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COL | The Finnmark Crisis

Finnmark Crisis
Annexation of Finnmark

L-R, top to bottom: First responders responding to
Crash JF 495; Alta town police responding to
and fleeing from Finnish invaders; Oskar Olaffson,
sole injury during the invasion; Finnish troops in
Lappland; Jakobsdóttir vs Karvonen propaganda


25 October 2025 – present


Finnmark Plateau

Territory changes

Finnish seizure of Finnmark areas


Norse Kingdom (ex.)

Finnish Republic

--------Commanders and leaders--------

Haakon VIII
Katrín Jakobsdóttir

Alvi Karvonen

--------------------Units involved--------------------

Norse Kingdom:
Mobilizing troops:

10,000 (estimate)

Several police departments:
213 officers

Stationed troops:
605 active personnel

Finnish Republic:
Stationed troops:

7,000 (estimate)

Civilian volunteers:
413 (from Norr)


--------------------Causalities and losses--------------------

Norse Kingdom:
1 Alta police officer injured

Finnish Republic:
0 deaths or injuries

Finnmark Crisis

From Colpedia, the COL encyclopedia

The Finnmark Crisis is an ongoing, international crisis over the Finnish military occupation of the LinkFinnmark plateau (Finnmarksvidda) in Norr.

This conflict is also referred to as the (Finnish) Annexation of Finnmark and also the (Finnish) Liberation of Finnmark.



  • Several MPs from the Folketing (Norse parliament), including MP Marianne Haukland, have denounced the Finnish invasion and called for troop movements.

  • Finnish President Alvi Karvonen has condemned any and all international involvement in the matter and unilaterally defended his response to supposed "Norse oppression" of Kven and Sami minorities.

  • Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, of Norr, gave a historic speech at the Folketing and established the Joint-International Committee for the Bettering of Future Fenno-Norse Relations and requested President Alvi Karvonen's participation in a peace summit at either Gdansk, Saint Petersburg or Riga.

  • Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir initiates Operation Icebreaker, her Three Phase Plan to ending the Finnmark Crisis.




  • Several calls for a vote of no confidence have been issued due to Prime Minister Jakobsdottir's lack of adequate response to the situation.

  • President Alvi Karvonen has received several international and domestic condemnations, but support for him in his country is still high. Likely due to his unwavering support for his "liberation" effort.

  • Nokia stock (NYSE: NOK) has dropped considerably due to the cold conflict.

  • President Alvi Karvonen has issued a desperate plea for more support by calling out the nations that have condemned Finland's acts and offering olive branches to those that have not.