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"This is a great crowbar"

Redacted, MineLegotia and Equestria
Redacted - 05/08/2389 ALB

“Lavender? Lavender?!”

With a frantic allergo of hoofsteps, Medical rushed into the alleyway. Today was supposed to be perfect, it was supposed to be! But instead, what seemed to be an attack by the mob seemed to be happening.

He had ordered a reservation in their favourite restaurant, Préfiguration. A Griffonese food chain with a penchant for being the scene for various romance movies. He had bought Lavender flowers, it was their anniversay after all. They ordered a meal and flirted, but then Lavender excused herself to go to the bathroom.

Lavender was just heading to the bathroom, when shouts emerged from the back. Next thing he knew, there was a gunshot, a yell, thunder,and he was searching for where Lavender went.

Running into the back of the restaurant had him stumbled into the sight he was currently seeing.

There was a corpse on the asphalt, the sudden rainstorm made it hard for him to see it clearly. Instead, he knew there was a corpse because of the texture of the liquid pooling around his hooves. Blood. A medical student would know such a texture, and looking around, he feared the worse.

But he could see Lavender in the rain shouting against two silhouettes, who the rain shielded from any identification. Two weapons clearly levitating in the air next to them, a pistol and a submachine gun.


“Medical?!” She shouted back, turning her head. Her tone was indicative of shock… but there was something underneath that Medical couldn’t pin down.

“Lavender what’s going on?” He took a step forward, but a gunshot rang out that sent him three steps back.

The stallion of the shillouetes pointed the pistol towards him. “Stay away from her, you ruffian!”

“You will not hurt him!” Lavender shouted against the growing rain, stepping in the way of any potential bullets.

“You’re not allowed to date a ruffian like him, Lavender!” Medical could distinctvely hear a gun reload. Its click clear against the rain’s attack on the man-made asphalt.

“What makes him so unworthy of my love!?”

“Lavender… I think you should get back!” He shouted, but Lavender and the two paid him no heed.

“You think a low life like him would grant you a good future Lavender?!” The shilouette jabbed the gun towards him. “Anypony me and mother sought out can bring you a better life!”

Wait… mother? Medical took a tentative step forward. “Mister Fletcher?”

“I don’t want a good life! I want one with a stallion I love!” Lavender shouted, stamping her hoof in the ground. Her hair was becoming increasingly disheveled, and the rain seemed to only grow louder.

“Why can’t you just listen to us!?”

“I don’t want to be your puppet!”

“You’re ours!”

Medical tried shouting once more.

“I’m not! I’m not your puppet! I… I hate you!”

“I hate you too!”

Medical wasn’t really sure what happened, all he could hear was of a gun being grabbed and a gunshot. And with that he saw Lavender fall to the ground.


With a shout, and neighs of panic, the two silhouettes dashed away from the alleyway. But for Medical, there was only one thing he could focus on. Water splashed as Medical got down next to Lavender, a hoof holding her up. His eyes darted around her, before spotting the wound. Blood was already flowing out at a rapid rate.

“Don’t worry, worry,” He wasn’t sure who he was trying to convince as he took off his coat, trying to cover up the wound. Medical was a medical student, he knew full well a shot there meant. “You’re going to make it, Lavy, you’re going to-”

A hoof met his lips, and Medical looked at Lavender’s face. It contorted but Lavender held a smile despite the clear pain. “D-don’t worry… you said?”

“Lavender… you’ll make it, I promise…”

“Don’t w-worry…” Blood. Medical was used to the sight of it. But he didn’t like seeing it come out of her mouth. “I’ll… always be with you…”

“Lavender you’re going to make it… I…” He paused, Lavender’s eyes had glazed over. “Lavender?”

Medical choked back a sob, his vision began to blur. She was gone… she was gone. She was gone! Medical raised his hoof and closed both of her eyes. It was Scienti… Scienti all over again. He was just a young boy when that surgery failed, and ripped away from him was a little brother who he spoiled. And now, went, to, the one he thought was the one. Why did God allow this to happen?

So thats why God made it happen. Medical thought, looking down at the crowbar Shanddian just gave him. She chuckled at the sight as Medical got used to holding it. Shanddian looked back at the two tied up ponies, on their knees and looking increasingly concerned at how Medical was looking at them and back down at the crowbar.

“Why a crowbar…?” Medical asked looking at Shanddian.

“There was a discount on Zhutoko, 50% off Crowbars, you know?” She shrugged, opening her coat and dropping out sixteen crowbars clanking on the ground. “Really useful to smack someone with a crowbar very far away if I tape them together.”

“Alright then…” He turned back to the main attraction of the room. The killers of Lavender. The reason why he acted like he did now.

“So… this is an awkward family reunion,” He chuckled as he took a step forward towards them. The stallion of the two glared at him, while the mare tried to back away. “But I do say, this is a nice crowbar.”

“What do you want?” The stallion spat out. “Lavender’s long dead…”

“Too bad, I’ve been giving too much power, so she’s back around,” He let out a small laugh as the ponies' eyes widen. “And man does she miss me… oh and not you two.”

“That’s enough backstory, time for why you’re here,” And without missing a beat, Medical swung the crowbar against the stallion’s jaw, knocking down to the floor. Producing a very nice sound, that vindicated Shanddian’s crowbar choice. The mare yelled for her husband, and Medical stood over him. A thin smile spreading across his face.