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Archived Essenian Post News

A Historic Election Has its Contenders
By: John Carmichael

Four years have passed since Essena voted for their independence. It also has been four years since Essenians have voted for their leaders in government. But that has changed as the "Four Year Promise" made by The Council has come to a close with the coming election for Congress and for Chancellor of Essena. Prime Councilor Christopher P. Benjamin said this to say, at the press conference announcing the election, “It is time for The Council to rest and for Essenian people to take the reigns of their destiny and rule.”

Two political parties have started making headlines in the news to grab the attention of would be voters, the conservative leaning Federalist Party and the liberal leaning Representative Party. Members of the outgoing Council are not eligible to run due to a promise not to. The Federalist Party have chosen 58 year old James G. Whitmore to be their Chancellor nominee while 62 year old Nathaniel Cruz to be their Presidential nominee. While The Representative Party have chosen 57 year old Abraham Moore to be their Chancellor nominee while 62 year old Jean Flores to be their Presidential nominee. The election will be held on November 2002. Essenians all over are excited for their opportunity to steer the ship of state with their vote. Gladys Horn, a Essenian citizen, said this “Today after years of being under other people’s rules Essena now has their to rule there way, our way.”

Essena State Department is a GO!
By: Mauro Largo

After years of building up the governmental foundations of Essena since gaining independence Prime Councillor Christopher P. Benjamin was happy to announce, at a recent press conference, that the State Department was ready to start its work on growing Essena's diplomatic relations. During the same conference, Secretary of State Jeremy Silver revealed that Essena had finished its diplomatic negotiations with the nation of Littolyo. The diplomatic agreement sees Essena welcoming Ambassador Reese Williams while Essenian Ambassador Joseph Lowry heads to Littolyo. This also made way for the unveiling of the three sections, in the capital of Fredricksburg, that will house new embassy buildings. During Secretary Jeremy Silver's speech saying "After a long road building up our nation after Independence, we know step out of the nest of isolationism and into the international scene. We are no longer tied to the diplomatic wills of other nations; it is our time to forge long-lasting alliances, trade, and embassies. We are here to show to the world that Essena is here to make its mark and a difference. We hope that this step forward will bring Essena prosperity!"

In other news, the two candidates running for the position of Chancellor James G. Whitmore and Abraham Moore have used this diplomatic opportunity announcement to layout their diplomatic plans if elected Chancellor. In short, both candidates praised the diplomatic opportunity as an achievement not only for Essena's present but for its future.

Recap of the 1st Chancellor Debate
By: Delilah Starr

After a long night the first Chancellor debate, between James G. Whitmore of the Federalist Party and Abraham Moore of the Representative party, has come to a close. Both candidates spoke on many issues from international relations to domestic issues at home. Key issues highlighted were "Separation of Church and State," "International Relations," and "Redefining Essen's History."

With each answer both candidates define the ideology of their respective political parties.

- When asked about "Separation of Church and State in Essena" each candidate gave differing responses.
Abraham Moore of the Representative party said this "In Essena the Christian faith was instilled in us through our colonizers but overtime it slowly ingratiated itself with in the Essenian culture. Though part of our culture we must not forget the people that we represent. The people that we disagree with and the people that are against us. When chosen as a leader, one must act with bipartisanship, not partisanship. So I do believe that in government we must put away our religious eyes and put on eyes that looks for what is bet to the people."

In response James G. Whitmore of the Federalist Party said this "I agree with Mr. Moore that religion is part of the Essenian culture and with any culture we must not shun it. We must embrace it. Our culture shapes us and shapes how we decide. When I vote I do not put away my religious eyes. I use them to support the decisions I have to make. Tough decisions without justification can weigh heavy a person's mind. Think of it like this religion to me is a pillar that is holding the roof of my decision, without the pillar the roof falls. So I do not believe in Separation of Church and State, I believe in doing what is right for the Essenian people."

- The next question asked was about International Relations.
James G. Whitmore of the Federalist Party had this to say about International relations "Allies are important. We must not abandon them. But we must hold them accountable. Some international bodies house nations that have committed many atrocities. For me I cannot vote in good conscience with them. Essenian values of equality and democracy must be show to the universe. If elected Essena will be the nation others will look up to."

