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Ministry of Communications & Civil Service Road Map

Bikini Bottom's Ministry of Communications & Civil Service Roadmap

Hello everyone,

I'm Bikini-Bottom. You might know me under the name of my main nation Emaha. I was nominated by our new Prime Minister Xernon for the position of Minister of Communications & Civil Service. I think it's important to inform my fellow citizens about my goals for the coming four months and how to achieve them. That's the intention behind this roadmap. A lot of it might seem familiar to you if you read Xernon's campaign.

Week 1: Establishment and Maintenance of a Civil Service for Staffing Ministerial Executive Staffs.

Active and dedicated executive staffs for each ministry are extremely important for a functional government. Together with Xernon, I will work with my fellow ministers to create a list of jobs and opportunities offered in their respective ministries. One well-maintained dispatch will serve as the first point of contact for interested nations who will be able to straightforwardly apply for any of the listed positions.
I completely agree with Xernon here that this "is an excellent way for us to staff our ministries while simultaneously offering our residents ways for gaining govít experience outside of elected office".
Moreover, we will implement an incentive-based reward system to invigorate participation from as many residents as possible.

Tldr: My ministry will be responsible for overseeing our Civil Service and ensuring that every Thaecian has a chance to find exciting opportunities to participate in the Executive.

At the start of each month: Regional Updates and Press Releases.

Regional Updates are a key aspect of Foreign Affairs because they ensure that our friends and allies are informed about us. Unfortunately, Thaecia never had one. This is going to change as I will make sure to create clear and comprehensive monthly updates. The focus of these updates is of course going to be on the most important happenings and developments of the month, be they political or cultural. I, my staff and anyone else who is interested will come together to compile this information. Once the update is finished and polished, I will give it into the hands of the Foreign Affairs Minister to be spread all around the NationStates world at the start of each month.

Moving on to Press Releases, I see them as serving a similar function as the Regional Updates. With the difference being that these are intended for our own populace. Every single Thaecian is going to have the opportunity to keep up with politics and culture with ease. I believe it is crucial to emphasise transparency in a democratic government like ours. To that end, residents will be able to see for themselves what the government has been up to for the past month. This will certainly lead to an increased awareness about all regional affairs and is going to result in greater interest in them. How do I intend to create a Press Release? Work on the Press Release will happen alongside the Regional Update. As we write our Regional Update the major events of a month will be clear and put together into a neat and easily digestible text, the Press Release is intended to do the same. Obviously we are not going to be just copy/pasting as there will be events that have a higher relevance within Thaecia but might not be relevant to foreign regions. I plan to coordinate this effort with our Prime Minister and my colleagues in the cabinet to guarantee that the achievements of the administration are accurately presented.

Tldr: The Ministry of Communications & Civil Service will create a monthly Regional Update for our embassies and have it distributed by the Diplomatic Corps. Furthermore, Press Releases for our own populace will be established to keep everyone well informed and stimulate participation.

Over the course of the term: Regional newspaper

An active and well organised regional newspaper will be an excellent addition to our culture and the opportunities we offer. I can imagine a wide range of topics being covered, e.g. articles on elections, special events, opinion pieces and even interviews with famous residents.
I am well aware that establishing a regional newspaper that lasts is a tall order. I cannot do it all on my own, so the first thing I am going to do for the newspaper is to assemble everyone who expresses enthusiasm in becoming a journalist. I know there is interest.
The newspaper will be located on Google Sites. Articles will be posted as soon as they are ready instead of compiling everything into one monthly or so edition.
As with the Civil Service, a rank-based reward system will be implemented for the newspaper. As Xernon explained: "The more articles a writer writes, the higher their rank within the press office will be."
With some help Thaecians are soon going to have the chance to become acclaimed journalists by writing (hopefully) insightful articles for our Residents. I could see journalistic prizes become a thing too as soon as we have the newspaper up and running.

Tldr: I will do my very best to create an active and well organised newspaper for our region.

Over the next four months I am looking forward to creating a legacy that will last well into future administrations. The Civil Service, Regional Updates, Press Releases and the newspaper are all going to have an enduring impact on Thaecia. I look forward to serving this region well and leaving behind a tradition of engagement and transparency.

Thank you for reading so far!

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