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Independence Day: MoC Address - How is Independence?

Independence, What is it? No, I'm not answering that today. This question has been answered many times in TSP. So I'm not going to bore you with the textbook definition of it.

Everyone always says that. But not "Independence, How is it?". [Cue you laughing/groaning] What? I'm serious!

My nation was created around January of last year, making me being here for a year now. I haven't been involved in most of TSP history, as probably many of you. People have come and gone during this 19 years. (I mean, I wasn't even born yet when all of this happened) I've never seen a real coup in TSP before, I wasn't there when the Charter was adopted, I know nothing outside TSP. I cannot tell you what happened that day with confidence.

But I can attest (and all of you too can too!) that our independence is an important factor that makes TSP what it is today. Sure, after that there're still... incidents but it pushes TSP to be better. We learn from them throughout the ages. After declaring independence, THE MATT-DUCK, Lady Rebels' successorestablished the first military of TSP. CalledDefense Force South Pacific. (DSP) And from then on, many amendments and revisions have been made by the Assembly to make our democracy stronger. Now, the chances of a coup in TSP by endotarting is almost impossible, thanks to the CRS, SWAN, the Delegate and many other institutions.

While I cannot say for certain that this is the most peaceful time in the history of TSP, it sure feels like a peaceful time to me. All of these stories about coups, backstabbing and defending can be a little tiresome. Which makes me think of "How is TSP? right now?"... and I would say.

It's a good place to be! A great place to make friends who will welcome you with open arms. The RMB is always active, the discord filled with people and the forums with all you need to know. People here are friendly, caring and inclusive. With diverse people from around the world coming together to make a community. Our democracy is thriving, that almost every position in TSP is elected. We remembers our history and we look towards the future. And if any problems comes our way, we'll think through it and come out better than before.

TSP has come a very long way in this 19 years, many things have changed. But we change for the better. We will continue to tell these stories and work together to hopefully continue this prosperity of this community.

I'm starting to feel a little sleepy... writing more than one sentence is really tiring.

Happy a-day-late-Independence Day! Have fun and good night. zzz


The ㅤㅤㅤ of Holy Free