Abraham Moore of the Representative party responded saying "Coming together as a community is very important. Cooperation is key. And that is what Essena must do, cooperate and build a better international community. Yes, there are some nations that are not good. But just like a family we must guide them along to a better day and hope that they follow. To be clear I am not exonerating them. I agree with Mr. Whitmore that accountability is important and I plan to follow that. I just feel that my international relations agenda is slightly different for Mr. Whitmore's. If elected I will help build the international community Essena has always wanted to be a part of.

- The last highlight question was about Essena's history and how the incoming administration would define it.
Abraham Moore of the Representative party responded saying "Essena has a rich and grand history. The thing with history is that we must not worship it, we must learn from it. Any great state has it best moments and its worst moments. Things done for the greater good that sometimes would hurt others. Shunning our history is inconceivable. We must look at Essena's history and individually judge each action. Our nation is smart and vigilant to make decisions on their own. My administration will look at Essena history and will elevate all information, it is up to the citizens to decide if the history they see is good or bad."

In response James G. Whitmore of the Federalist Party said this "Essena is a great nation with a rich history. We should not hide how Essena started out. We must show the progression of Essena. Not knowing one's history will doom any person. They cannot learn, they cannot be inspired, they cannot grow. We must show every aspect of Essenian history and make sure the focus is on Essena. All the history that come before us set the road for what Essena is today. We cannot let that road be paved over."

And those were the highlights from the first Chancellor debate. The election for Chancellor is approaching and Essenian from all over are feeling the edge. So Stay tuned for the highlights to the last Chancellor debate and then the elections in November.

Recap of the Last Chancellor Debate
By: Omar Tilden

It was the final night for voters to hear from the two candidates running for Chancellor. Here's the recap of it.

- How do you feel about Essena's working with the The Western Isles Climate Response Council (TWICRC)? Do you think the council made a good decision to work with them?

Abraham Moore's Response: "Working with the The Western Isles Climate Response Council was a very good idea. The work they do helps us, not only is it good to have a united force working for the environment; it is also good for strengthening our relation with other countries."

James G. Whitmore's Response: "I do think working with the TWICRC is beneficial for Essena. But we must make sure Essenians have the final say on what is done in our territory."

- Protest vs. Riots, What's your stance?

Abraham Moore's Response: "To me the difference must be assessed with every scenario. But I do feel that when a protest turns into a riot, it must be stopped or quelled to are more manageable protest. We wouldn't want people storming any federal buildings. We also need to make sure people are treated fairly and that police are also held liable to their actions."

James G. Whitmore's Response: "My standpoint is this it is alright to protest within the guidelines set. But once a riot happens our the protest is being held unlawfully then it is law enforcement's duty to quell or stop it. We've seen failure of law enforcement not being supported. Well I'll make a clear statement on that, if elected the law enforcement of Essena will be supported.

- If elected, What do you want to be known for after you leave office?

Abraham Moore's Response: "If elected I would like be known as a patron for the arts and education. I believe that educating not only the youth but the also the old. I believe if given a level of education someone can succeed and live a comfortable life."

James G. Whitmore's Response: "If I am elected I would like to be known for building up the Essenian military, growing businesses, and making Essena the place to visit. I want to leave office knowing Essena is one of the top leaders in international politics."

So many tough questions with so many tough answers. This has been the last debate before the election; both candidates hoping they have made a strong case for the Essenian people to vote for them. We will see when the elections for Chancellor happen tomorrow!

New Chancellor Elected with the National Assembly Has His Back
By: Rita Kuna

After an end to a historic election the Essenian Post can project that Abraham Moore will become the first Chancellor of Essena, by beating James G. Whitmore by garnering the most popular votes. The popular votes stands at Abraham Moore at 150,320 votes and James G. Whitmore at 149,680 votes. James G. Whitmore has not conceded yet saying he will what for the Districts to certify the votes before conceding defeat. In a speech to his supporters Abraham said this "In a historic election the people of Essena has chosen me to be their first Chancellor. With the people's blessing and vote I will take it as a mandate to bring Essena to a better future and I will execute the office of Chancellor to the best of my abilities. Thank you Essena for giving me your approval to govern. I will make sure a govern for both my supporters and my detractors. Let us make sure this election does not bring about hate and division but healing and understanding. Thank you!" The newly elected Chancellor's inauguration will take place next week. Starting with the swearing in ceremony at Essenian Assembly Building then a parade all the way to the National Red House. Because this is the first Chancellor in Essena history many invitations have been sent out to many countries. From now to next week preparation will be ongoing for the first inauguration. Many Essenians are already planning to take off and head to Fredericksburg to witness history.

