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Political Parties of Kaufestan

Kaufestan Political Parties

Liberal-Democratic Independent Front

The LDIF is the ruling party of Kaufestan. A centrist political party, they hold fairly progressive views. They support economic liberalization and socially progressive viewpoints. They were formed in 1990, and their current leader is Qumri Tahirova.

Conservative Democratic Party of Kaufestan

The Conservative Party is a major, center-right, political party. They hold conservative viewpoints, primarily with regards to social matters. They support mandatory teaching of Islam in schools.

Kaufi-Uzbek Socialist Party

The Kaufi-Uzbek Socialist Party is a far-left political party, advocating for a planned economy, and state atheism.

Forwards Party

The Forwards Party is a far-right, secularist, and economically liberal party, that advocates for extreme futurism.

Popular Front

The Popular Front is a social democrat, centre-left party. They support womens' rights, and market regulation.

The Republic of Kaufestan