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Daily Fox Online - China Descends Into Civil War

China Descends Into Civil War

As the UN Previously Forewarned a Fully Blown Civil War Has Erupted in the People's Republic of China

Christina Birch | @FoxBirch | 21.07.21

People's Liberation Army Tanks Stand Ready in Beijing While War Begins to Rage Across the Country

Yesterday protests and uprisings came to a head, as the UN predicted just a couple of weeks ago. With the East Asian Democratic Alliance, Republic of China and the Uyghur Republic declaring war on the People's Republic of China just yesterday, fighting has already broken out in the cities of Lhasa, Hong Kong and Urumqi and a state of Civil War has been declared by the United Nations.

The East Asian Democratic Alliance, led by Lei Lifen, known more commonly by her English name Lizzie, declared war against the People's Republic of China yesterday. She told the Daily Fox that now was the time to strike down the overly agressive oppressive Chinese Communist Party and to take back her country for the people of China.

This alliance, between the Chinese Democracy Party and the Province of Xīzàng, better known as Tibet, with the blessing of the Dalai Lama who placed his homeland in the hands of Tibetan politician Xiang Chuanli, aims to create a new Federal Republic of China with free elections for all its citizens and full independence for regions such as Tibet and Uyghuristan.

Meanwhile the Uyghur People's Front rose up in Xinjiang, led by Erkin Bughra, they were able to seize the city of Urumqi and aim to create a free Uyghur Republic, as a new democratic Central Asian state. Erkin has said in a statement that he sees no need to join the EADA as their goals for his nation do not match his own, however he has not declared them an enemy, hoping they will aid him in fighting for his cause.

The Republic of China, also known as Taiwan, led by Tsai Ing-Wen has seized this opportunity to take back the land they lost and has declared war on the PRC, aiming to take back the land it has lost. Public commentators have criticized their unwillingness to discuss independence for the autonomous regions.

As this war begins to rage the international community has remained largely neutral with the exception of nations such as Russia, North Korea and Pakistan who have sided with the PRC and India, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines who have sided with the rebellion hoping to end their aggressive neighbour for friendlier relations in the region. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared his intention to move Indian troops in at a later point, in order to resolve long standing border disputes with the People's Republic.

The UK has tried to remain neutral but has provided refuge for those holding overseas passports in Hong Kong. This move has been criticised by many as not being enough and by some as being too much, wishing the UK would stay out completely. Elsewhere in the west the US has declared its intention to place sanctions on China and all those who assist them diplomatically. Many have criticised Biden for not mentioning sanctions for companies operating within China, seeing this as an attempt to avoid a loss in profit.

While China continues to deny this is a major conflict, claiming it is still tackling terroristic insurgencies, it has become clear to the rest of the world that this is a real issue.

As things become dire for the Chinese people living amidst this conflict, we at the Daily Fox have nothing but well wishes for all those affected, and hope this war sees the best outcome for everyone involved.

For more news and updates be sure to check back in with us here at the Daily Fox.

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Oh jeez this is crazy! Maybe this will be like the USSR and resolved quickly and relatively peacefully?

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What the heck is a ugyhru?

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Oh no Modi why? The bastard is going to start a world war if he starts moving troops in, God forbid he starts firing off nukes. Is anyone else scared about this? Two major nuclear powers, the most populous nations in the world, going to war?

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