Also the Representatives Party has only won the majority for the Assembly elections; gaining 55 seats compared to the 45 seats the Federalists won. The Representative party has chosen Myra David to be the first Speaker of the Assembly. With the Representatives gaining a majority in the Assembly Chancellor Abraham Moore will have an easy time transitioning to the higher office and will be able to push out more legislation.

The Essenian Stags advance in the Western Isles Cup Tournament
By: Charles Baker

In a delightful surprise to the nation, the Essenian Stags have advanced in the Western Isles Cup Tournament; qualifying after beating the team from Roendavar 5 to 1. Having a record of 1 win and 3 losses the Stags were able to pull out a win when all seemed lost. Talking about the win over Roendavar, Coach Kelvin Illmer had this to say "We knew this last match was a make it or break it moment for us. After our third loss I told them in the back; we must win the next one! Frankly no other Essenian Stag team can say they advanced in this tournament to the round of sixteen. The next game we play think about the children, the fans at home in Essena and use that to pull out a win. And of course, we did. Yes, the journey is not over but it is one step towards the right direction." Team Captain Olano Rowe had this to say about winning his first match in the tournament "This feeling is the greatest I've felt. We pulled out a convincing win, 5 to 1. Its so crazy. The win feels so much better after the 3 losses we suffered but the hard work is not done and the team has a high momentum going into the next round. As team captain I hope to use that momentum to lead the Essenian Stags to victory!" As you can see high hopes for the Essenian Stags after their win. Though there journey is not over as they move on to the round of sixteen where the competition is even fiercer than before, the Essenian Stags spirits and momentum are up.

This has been you daily sports update. For more please subscribe to the Essenian Post podcast for more in depth sports talk that may get political at some point.

The Western Isles Cup Tournament Comes to a Close
By: Macy Evans

The Western Isles Cup Tournament has come to a close with Corindia picking up the victory. Essena was represented by the Essenian Stage and were a part of the tournament with a final win/loss record of 2 wins and 4 losses. Early in the tournament the Essenian Stags were able to move on because of rank by being the 4th team to qualify for the round of 16 because of a dominating win against the team from Roendavar 5-1. The Stags were able to move on to the Quarter-finals after beating the team from Hyukai 3-2. Unfortunately the Stage were eliminated from the the Quarter-finals by the team from Athara Magarat 3-4. Even though the Stags were eliminated; they showed the world that Essennian sports teams are no pushovers to other sports teams. Coach Kelvin Illmer had this to say about the Stags performance "Even though the team lost, I can tell you that we are training hard for the next Tournament. And in my opinion we will go all the way the next time!" Chancellor Abraham Moore congratulated the team's performance by saying this "The Essenian Stags showed the world that a new team is here to claim victory. With every match the world saw the determination in the eyes of the players. I am proud to say that the performance by these athletes have and will inspire generations of Essenian athletes for years to come. Our first foray into International sports has been a success and I believe that whenever another tournament arises we will enter that as well. Congratulations to the Essenian Stags for representing the country so well."

Memorial to The Council is Completed
By: Marissa Marks

The Memorial commemorating The Council of Essena, which was started during the early term of Chancellor Abraham Moore was completed today. A grand event was held to dedicate the memorial. The event will feature speeches by 3 of the 5 Councilors. The headline being the Prime Councilor Christopher P Benjamin himself. The Council was the leading governing body during the transition of Essena, going from Self-Rule under the US to full independence. The Vice-President of the America is expected to attend the event and deliver a speech as well.

In a Test to Democracy, Assembly Elections are Here
By: James Galleon

After 4 years seats in the National Assembly are up for elections. The Representative Party, the current majority, is expected to keep its majority; as the Federalists find ways to have a say in government. Assembly Speaker Myra David was quoted saying this about the upcoming elections "The Essenian people have been treated well during this administration and expect the Representative Party to stay in power as we help the Chancellor move his agenda along for Essena. Roger Halifax, representing the opposition, has said that "the Essenian people want to see how the other side will run the country and the surge of new members identifying as Federalists and running for office is a promising sign that people understand the Federalist Party's platform. So I do feel we have a shot at gaining the majority in the Assembly."

