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President Pierre Guilson

Pierre Guilson

Colourized Photo of President Guilson, 1833

9th President of the Republic of Colligny

In office:
March 12th, 1832-March 12, 1840

Preceded by: Armand Beauvais
Succeded by: Pierre Derbigny

Governor of Acadiana

In office:
March 12th, 1824-March 12, 1832

Preceded by: Jacques Dupré
Succeeded by: Edward Douglass White Sr.

Personal Details


January 5th, 1777
Rocheville, New France



Political Party:

Ocre Party


Josette Guilson




Rocheville University
- Degree in Political Studies


Huguenot Calvinism



"Quand je dois mourir, je mourrai en l'honneur."
- Pierre Guilson

Pierre Guilson (1777-1873) was a Diplomat, Politician, and Lawyer, Who served as the 9th President of Colligny from 1832 to 1840. He Previously served as the Governor of Acadiana Under Armand Beauvais from 1824 to 1832. authored the Declaration of Conflict, Guilson was a Supporter of Democracy, Unitary Federalism, Conservatism, and White Supremacy.

Early Life

Pierre Guilson was born on January 5th, 1777 at the family home in Fiminakee Plantation in the Colony of Lower Louisiana, the third of ten children. He was of French, and possibly Norman, descent and was born a French subject. His father Jean Guilson Sr. was a planter and surveyor who died when Guilson was fourteen; his mother was Amilie Guilson. Peter Guilson moved his family to Cairee Plantation in 1788 upon the death of William Guilson III, the plantation's owner and Guilson's friend, who in his will had named Peter guardian of Guilson's children. The Guilsons returned to Fiminakee in 1798, where Peter died in 1799; his estate was divided between his sons Pierre and Jean. John Harvie Sr. then became Pierre' guardian. In 1799 he attended the wedding of his uncle Field Guilson to Mary Allen Hunt, the latter who would become a close friend and early mentor. Pierre inherited approximately 5,000 acres of land, including Laouches. He assumed full authority over his property at age 33.

Rise in Politics

Pierre Continued growing More Influencial as a plantation owner, Buying up other Plantations, until he was the Most Influential Non-Politician in the State of Acadiana. After this, He decided to run for the state's Governor. Using his massive amount of Influence, he managed to win the Election by a small amount. He did very little as Governor, serving for 2 Terms. But, He still managed to win the 1832 Election, By pandering to racists.


As President, he Vaguely followed Conservative Ocreaine Policies, Restricting the rights of the Freed Black men of New Orleans and abroad. He is Listed by many studies as the 3rd Worst Leader in Colignian History.
  • Slave Act
    The Slave Act Officially gave any White Male with Property the Ability to Buy slaves. Many states Denied this Act from being Employed in their Lands.

  • Race Authority Declaration
    A Declaration Assigning the Role of Superior Race to the Francophone, White race.

  • Declaration of Conflict
    A Declaration of war Between Colligny and Mexico, 1832

For & Against

  • For: Slavery, White Supremacy, France, Conservatism

  • Against: Abolitionism, Egalitarianism, Mexico, Liberalism

Personal Information

Not much is known about Guilson's Private Life.


“Why are you reading down here?”

“I don't like Mexicans.”

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