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Renovation of TSP dispatches | Preview and feedback



A Renovation of TSP dispatches
We want some feedback from you!

During past few months, the LinkMinistry of Engagement's Dispatch Team has worked on updating the dispatches that welcome and guide new members of our region with new content and better design. This renovation is carried out as an attempt to address many deficiencies in our region's current dispatch system such as broken links, non-uniform design, and lack of information.

Please go have a look HERE, an index of all dispatches can be viewed here.

This system is still very new and as such is prone to many problems. We are asking for your feedback regarding the content and design of the new dispatches. Please telegram Coalition of the South Pacific nation with answers to these questions if you have some free time. Thanks!

  • How long have you stayed in the South Pacific?

  • Does the design (layout, font, color,...) of the dispatches look reasonably good?

  • Does the "Welcome to NationStates and the South Pacific" adequately give you basic information about this region and lead you to common places (e.g. Discord server, legislator signup, roleplay,...) ?

  • Try to search for the name of the current Chair of the Assembly by navigating the dispatches. How long does it take?

  • Try to search for the time the Cabinet elections happens by navigating the dispatches. How long does it take?

  • Is there any problem or suggestion you would like to share?

If the reception is good and we finish fixing all problems, these dispatches will go into official use.

What is new?

  • The welcome dispatch has been reworked into a brief introduction and a list of links to useful resources like important guides and places. The Erinor's guide will serve as a longer alternative.

  • Major government bodies now have their own dispatches explaining what they do and how they work in an understandable way

  • The design of all dispatches now complies with the modern Design Guideline.

  • A set of detailed guides covering complex topics like our political system, law-making, participation in elections,... has been made. You can find them here.

You can learn more about the behind-the-scene of the project Linkhere.

Have a nice day!

This project has been worked on-and-off since 2018 and involved these players in our region: Tepertopia, Amerion, Erinor, Purple Hyacinth, North Prarie, Agalaesia, United States of Vietnam.