The Representative Party Hold the Majority Even with More Opposition
By: Francis Drew

National Assembly elections were held today as the Representative Party hopes to keep its majority in the National Assembly. The difference between last year's elections and this year's is that other parties were able to be on the ballot. The other parties that offered candidates were able to send Delegates to the Assembly. The highest of the parties to gain seats were the Forward Party and the Civil Liberty Party, each getting a respective 3 seats. With the introduction of other political parties coalitions formed. Both the CLP and the FPE had committed to working with the Representative Party in the coming 4 years, though one has to wonder if the CLP will be more hesitant to side with the FPE on certain decisions. Adding in the seats from the coalitions the Representative Party received 160 seats while the Federalist Party with the National Essena Party have 141. With a majority of the seats in the Assembly, Myra David was able to retain the Assembly Speaker position. With a new Assembly, Representative Party-supported Chancellor Abraham Moore will have an easy time getting legislation passed during his last 2 years in office. Even though not gaining the majority the Federalist Party was able to grab 9 more seats.

With Gains in the Assembly, The CLP Make a Play for Chancellor
By: Hugh Morris

With gains in the Assembly, the Civil Liberty Party (CLP) has fielded its first candidate for Chancellor. Making it the first election where a third candidate will be on the ballot. The candidate that the CLP has chosen Delegate Marcus Harrison from Solaris. A former captain in the Essenian Navy and a former district attorney, Marcus Harrison is excited to join the race for Chancellor stating "The election is no longer ideology vs idealogy, it is now a choice, a real choice, for the Essenian people. I hope to bring a new perspective to the race. Two-party elections are the thing of the past in Essena and I hope that my entry into the election signals to others out there that they too can run and add their perspective to the great nation that is Essena." With Chancellor elections approaching this will be a historic moment for Essena as we see a peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another; the only question is who will be the next Chancellor.


Marcus Harrison Will Become the Next Chancellor of Essena
By: Maurice Cher

In an election of firsts, the first election to elect the 2nd Chancellor, the first election to use ranked-voting, and the first election to have a third party, Marcus Harrison of the Civil Liberty Party has won the election and will become the 2nd Chancellor of Essena. His running mate Winston Mosquemound will become the 2nd President of Essena. In a shock victory the Civil Liberty Party was able to win the Chancellorship even though the odds were slim. Analysis shows that most voters chose Marcus Harrison because of his messages for Freedom of Choice, for better security, and for better education. Marcus Harrison is a delegate from Solaris rose the ranks from being a Captain in the Essenian Navy to Law as the District Attorney. Though with this huge win one has to wonder if Marcus Harrison will be able to coexist with the National Assembly, which has a Representative Party majority. Marcus Harrison has said that his decisions will not just help his supporters but will help everyone in Essena.

Government Overhaul for Essena
By: Louie Dorne

A new Chancellor is not the only change coming to the Essenian government. Passed and approved by the Essenian Assembly, the legislature will go through some changes. The National Essenian Assembly, which is unicameral, will now become bicameral. The first upper chamber will be called the Senate and the lower chamber will be called the Delegate Assembly, together they will be known as Congress. Senators will have a 6-year term and Delegates will have a 3-year term. Each district will have 2 senators while the seat count for the Delegate Assembly will be determined by population. Another big change will happen to the executive branch. The executive branch will cease to exist and will now be part of the legislature, this change can be compared to the government of Great Britain. The Chancellor will still be the figurehead leader of the country and the President will still be his second. The President will also have a vote in the Senate while the Chancellor will be the tie-breaking vote. The judicial branch will also change. The High Court will be renamed the Supreme Court and two new justices will be added to the bench, which would bring the number of justices to 9. The two new justices will be known as the people's justices because their positions will be voted on by the public. Their term will be the same as the other justices for life. The changes to Congress will happen in phases first the Senate election will be held soon to coincide with the 6-year term of the Chancellor. The Delegate Assembly elections will be held 3 years later so that the people already on the National Essenian Assembly will be able to prepare. Along with the the Senate elections a vote will also be held for the 2 new justices to the Supreme Court.


