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Post-Election Speech

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My Dear Minions,

It is with devilish delight that I once again greet you as your Supreme Leader, Admiral Delegate General Elect Amerion. I am humbled and honoured by the opportunity to subjugate legions of new Minions to my unwaveringly firm but benevolent rule.

My thanks and appreciation first goes out to my friend and opponent in this election, Penguinpies. Though we may not see eye to eye on the question of which dessert is superior (ice cream beats pie every day of the week!!!), we are wholly united in our service and loyalty to the Coalition.

I would also like to express my gratitude and admiration for Delegate Beepee. I hold my fellow Australian in the highest of regards and his service over these past months has been nothing short of exemplary. I wish him all the very best for what are no doubt very promising future endeavours. On that note, as we begin the transition of the delegacy, may I please request that you endorse my nation, Amerion.

Yours with Malevolence,

Admiral Delegate General Elect Amerion

The Supreme Leader of all Minions, His Majesty, the Admiral Delegate General Elect Stewie G., Delegate Elect of the South Pacific, the Magnificent Ultimate Leader of all of NationStates, High Autocrat of the New Minion Order, King of Kings, Democratic President and Prime-Minister-For-Life, Chairman and Supreme General Secretary Admiral of the People’s Republic of the South Pacific, Invincible and All-Triumphant Lord Commander, Grand Dentist of the Ice Cream Association, Chief Ophthalmologist and board-certified Dermatologist of the South Pacific Special Forces, Brilliant Genius of Humanity, Noble Prize winner in everything but Peace, and Benevolent Oppressor and Ruthless Protector of the Expendable People of Amerion.