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The Recruitment Automation Project

Welcome to the host dispatch for the Recruitment Automation project! The Recruitment Automation Project is a manual recruitment tool that seeks to mitigate the pain of manual telegram recruitment on NationStates. Hosted by NJ's Helpful Guides, this locally-hosted project is sure to alleviate recruitment headaches and hand-aches alike. No more thousands of clicks to send just a few hundred telegrams! Check out the links below and please make sure to leave an upvote! Below, you can find links to all the information relating to the Recruitment Automation Project.

GitHub Repositories: This is where you can view and download the files for the various compatibilities. Please make sure to read the README in full prior to downloading the code.

Forum Announcement in Technical: This is where you can comment on the project, leave suggestions, report bugs, and discuss with other users.
LinkDiscord Support Server: This is where you can join, receive up-to-date announcements about the Recruitment Automation Project, ask the developer questions, obtain help, and discuss the project with other users! This is the preferred communication platform for contacting the developer.

About the Developer:

Lies Kryos, also known as NJ and Bassiliya, is the developer of the Recruitment Automation Project. Lies has been playing (and recruiting!) on NationStates since early 2017. Lies, as NJ, served for most of his early NS career in the region Conch Kingdom in several roles, culminating in his term as World Assembly Delegate. During that time, he experienced a recruitment high during the Drewpocalypse. Seeing the effectiveness of manual recruitment aids, Lies began work on researching a manual recruitment aid of his own. After founding the region Thegye under the name Bassiliya, Lies finished work on the Recruitment Automation Project. Published on GitHub in the spring of 2021, Lies continued development on the project. Now, with a new major release, version 1.1.0, Lies is opening up his work for public use by the NationStates community.

What it basically does: The Recruitment Automation Project is a simple program that makes use of the NationStates API to speed up the recruitment process. Using the NS API, it retrieves and parses a list of new nations, up to eight at a time. Then, it sends those nations through a set of tests and checks to streamline your recruitment process and increase your recruitment potential. After these checks, the list of nations is then placed inside a telegram URL with your template ID in the content box. Once you open the link, all it takes is a simple click of the "send" box, and you're on your way!

How it is used: The Recruitment Automation Project is a simple, locally-hosted program. First, you will download the program in a .zip from GitHub (link in Info). Once you've opened that folder, simply open the file named "Recruitment Automation Project". A console will appear, and the user dialogue will begin. All you have to do is make sure you enter the correct information into the program. After you've entered the relevant information, simply hit the enter key to continue to the next step.

Other Features:
Simple Puppet filter
A small sound to notify you of when a new link has been generated
Cross-platform operation
Generates a link for up to 8 nations at a time
Automatically inputs your telegram ID, eliminating several steps
Error logging for support reasons
Active development, friendly developer, and quick issue resolution

Is the program safe to download?

Yes, of course. There is no malicious software included in the file. I gain nothing from destroying trust in my users.

Can I get the source code?

No, but thanks for asking! This is not an open-source project. Some of the code specifically protects the user, the user's region, and the developer and should not be edited. All code is protected by copyright.

Help, I've broken something! What do I do?

No worries! Code malfunctions all the time. Close the program and retry. If you still run into issues, head over to GitHub and make an LinkIssues report. Make sure to include your log file in your issues report!

Why is there a verification? Can you hack my nation?

Verification is part of what helps protect the user, the user's region, and the developer. The code makes API calls to the NS site. When it does that, your nation is identified as the individual making the API call. If the program is misused, this will identify the misuser. In addition, the code must identify the region that your nation is from in order to function properly. However, your nation cannot be stolen by verification. Your verification code is useless to any third party and does not give access to your nation. It only identifies your nation as yours. In addition to that, your verification code expires after a certain time and can only be used to verify your nation once. To quote the NS API Documentation: "[verification] can be used by a third-party website to verify that a user owns a particular nation, without requiring that user to divulge sensitive information... The code will expire if the nation logs out, if it performs a significant in-game action such as moving regions or endorsing another nation, and after it is successfully verified. The code only allows nation verification by a third party website, and does not provide any extra access to or control over the nation."

Does this meet site requirements?

Yes. The program can only make up to 100 API calls a minute to the NS API, but will most likely end up making far less than that during a given period. The program also meets any API limitation requirements and does not fall under the Telegram API category. To be specific, the NS API requires that all automated telegrams be sent via the NS Telegram API shard. However, this program does not send telegrams, but only generates links for users to click and then send. It does not subvert any telegram or rate-limit requirements. Rest easy on that.

Where can I find more technical information?

All nerds and geeks may forward their questions to Lies Kryos#1734 on Discord or New Jaedonstan. Note that you are far more likely to receive a response quickly via Discord. I love to talk shop with people, especially those with plenty of coding experience! I have much to learn about coding and love to learn from experienced coders!

For basic information, the code is written in Python 3.9 using the PyCharm Community IDE. It makes use of many libraries, including BeautifulSoup4, Re, and logging.

As stated above, the program has no way of tracking any of your personal information at any time. However, any information stored by the program (nation name, telegram template, verification code, etc) may be included in the .log file included with the program. The information here may be analyzed in the instance of a program failure or bug, but only at the request of the user. No personal information (such as IP address, MAC address, etc) will be or can be tracked by the program. The only information that I, the developer, can have access to at any time is any information in your .log file, which you, the user, must voluntarily send me in order for me to view it. If you have questions about this, feel free to let me know.

The Recruitment Automation Project is protected by copyright under the All Rights Reserved License. This license (which can be viewed on GitHub in the repository in the LICENSE file) states that I, the developer, allow the user to make free use of the Recruitment Automation Project without hindrance, but without guarantee. You are permitted to make use of the Recruitment Automation Project at any time, free of charge. However, making alterations, distributing the code, or selling it are reserved entirely to the developer.

Discord username: Lies Kryos#1734
Discord server:
Telegram: Telegram Me
GitHub: LinkLies Kryos Profile

Created by New Jaedonstan. Do not replicate, in whole or in part, without express permission.

The Federation of New Jaedonstan