Essena Showing Well in Ahnslen National Rally Championship
By: Paul Maury

The first race in the Ahnslen National Rally Championship had the team of Kandra Locke and Henry Billy Bob Thornton (Essenian Animals Pro) coming in first. With a time of 1:25:56 Animals Pro celebrated early, maybe a little too early, with country music and wine all around. It is reported that Kandra Locke became drunk and knocked 2 pit crew members and a Ahnslen bouncer. Currently, no charges have been filed against Kandra Locke but we will keep you updated. The 2nd Essenian Team, Animals Max, came in 8th with a time of 1:36:33. There are more races to come in the Ahnslen National Rally Championship and we hope that both teams do well and that know Essena is behind them as they show off their and Essena's prowess to the world.


Protests on Renaming Capital Reach Peak Anger and Support
By: Wendy Ricci

Protests have been brewing throughout Essena. With a renewed sense of nationalism, Essenians are questioning why their capital, Fredericksburg, is named after a foreign leader. Recent polls have suggested support for a change but Essenians are divided on either renaming the capital or building a new one that is closer to the center of Essena. Chancellor Moore has not commented on the issue. With a new Chancellor and a new government coming in where will this issue go? Will it be answered or will it be brushed under the rug. Some names that have been proposed are Jofferyton, Amihana, Esseniburg, and Capital McCapital Face.

New Flag Rumored to be Unveiled during Independence Day
By: Ophelia Stark

There have been rumors that the flag of Essena will be getting an update. But the change is uncertain as to the government changes that are happening. A vote has not happened or has been talked about but we will try to get more details as time goes on.


Chancellor Harrison Adds a New Secretary Position to the Council
By: Dan Newsworthy

Chancellor Marcus Harrison is making his mark by adding a new Secretary position to the council. The new secretary position will be named the Department of Faith Cooperation. Chancellor Harrison hopes that this new department can help mitigate disagreements with the different faiths in Essena. In a statement Chancellor Harrison said this "My intention for making this new secretary position is for the unity of Essena. Essena is full of beautiful and different cultures, and with having a diverse culture disagreements can arise. This department will be at the forefront of confronting those agreements and making peace between our diverse cultures. Like I said before the main goal is Essenian Unity, not division." Chancellor Harrison has appointed Peter Christiano as the first Secretary of Faith Cooperation.

Essena Legislature Becomes Bicameral
By: Namor Miller

Elections for the new house in the legislature has come to a close. The Senate will be comprised of 2 elected Senators from each district along with an elected Senator representing the administrative city of Fredericksburg. Both the President and the Chancellor will be part of the Senate but the President will be the only one to have a regular vote. The Chancellor will have a vote only if there is a tie. It is projected that the Civil Liberty party will be the majority party in the Senate. Mrs. Kayla Rae will become the first Senate Majority Leader. This election means even though the Civil Liberty party controls the Senate, the Delegate Assembly is still controlled by the Representative party which means a coalition will be formed by the Representative party and the Civil Liberty party.

The Newly Named Supreme Court Gains 2 New Members
By: Elisabeth Dinah

The newly name Supreme Court of Essena has also gained 2 new members that were voted on by the public. The new people's justices are Joseph Black and Winston Marcus Presley. They will be sworn in by Chief Justice Luke Davis and there addition to the court will raise the number of justices to 9 instead of 7.

Essena has a New Capital
By: Daniel Day

In the following days the capital of Essena, Fredericksburg, will be no longer be the capital. After months of protests on the name of the current capital, the government approved for a new capitol to be built. The name of the new capital will be, Joffreyton, named after King Joffrey. King Joffery was the first leader of Essena after uniting it. The location of the capital is farther north from where Fredericksburg is. Certain buildings and monuments will be moved to the new capital. Those buildings are The Buckstone Monument, and The Council Memorial. The buildings that will stay in Fredericksburg will either be converted to heritage sites or museums. The Chancellor, President, Congress, and Supreme will move into newly constructed buildings. The Chancellor will reside in the Menschen Mansion, the President will reside in the Loretta House, Congress will meet in the Congress building, and the Supreme Court will meet in the Supreme Court building. The embassies will also move along with the street names. The former streets will be renamed. One of the features built for the new capital, which was requested by former Chancellor Abraham Moore, was a giant park that will be named Capital Park.


