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CEO Ayako Martin

Full Name: Ayako Martin

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Father: Jeremiah Martin

Mother: Yuuka Tanaka

Spouse: None

Children: None

Ayako Martin is the current CEO of the Valhalla Corporation and is known to have a good public image with the American people. While Ayako pretends to care about her customers when out in public, behind the scenes Ayako doesn't care about her customers and only sees them as products that she can use for wealth and power.

Early Life

Ayako was born to a American Businessman and a Japanese Immigrant. Ayako's entire childhood would be considered as a privileged life due to the fact both of her parents worked at Valhalla as Cyber Researchers. Ayako was surrounded by wealth and was often spoiled by her parents, if she wanted something then her parents will buy it for her no matter what. Ayako also went to a wealthy private school where she would get the best education any kid could get in corporate America and was known to be a disciplined child getting good grades for her hard work. By the time Ayako turned sixteen, she underwent cybernetic upgrades that made her more attractive and even got cybernetic like veins, so that she could stand out from the rest of the students in her school. After she graduated from high school with high grades, Ayako went on to attend a college owned and funded by the Valhalla corporation and since her parents were both employees at Valhalla. Ayako was able to get her degree there for free.

After getting her degree, Ayako went on to work at Valhalla in the Cybernetics Department. However, Ayako wasn't satisfied with her position as a regular employee. Ayako wanted to climb the corporate ladder of Valhalla to gain more wealth and power, it wasn't easy to climb this ladder of course since almost every employee wanted to fight each other in order to reach the top. Ayako knew she had to play her cards right and played them right she did, while working in the Cybernetics Department Ayako would do favors for her fellow employees and bosses who would return vouch for her when she wants a promotion. It wouldn't be long until she became the boss over the Cybernetics Department and started to expand the department, in order to bring more money to the company in which she would get the attention of the corporate leaders at Valhalla HQ. Even the old and dying CEO of Valhalla was taking notice of her good works in the Cybernetics Department and saw potential in her.

It wasn't long before the CEO of Valhalla relocated Ayako to Valhalla City, where the young woman would work at the HQ and continue her rise through the corporate ladder. It wasn't long before Ayako became the secretary for the old CEO who was dying from a unknown illness, in which Ayako had to do all the important corporate things that the CEO usually did back when he was healthy. While helping the CEO, Ayako would get first hand experience on how to be a CEO in the corporate world. A few weeks later and the old CEO would die in his sleep thus Ayako was the only one to be promoted to CEO of Valhalla. There were of course other candidates for CEO, but they ended up getting arrested for stealing Valhalla's information and money. It is unknown rather or not these allegations were true, but it was most likely that Ayako was the one that spread the false information to gain the seat of CEO.

Life As CEO

Once Ayako became the CEO of Valhalla, she got down to business by dealing with any rivals within the company that would want her dead in order to take the spot of CEO in the most powerful company in America. Ayako dealt with these rivals by spreading false allegations about them and getting them arrested by the local police force in Valhalla City thus removing any opponents within the company. For those who supported her position as CEO, Ayako would greatly reward them by raising their paychecks and offering them higher positions within the company. Just like the previous old CEOs that use to run the company, Ayako had to carefully make herself look good towards the American public by donating money to charity or "help" poorer communities get a chance to earn more money. Though in reality, Ayako doesn't care about the poor people and equal rights. She only does this to keep a good public image and to keep the people happy, so they wouldn't dare revolt against Valhalla.

Often times Ayako would preach about how the privacy of the customers is important, this is of course another lie Ayako makes in order to keep a good reputation. Just like past CEOs, Ayako is willing to invade her customers' privacy in order to get their information and data to see their needs and wants or to use that against the customer if they decided to speak out against the company itself. Many of the things that Ayako has done would be considered illegal, but since Valhalla has a major influence in the U.S. Government. Ayako is able to keep the politicians away by funding and buying votes for them in exchange these politicians must not interfere in Valhalla business affairs. Thus making Ayako immune to all federal laws. Of course there are also a few politicians in the U.S. government who are immune to Ayako's bribes, these opponents are of course communist/socialist. Though since these politicians are in the minority, Ayako is able to bribe media outlets to slander these anti-corporate politicians thus preventing them from gaining any power in the pro-corporate U.S. Government.