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by The Unified Socialist Republic of South Olpen. . 84 reads.



Article 1: The state of Awesome Imperium will take full and absolute responsibility for the Meretican Imperium War of 2030. They will teach the youth that the nation had provoked the war at a time of need.
Article 2: Meretica shall pay the Political Union of Meretica (Meretica) 30 trillion dollars. They shall pay another 5 trillion to the PRC and Mereticas allies, specifically Xenick.Article 3: Until all debts can be paid the imperium will be occupied by Pan-Europe and South Olpen. The government will remain intact, however they cannot limit the power of the occupation force.
Article 4: The state of Imperium will surrender claims to the Philippines to Southern Xenick; the government will also surrender two islands to Xenick that will be negotiated TBD. Territory in the European continent will be occupied, and possibly repossessed, by Xenick.
Article 5: The army of the Imperium will be severely limited. They will be granted 150,000 men, 2 aircraft carriers, 1,000 planes pre approved by the PRS. They will only be granted the ability to make cruisers.
Article 6: Those who engaged in the kidnapping of Prince Vilnius of Meretica will be held accountable by Meretican courts; Those who engaged in or supported the Great Meretican Genocide will be held accountable as war criminals.
Article 7: If the Imperium does not comply to these terms, the occupation force will take control in order to comply.