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by The Rainbowinged Etymology Shark of Erinor. . 38 reads.

One Seraphic Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Honourable Kringalia, please note the following:

I, Erinor, also known as Seraph, have the following active nations:

Erinor, legislator, moderator and CRS member in the South Pacific, formerly a Local Councillor, Minister of Regional Affairs, Delegate and Prime Minister, as well as a member of the Legislator Committee;

Smokestack and Riddlepike, citizen of Spiritus, formerly a legislator and appointed Minister of Regional Fun;

Terephah, citizen of Gay, formerly a citizen of the Celestial Union of Lazarus.

Other nations, now CTEd that I have possessed are as follows:

Seraphus, formerly assigned to Albion by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

Galavezhk, formerly founder of Tsanteresht;

Prospero-on-tempest, used as part of the resistance to the Khanate of Lazarus in 2017.

I may well have had others of which I have now forgotten, but not many.

I was also briefly a citizen of Osiris in 2016.