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The Great North Theatre Act 1

The World of ????

Creator of the world of ????? is Black Spears

When first claiming land. Players may choose up to 5 states.
All claims are to be submitted to Black Spears via a photo outlining your claims.
Please also state your colour of choice. This colour will represent your nation on the map.


Everyday at 0000 WST/1200 EST players will receive 3 turns to be used for a verity of purposes in the game.
Each nation starts with a development level of 5 with starting the game which gives them five building slots.
All nations will have a starting pop of 50,000, 1000 gold and a naval/army cap of 10.
To use your turn you will need to post the in discord in the "building-up-your-land" channel or post it on the RMB and using [nation]Black Spear[/nation] in your message to alert him, so your states are updated

Building up your land


Develop state: Increases national development adding an extra 3 building slot. Costs 2 turns.
Build Goldmine: Grants 100 gold (currency) per day. Costs 1 turn and building slot.
Build port: Grants 5 food. This also gives access to water-based trade and naval construction. Costs 2 turns and building slot. (Tiles must be manually selected)
Build Farmland: Grants 10 food. Costs 1 turn and building slot.
Build Town: Increases pop by 5000. Costs 2 turns and 1 building slots.

1 food = 1% increase in population


Build Army: Adds 1 point to land forces score. Costs 1 turn and 250 gold.
Build Navy: Adds 1 point to naval forces score. Costs 1 turn and 250 gold.
Build Workshop: Grants 500 army equipment. (increases army cap by 5 points). Costs 1 turn and building slot.
Build Dockyard: Grants 500 naval equipment. (increases navy cap by 5 points.) Costs 1 turn and building slot.
Build Fort: Adds a plus 1 to defensive combat dice roles. Costs 1 turn, a building slot and 500 gold. (Tiles must be manually selected)
Develop Technology: Adds a plus 0.25 to offensive combat dice roles. Costs 2 turns and 300 gold.

100 army equipment = +1 army capacity
100 naval equipment = +1 naval capacity


Colonize Land: Claim extra land. Grants 1 development level. Costs 3 turns and 700 gold.

Relations and Diplomacy

Players may state the national relations/opinions with other nation *(these will be logged on a spreadsheet). * nations may declare war on one another (within reason). Nations may also form alliances, trade agreements, mutual defense pacts, non-aggression pacts, lend lease etc.