Both Essenian Teams Advance in the Ahnslen National Rally Championship
By: Troy Goth

It's a good day for the Essenian teams competing in the Ahnslen National Rally Championship. The Essenian Animals Pro and Max have advanced to the final rally. People at home are overjoyed by the successes of the Essenian teams. When asked for comment Chancellor Marcus Harrison said this "I am proud for both the Essenian teams in the Ahnslen National Rally Championship. They are making Essenians proud and they are making their country proud. In these rallies, we have shown the world the sporting power of Essena and also shown that we will not stop at achieving glory! With the final rally on the horizon, we asked for a statement from one of the teams. The statement read "We have shown and will show the dominance that Essena has always had. We have trained long and hard to be where we are and winning this final rally will show off all that hard work but winning for Essena will be priceless. Our team is training well and ready to roll out and do Essena proud." With a very inspiring statement the people of Essena patiently wait for the final rally in the Ahnslen National Rally Championship


Chancellor Harrison Proposes a Redesign for the Essenian Flag
By: Dan Newsworthy

In an update to a story, we posted earlier we can now confirm that Chancellor Marcus Harrison has proposed a redesign to the Essenian flag. If the Chancellor's plans are approved the new flag will be unveiled on September 20th, Essenian Independence Day. For the old flag, debates will be held for if it should be retired or repurposed.


Essena Expands
by: Andre Jukiba

The Western Isles have granted the okay for Essena to expand its territory. Essena was given the two southern islands and half the western island that is in between Essena and Dothrakia. Chancellor Marcus Harrison has tasked the Secretary of Community Infrastructure to travel to the islands and to start making new districts so that they can be represented in Congress. Chancellor Harrison has also tasked the Secretary of State to start talks with Dothrakia about the logistics on the island shared by both nations.


Essenians Win the 2021 Ahnslen National Rally Championship
by: Kailey Rogers

The 2021 Ahnslen National Rally Championship has come to close and the Essenian Animals Pro (Kandra Locke and Henry Billy Bob Thornton) have won first place. The Essenian Animals Pro finished the final rally with a time of 4:44:38. Both Essenian teams were welcomed with pomp and circumstance as their plane arrived. Chancellor Marcus Harrison was there to greet the teams and to invite them to the Menschen Mansion.

"We welcome the Essenians that represented us in the Ahnslen National Rally Championship. They have done this country proud. On that note we give a great congratulations to the Essenian Animals Pro team of Kandra Locke and Henry Billy Bob Thornton; who won the Rally Championship and showed the world what Essena is made of. Your victory is our victory, the people's victory and we are grateful. That is why I am here personally to invite both teams to the Menschen Mansion to continue the celebration." Chancellor Marcus Harrison said to the crowd gathered in front of the plane.

Local restaurants and bars around Joffreyton offered discounts on food and drinks to celebrate the win. Bar owner Marty Hull had this to say "I'm happy that Essena won the championship. This is one of those times when the whole country joins together in celebration for a great accomplishment. I wanted to be part of the celebration and so does my bar. So that is why I discounted the food and drinks. Come and join in the celebration! For Essena!"

As you can see Essenian spirit are high after the recent win. When asked what Kandra Locke is going to do after the win she said this "What I'm going to do is celebrate and then have a good deserved rest. I put my all in it at the Rally Championship and I did Essena proud. I hope people see my win today and be inspired that if they work hard and with a little bit of luck you can win."


A New Election for Chancellor Starts
by: Kevin Davids

Essenians are going to be seeing political ads again as the election for Chancellor commences once again. Chancellor Marcus Harrison cannot run again due to term limits. With a dozen candidates announcing their run; three candidates are stand out as the leaders in the race. Leading Chancellor Harrison's Civil Liberty party is current President Winston Mosquemound. The Harrison administration was able to change a rule allowing the current President to run. The Representative party has chosen former President Jean Flores to represent their party in the election. Flores was unable to run for President last time because of an election rule. The Federalist Party has chosen the soft-spoken Senator James R. Chamberlin. A fourth party has been gaining popularity as well due to their outspoken leader Governor Henry Jones Longfellow. His party, the People's Rise Party, believes in giving every person a chance to succeed. His party is considered far-left in the political spectrum. So with what seemingly could be a four-way race Essenians have a big choice ahead of them.

