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Citizens Alliance of Democracy: NationRP and Regional Map


Map Roster





The Introspectionist Monarchy of Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia



The Combined States of Unified Columbia



Founding Information

Founding a Nation:

    So you wanna join the official map of the Citizens Alliance of Democracy? Well, simply, telegram the current cartographer (Unified Columbia) with the area on the map you wish to claim and the other information required listed below;
    1. The area and size of your claim. (Include the number of provinces claimed, geographic location, and other information to get your claim as close as possible. Providing an image of your claim reduces the required time for this process immensely.

      1. Your initial claim may be no more than 12 provinces on the map. You gain an additional +3 provinces if you've setup your nations roleplay factbook prior.

      2. You may not cross-claim with another player (cross-claiming is a feature we do support the use of but not for new foundings.)

    2. The color and capital province. (The color will represent you on the regional map and capital province will represent where you're capital city is.)

    3. And any cultural and government information regarding your nation.

      1. Required: Full nation name, capital city name, local industries, ruling-government, and leader name.

      2. Optional: Economic size and priorities, currency, language(s), state religion, and other details.

    4. And include your Discord tag in the information provided as we do use the LinkDiscord for roleplay as well as the Regional Message Board.

    IMPORTANT: You MUST be in the region for 5 days, have a national population of 20 million in population on your NS Account, as well as being in Linkthe Regional Discord before you are allowed to found a nation.

Expansion Post Information

Expansion and Conquering:

    Wanna see the world? Maybe even take it over? Well no worries since you can do both with taking over your neighbors! Just follow the information below;
    1. You are entitled to a +3 province expansion for simply having a factbook in compliance with the rules set out by the Cartographer unless you already claimed said expansion in your founding claim. (The cartographer may remove 3 provinces from your nation if your Factbook breaches the requirements for an official Factbook.)

    2. If you do not qualify for the factbook-expansion you may create a post announcing your expansion regarding the following rules:

      1. Provinces connected to your capital by land, by sea-bridges, or nearby coastal provinces only require a post 100 Words in length detailing your acquisition of the territory.

      2. Provinces disconnected to your capital and require leaving your nation's land borders, seafaring, or air travel to reach require 150 Words in length detailing your acquisition of territory. This is to reflect the difficulty of ruling far-away places and the restlessness in colonial assets.

      3. Provinces owned by another player are not able to be claimed by an expansion post. To take over other player's territory the two parties must engage in war, an unfinished aspect of the roleplay that will be settled on a case-by-case basis for now.

      4. Your claims must make legitimate sense and have reasoning. Likewise, your posts regarding expansion must be tied to the take over of the areas you claim.

        Think: Why do I want this land? What relationship do I have on the native residences? How does this effect business in the capital? ect...

    3. You may claim more than one province in an expansion post, however no more than 5, and for each additional province claimed increases the post length by that given amount.

The Costs of War

Prices of War:

    Planning on taking back what land is rightfully yours? Or even thinking about putting a nation down a peg? Well, war is a monetary endeavor as much as a militaristic one. Here in this section you can follow the costs of war below;

      Aggressive action costs and prices for a given conflict are;

      1. $25 Billion Monetary Units for the declaration of war. Note: If you have been declared war upon you do not need a declaration of war to retaliate.

      2. $5 Billion Monetary Units for each attack on a connected province. Connected provinces are provinces owned by the other nation that directly land-border a province of yours.

      3. $10 Billion Monetary Units for each attack on a nearby disconnected province. Nearby disconnect provinces are provinces owned by another nation that are reasonably accessible by seafaring or air transportation.

      4. $20 Billion Monetary Units for each attack on a distant disconnected province. Distant disconnect provinces are provinces owned by another nation that are outside the reasonable reaches of safe seafaring and air transportation.

      Defensive action costs and prices for a given conflict are;

      1. $5 Billion Monetary Units to defend any province connected to your capital.

      2. $15 Billion Monetary Units to defend any province disconnected from your capital.

      3. $20 Billion or $30 Billion Monetary Units to petition the United Nations for a ceasefire. A ceasefire automatically ceases any expansion on both sides and refunds the last action of both sides not including the petition purchase.

        Note: Both sides can mutually make a ceasefire for no cost and begin peace talks only involving them. If one side petitions the United Nations the peace talks will be held with all members of the United Nations and will usually favor the defender.

        The difference in prices for petitions are reflective to who started the war. If the defender petitions it is $20 Million Monetary Units while if the aggressor petitions it is $30 Million Monetary Units.

      A given conflict is defined as the offensive and defensive response to war in one defined province.

        No offensive actions can be issued by a nation until they have an active declaration of war.

        If a declaration of war is issued but no offensive actions are taken by the aggressor within a week of the declaration the result of border skirmishes and diplomatic hostilities lead to nowhere will take into effect and a new declaration of war is required to start any offensive actions.

        If a declaration of war is followed through by the aggressor and responded by the defender war may only end through mutual peace talks, a petition for the United Nations, or complete surrender of one side.

        The cartographer has the right to void a declaration of war if they believe the action was unmotivated or to take advantage of a players ooc situation.

Warring States

The Economy

The United Nations

About the United Nations:
    The United Nations is a neutral governing body of the world tasked with the oversite of international conflict and to promote the wellbeing of it's member nations. Any nation may join and leave the United Nations anytime it so pleases, however, even if you are or aren't in the United Nations you may be subjugated to it's resolutions.

      Joining the United Nations is as simple as going over to the #📔┃un-applications channel on the regional Discord server and notifying the current United Nations clerk, which is Unified Columbia. Soon afterwards the clerk will either choose to accept or deny your request to join.

      After joining the United Nations you have access to the two different chambers of the international body, the Global Assembly (#🌐┃global-assembly) and the Security Committee (#⚖️┃security-committee). The Global Assembly is responsible the United Nation's policy regarding borders, international trade, and other global matters. The Global Assembly is led by the United Nation's clerk, which is Unified Columbia. Security Committee is responsible for the United Nation's policy regarding peacekeeping missions, wars intervention was called upon, and enforcing military requirements on nations. The Security Committee is led by the Committee President, which is Unified Columbia.


Cartographer and Roleplay Moderation

The Cartographer is a designated servant of the Director of Regional Events whom then serves at the pleasure of the Archon. The Cartographer is to stay impartial in the roleplay at all times to act as a general moderator without prejudice or bias towards any party. If the Director of Regional Events has reason to legitimately believe the actions of the Cartographer negatively harmed the integrity of the roleplay or unfairly gave an advantage to a selected individual or group of persons the Director of Regional Events exercises the sole right to dismiss the Cartographer.

Archon: The People's Republic of West Kronisia
Director of Regional Affairs: The Kingdom of Spirit Glaceons
Current Cartographer: The Combined States of Unified Columbia