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Calvin Coolidge Elected in Presidential Election


Contact Information (Discord): Darc#0013

(Europeia, 7/16/2021) - The citizens of Europeia elected Senator Calvin Coolidge as President of Europeia in an election held on Friday, July 9. Calvin Coolidge and running mate Minister of Interior GrandfatherClock defeated the incumbents, President Kazaman and Vice President United Peoples of Centrism, on the first ballot with 55.9% of the vote. This will be Calvin Coolidge's fourth term as President.

"Over the course of this term, I will do my best to make this game as fun as it can be for everyone, and try to have as much fun as I can in the Presidency, which I still believe is the premier position in all of NationStates," said President Calvin Coolidge in their opening address. "This community has entrusted me with great power and responsibility, and I will always do my best to make this community better... [W]e cannot control the region, fate, or even our own legacy. We have to just do our best when we can, and serve until we can't serve anymore. Thank you, Europeia, for allowing me to serve once more."

Following the election, the Europeian Senate confirmed President Calvin Coolidge's nominations for Cabinet. The newly confirmed Cabinet consists of Istillian as Grand Admiral, Le Libertie as Minister of Interior, Monkey as Minister of Communications, Greater Cesnica as Minister of World Assembly Affairs, Darkslayer as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sanjurika as Minister of Culture, Kuramia as Minister of Radio, and Malashaan as Attorney General.

Calvin Coolidge's rise to the presidency created a vacancy in the Senate, prompting a by-election on July 13. The by-election ballot featured five candidates and United Peoples of Centrism won on the first ballot with 51% of the vote.

This by-election followed another one that occurred just a week before due to the resignation of Senator HEM, in which Ervald was elected to the Senate with 71.1% of the vote.

The next election in Europeia will be the general election for the Senate is scheduled to be held on August 13.


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