Senate Elections
by: Uriah Miller

Along with the election for Chancellor, Senate seats are also up for election. The Civil Liberty party is trying to retain the majority while the new People's Rise party seeks to gain seats. Chancellor Harrison's popularity with the Essenian people is a small indication of the Civil Liberty parties strength in the upcoming election.


Essena supports TWI League Natural Disaster Resolution
by: Lana Del May

Delegate Montgomery Quail has voiced Essena's support for a Regionwide Natural Hazard Alert Cooperation resolution in the TWI League. In a statement Delegate Quail said "Natural disasters can be both predictable and unpredictable but with the help of the nations of The Western Isles we hope to make those unpredictable times less devastating. That is why Essena supports this resolution." Before giving the approval for the resolution Delegate Quail consulted Chancellor Harrison. During their conversation Chancellor Harrison gave his approval of the resolution saying "With cooperation between TWI League member states we will be able to protect Essenians more efficiently and effectively with the information from other member states."


Chancellor Race Comes Down to Three
by: Landon James

Due to lagging poll numbers Senator James R. Chamberlin has stepped down from the race for Chancellor. Currently the race is dominated by former President Jean Flores of the Representative Party and current President Winston Mosquemound. Governor Henry Jones Longfellow of the People's Rise Party who was seen as a rising star has only been polled number one in his home district while polling third in every other district. When asked if he would pull out of the race Governor Longfellow said "Until I'm no longer ranked number 1 in any district that is when I will drop out." With Senator James R. Chamberlin dropping out he has asked Federalist Party members to support the President Winston Mosquemound of the Civil Liberty Party saying "The Civil Liberty Party's ideals align more with us. With my absence we need someone that fights for our rights. Freedom of Choice is important and the federal government should not be too involved with our lives. That is why I ask you to consider voting for the Civil Liberty Party." With the support of the Federalist Party candidate the polls have shown the Civil Liberty with a slight lead against the Representative Party.

Decline of the Federalists
by: William Ohm

With the drop out of Federalist Party nominee Senator James R. Chamberlin and his support for the Civil Liberty Party one has to think is the Federalist Party in decline? Recent numbers have suggested more people are leaving the Federalist party for the Civil Liberty party. Federalist party leader John Jones had this to say about declining membership "We do acknowledge the decline of the party but the Federalists are still strong in certain districts and localities. We're not going away yet." Asked what the reason could be for the uptick of membership in the Civil Liberty party, Hannah Michaels had this to say "We are the party of Choice. A party of reasonable choice. We let people be happy while making sure they are not hurting anyone. The Representative party and the Federalists are the roughly the same they want to control the individual. I also feel like the Civil Liberty party's message is much more in line with everyday Essenians." Within the coming years will we see the dissolution of the Federalist party? Will the Civil Liberty party take its place? Only time will tell.


Essena Chess Players Show up to Elephant Chess Cup
by: Nyla Rhodes

The Essenian Chess Association sent Daniel Summers, Talia Marsh, Ming Ho, and Jack Mallory to the 2nd Annual Elephant Chess Cup. The Essenian Animals were eliminated from the cup with 4 wins and 5 losses. Coach Nicholas Orlov had this to say about the team's showing at the cup. "Our chess team did a great job. Even though we lost we showed the world that Essena has some pretty good chess players and with a little practice we will come back stronger. Other than winning our other goal for a chess association was sending players to an international chess tournament and to put ourselves on the map and I think we did that today. I'd like to also congratulate the winners of the Elephant Chess Cup, the Chess team from Bollonich. You fought hard and it showed but be ready when Essena comes back for the 3rd annual chess cup." Speaking at the welcome home celebration for the team President Winston Mosquemound said this "Our Essenian chess team fought hard to show what Essena chess players can do. Even though they came up short, we Essenians are proud of them for representing the country so well. To that I congratulate the Essenian chess team and hope they represent us again in the next Elephant Chess Cup!"

The Serene Republic of Essena