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Taigama LC Conflict of Interest

The wait is over, the show is on!

Iím Taigama, and Iím running for the Local Council!

Hereís my conflict of interest.

Current Puppets
At this time, I only have two puppets, Quebecois Espanola, and Casrinia.

Current Involvement In Other Regions
Right now, I am involved in Lily. Although I am not very active, I still am part of the raiding group. I am also involved in The East Pacific, where I like to roleplay and worldbuild.

Edit: I also have a personal region, Taigama

Past involvement In Other Regions
In the past, I have been involved in The North Pacific.

In the past I have had legislator status, but I was forced to not partake in it anymore because of inactivity. I have recently submitted a new request, and I hope to be one soon!