties, when the aging process is slowed by half. It is slowed by half again when they enter their fifties. Dwarves are naturally strong and resilient, as they are well adapted for the harsh conditions of the mountains. Most are quite resilient to toxins and have very sturdy bones. They also are able to see in the dark.

Note: It is unwise to confuse a dwarf or gnome with a different humanoid with Achondroplasia or any other similar genetic disease. Be very careful.



Elves are a humanoid-fey species. Elves are, on average, about 6’2” in height, but this ranges quite a bit from 5’10” to 6’10”. They are usually of slender build and lighter weight than most humans. All Elves have several key traits that set them apart from Humans, in addition to their distinctive long and pointed ear shapes and thin noses. Elves are far more agile, heal faster, keener of eye, and are swifter and lighter of foot than Humans. The reaction speed of Elves is quite high, nearly to the level of cats. Their eyesight is equally adapted for darkness and light. The voices of the Elves have been described as somewhat enchanting, as well as capable of creating multiple octaves of voice pitch, making them excellent singers and natural actors. Elves tend to live an average of one thousand to two-and-a-half thousand years. Despite this, they mature at the same rate as humans until sometime in their mid to late twenties, which then they stop doing so until their last few decades of life. There are several different types of Elves, which shall be listed, in order of most common to least common.

Wood Elves:

Wood Elves, also known as Forest Elves, are the most common form of Elves. They usually have a lighter or sometimes dark bronze complexion (with a slight dark green tinge), darker natural hair color, and brown or grey-green eyes. They are natural tree-climbers and can turn nearly invisible- by nature and choice- when in lightly obscured the forest. Wood Elves are also the fastest of the Elves and the lightest of foot.

Grand Elves:

Grand Elves, also known as High Elves, are actually not just one subset of the Elves. Instead, they are composed of two highly similar subsets: Sun Elves and Moon Elves. Both almost always have pale complexions and are usually taller than most other types of Elves. They also are renown for their expert agility and tendency to have innate arcane ability. Sun Elves tend to have a golden, brown, or even red eye color in addition to a golden hair tone. They also have a much higher heat resistance than most. Moon Elves tend to have a brown, black, or purple eye tone, and sliver to white hair. They are naturally cold resistant.


Drow, more commonly known as Dark Elves or Night Elves, are a rarer subset of the Elves, but not the most rare in the Empire of Mirum. Their complexion is a darker one, ranging from bronze to a charcoal grey or even purple. Their hair is usually black or silver and their eye color is usually brown, purple, golden, or red. Their natural skill sets include even better vocal abilities, highly sensitive hearing, and increased perceptive abilities- especially in the dark.


Eladrin are the rarest subset of Elves in Mirum. They are technically one subspecies, but have several forms. The first type of Eladrin are Spring Eladrin. Spring Eladrin can be described as a mixture of Sun Elves and Wood Elves. They are of a light complexion with a slight greenish tinge and have darker hair colors. Their eyes are most commonly brown, green, grey-green, or golden. Summer Eladrin are much more like the Sun Elves, with some differences. Their complexion ranges from a lighter tone, to bronze, to a darker tone. Like the Spring Eladrin, their hair color is usually on the darker side and their eye coloration is usually gold, green, grey-green, or brown. Autumn Eladrin are the next type. Autumn Eladrin almost always have brown or red hair and green or brown eyes as well as a pale complexion. The final form of Eladrin are Winter Eladrin. They are of pale complexion and either black or silver-white hair, and while their eye color can vary quite widely, it is usually accompanied by a tinge of grey or blue. Eladrin all have longer and pointier ears than most other Elves. One of the abilities of all Eladrin is to teleport up to sixty feet in distance (so long as they can see their destination) per ‘jump’ with each jump taking place at the most once every six seconds.


Gnomes are the second least common species in Mirum. Gnomes- like dwarves- are sometimes mistaken to be shorter humans. However, unlike dwarves, Gnomes have pointier ears, but not as thin or long as Elves, nor are Gnomes as stocky as dwarves. Their height is usually within the range of 3’6” to 5’0”. The average weight of a gnome rarely exceeds seventy-five pounds. Like the dwarves and most Elves, Gnomes have all the skin, hair, and eye tones of humans. The natural lifespan of Gnomes are around eight-hundred-fifty years, and they age at around half the speed of humans after age eighteen. Gnomes are naturally quick in reflexes and speed, but lack in the natural strength and resilience of Dwarves, despite both species developing in similar conditions. Like Dwarves, Gnomes can see in the dark.


Goblins are a species that can usually be described as yellow-green, scrawny, and shorter gnomes with more pointed ears and yellow eyes. (ADD MORE DETAIL)


Humans are an average of 5’10” tall, and ranges from about 5’3” to 6’6” on average. They are neither slender nor stocky, rather a nice in between. Arguably, they are the most adaptive of the species of the empire. Despite their shorter lifespans of only around eighty-five to one-hundred-ten years, they have contributed much to the Empire. There are two distinctive types of Humans in Mirum.


Eshiurin are the most common form of Humans within Mirum, hailing from the south-western regions of the world. They are of darker complexion and have darker eyes and hair. They are quite nimble and fast by nature, leading some to believe that they are distantly related to the Elves, however, this has yet to be proven or denied. They are also usually skinnier and slightly taller than most of their Terran counterparts.


Terrans are the rarest form of Humans within Mirum. They hail from the north-western regions, and according to legend, are descended from inter-dimensional travelers. They are of a light complexion and varying hair and eye colors. They are typically well-built and somewhat stronger than the Eshiurin. Terrans also seem to have more of a natural resistance to colder climates than most of the Eshiurin people.

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