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The Republic of Mirum

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The Culture of Mirum

The Mirian Culture, as a melting pot of different cultures of its peoples, varies greatly, however, there are some things that remain similar through the 'common' sections of the Mirian Culture. Mirians are known for their individuality, good work ethic, loyalty to one and another, and competitiveness. Baseball, in Mirum, is the national sport and has a professional league as well as college leagues. Literature is usually quite appreciated, the most popular genres being Sci-Fi and Romance with the younger generation and Classical Works with the older. Food in Mirum usually includes wheat/grain, tree-grown-fruit, and fish or some hunted food. Tea, HoneyNectar, and coffee are the three most popular drinks in Mirum, with the fourth being water. The film industry in Mirum is not really popular, while television shows and radio stations seem to attract more views. Popular music includes Smooth Jazz, Classic Rock, and Classical Music.


Most traditional Mirian dishes are seperated into three different categories: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. A traditional Mirian breakfast usually includes at least one meat item (sausage, bacon, chicken, or eggs), a grain (in the form of cereal, pancakes, biscuits, or bagels), and some fruit (any fruit). Mirian lunches and dinners usually are quite similar, the only difference being that dinners are usually larger meals and incorporate more items. A traditional lunch/dinner typically includes a meat source (fish, venison, poultry, beef/steak, or pork/ham), a grain (bread or rice, depending on the dish), vegetables (corn, potatoes, peas, beans, broccoli), and possibly even a fruit (any fruit). Usually, the meats or grains can be easily substituted or removed entirely for religious/dietary/preference reasons, while keeping the tradition of the dish for any meal. Typical drinks include tea, juice, coffee, and water.


Mirians are not particularly fond of any sport so much as they are of Mirian Baseball, a bat-and-ball game where the goal is to hit the ball as many times as possible while advancing around a series of bases and the opposing team trying to tag the players out with the ball. Being Mirum's number-one watched sport, games in the professional leagues usually sell out within days of the tickets being first purchasable. There are four officially recognized leagues of Mirian Baseball, National League (post-college), Major League (college), Minor League (secondary school), and Local League (unprofessional). All four are very popular, but the National League gets the most attention by the media.

Film, Literature, and Radio

It could be said that Mirians do not like movies, but that would be a false statement. Most Mirians, while liking films, prefer television instead. The primary reason for this is because television shows are usually shorter than movies, allowing for more time for other activities. Surveys have shown that movies dominate the screens of Mirum on the weekend nights (Friday and Saturday nights), while television shows are clearly more popular any other time. The most popular genres of film and television include drama, comedy, television game shows, action/adventure films, sports, and romances. Radio is not as popular as television in Mirum, but is more popular then films, the logical reason being the installation of radio units in automobiles. Radios are commonly listened to during the weekdays from 6:30 am to 8:30 am and from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, during the commuting hours. The most popular genres of music include Smooth Jazz, Classic Rock, and Classical Music. Literature is quite appreciated, with surveys stating that 85% of all Mirians read for at least an hour per day, with the most popular books being Sci-Fi and Romance with the younger generation and Classical Works with the older.



The Republic of Mirum