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Information for World Assembly Voters: General Assembly Dispatch

Information for World Assembly Voters
Please find below another volume of the Information For World Assembly Voters program.

Our Vote recommendation: AGAINST

[I]Resolution Overview:

This resolution seeks to set a World Assembly-wide standard for the circumstances under which sentient and sapient beings have the right not to be ""deprived of life"". This is achieved by the description of certain situations which form the only exceptions to this right - such as euthanasia - and the creation of a committee, the Subcommittee for Ethical Animal Sourcing (SEAS), which is permitted to craft further exceptions for sentient beings and to freely interpret the resolution when questions arise.

Ministry Analysis:

While the overall aim of this resolution is worthwhile, the ministry believes it is too broad in scope to create successful and detailed policies on such a complex matter. Indeed, the author seems to implicitly acknowledge this in giving free rein to SEAS; however, the complete lack of guidelines as to what should motivate SEAS' decisions is problematic as it could lead to laws that overly compromise animal rights for the sake of human convenience. When it comes to sapient rights, the writing is not entirely comprehensive. The application of these provisions during wartime is not dealt with and the status of highly-developed artificial intelligence is similarly unclear. Furthermore, the phrase ""deprived of life"" seems to imply that this resolution is giving people the right not to die of natural causes, which would be impossible for member states to enforce. Finally, the resolution provides for exceptions to sapients' right to life for ""any other reason established by foregoing GA resolution"". The word ""foregoing"" means that if a relevant resolution were repealed and replaced, this proposal would take precedence and potentially block the equivalent legislation from being established. For all of the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote AGAINST this resolution.

This IFV Recommendation was written by Maowi[/I]

All of us in the Ministry of World Assembly are proud of the work we accomplish in the Ministry. If you are interested in joining the effort, if you are interested in getting more involved in the World Assembly, possibly as an author or one of our staff putting together information for voters like yourself, then join the Ministry! We want both people who are eager to learn and people who already know their way around the World Assembly and can help us do our job even better. Joining the Ministry of World Assembly is a great way to get more involved in Europeia.

If you're interested in getting involved, please contact the Minister of World Assembly Affairs, either by personal message on the forums (username: Pland Adanna) or by telegram (nation: Pland Adanna).

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Delegate casts the regional vote after consulting the results of the forum voting thread linked above. All citizens in Europeia can vote and discuss there, so make sure to do so!

As usual, please consider endorsing Delegate Le Libertia, if you have not already done so. The more endorsements, the more votes Europeia has, and the stronger our voice in the World Assembly is!

If you are no longer interested in receiving these telegrams, please edit your Telegram Preferences, and adjust the frequency with which you receive 'WA Campaign' telegrams accordingly.

If you have questions about any of the above, please contact Minister of World Assembly Affairs Pland Adanna.

Dispatch created on behalf of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs.