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Please endorse Delegate-elect Amerion. Thanks!


Please endorse our new Delegate Amerion

Amerion was elected as our new Delegate after the election which happened recently. To help the transition between our current Delegate Amerion and the Delegate-elect happen smoothly, please endorse Amerion. If your nation is mentioned on this dispatch, it means you haven't done that yet so please do it!

How to endorse a nation: Click on a nation name to open its page, scroll down, then click the Endorse button.

Your nation will receive the title of SWAN Knights and be mentioned on the next monthly award volume if you endorse the Delegate-elect along with members of the Council on Regional Security (CRS): Tsunamy, Amerion, Farengeto, Kringalia, Erinor, Qvait, PenguinPies, Sandaoguo, Aumeltopia.

List of nations that haven't endorsed Delegate-elect Amerion
Ranger, The Brand New Salvatagard Republic, United Great Holy Empire, Great Scapula, Margila Islands, Anatomic, Eastern Mekong, Shrimplordia, Bon Ther, Jazklartan, Vilbonde, Aionia, Black Ivars, Loechia, Trelatche, Arelplace, Camante, Unidum, Kelshine, Jordonova, Quethe, Silvaland, Avalon Nouveau, Wombyntania, Cananard, Gabrielian, Potatodom, Ragbag, Bizarrotan, Sparkadooby, Bogelandia, Fudgetopia, Lazarevich, Erfton, East Copa Cabana, Sokratis Constantine, European Nutella, Peligo, Superhansistan, EZOPIA, Greater Tern, Armos, Ruckistan, EagleForce, Rovnum, Vercadina, Cot Deviet, Solvador, Mannes, Worrab, The republic of Konsa, Cyberdexia, Ozturkia, Ruri paso, Kyrzatkenstein, Silmad, Land Of Subs, The Vangards of Discourse, New Akkala, Purinland, Chareest, Langbertonia, Jorstone, Tsherepakhe Inzl, Kritria, YamiNbe, Zess, Flomtopia, The Dysk, Jibberjam, The Crusader State of Lyon, Delthorensdale, Iron Airships, VonJake, Sujadi, Venom Bug, MrGoodeGeographiana, Caeverton, Greater Dalarestan, New Benjamin, Telonovia, Weatherly, Sharold, Outer Bratorke, Pelariac, Dragovian, Chanakya, Chikyuuga, North Prarie, Rabbitz, Gonale, Horburg, Jyrinie, Is there nothing, Croteria, TreedomA, Holy Lechistan Empire, Plonetzland, Amoguz, Lukemburg, Houtheion, Ashland and Phoenix, Poo funny, Common Capitalizm, Portopactia, Harle, Pritsland, Erialki, Zalorin, Brastria, Otrila, Babblijabs, Andemiess, Deerp, Roblox Players, Bharatamata, Zasconia, Ugranda, Outer manisedland, Det Imperium, Emula, Waggelandia, California Bay, Allenos, The kingdom of literally no space, Federation of Malcontents, Emmaneason-Quebecian Empire, Lincoln Village, JimmyP, The Nuclear Dragon, State Denmark, Hjhkii8, Jebediah Kerbal, Noicre, Huanzu, Sria Thes, Tauredd, RKN, Balalaikowski, Senkent Mace, Crasulia, Eragonaise, New Roakia, Galactic war, Remlasia, Azur Lane-UNSC, Olamea, Cape-North, Of Yapms, Ventotene, Sbulandia, Thaiboy, Lav Republic, Rempa, Franchise, Fict, Aknuliv, Fenervia, Crown Rhine, Mousqueak, Venezia Pacifica, ItaliaLeo03, Bardosiga, KINGSTONILLE, Blue States, Elevator Shafts and Plucky Sheep, States of San Andreas, FancyDan, United Provinces of Central Luzon, West-Indies, Taksimburg, Plumvway, Biliancheseing, Rejkialand, Haterax, The NatatoweighWarACland, Sautu, Black Libra, The kingdom of the Gerbils, FAAC, Unholy Bois, The Boris Dictatorship, Red Mancesistan, South Ribble, Hakta, Great Evansville, Extrial, Ghostblood, Norpolan, New idek, Lenval, United Naturia, Illahistan, Zonaria, Owlnest, Tyriwiler, Jusbeth, The New Doge, Asturgien, Heil stalin, Nova Jackistan, The New Sanctum, Insurectionar, Xustria, Liberated Anglians, Iduna, Lienengen, Grecchia, Barbados and saint lucia, Bogdanland, United States of Singapore, German True Time Trio, Ridim, Urest, Southern Levant, Kindaorwellian, Trogdale, Wolfprussia, The United Cascadia Bioregion, Socialist Polandia, Conus prime, Islandr wellic, Endiria, Doctormagnaria, Petrovik, Dpr kevin, Dablic, Soverna Vallay, Cerun, The United Holland, Hekiema, Katies Realm, Evanmistan, United Terran Authority, Vallhai, Fluxland, Thalasa, The islamic states of Arabs, Cefonia, Cooled, Akiran, Wub Boze, East Arctica, Donau States, Arzemira, Raul Empire, Death March, Tomuak, Luzun, Exstinctionis, Luthanlex Test 01, Rotarypolis, Cortezie, Allanquica, Staoles, North Jacksonica, The Royal Imperial Crown, The Jolandish Cong, Routhoule, Natakistan, Grandviews, Uniata