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World Assembly Supremacy Program

Recent Proposals:

GA, August 30th 2021 Equal Justice Under Law: A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.
Author: Daarwyrth
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 8 | Against 0 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 340)
Final WA vote: For 7426 (54.5%) | Against 6203 (45.5%)
Result: Passed.

Cognizant of the recently repealed GAR #374 “The Rule Of Law” that mandated liability and responsibility for the actions and decisions of government officials and institutions of member nations before the law,

Adamant to restore the principles of the rule of law in a manner that truly embodies the spirit of this noble ideal, so as to ensure that this fundamental component of governance will stand firm on pillars of fairness and justice, and will ward off both arbitrary or discriminatory punishment,

The General Assembly hereby:

1. Defines "legislative immunity" as immunity from prosecution or litigation for actions conducted in the context of legitimate legislative activity such as the casting of votes or the debating of legislation,

2. Establishes that all private and public individuals, officials, entities, and institutions, as well as the state itself and its administrative and political subdivisions are to be held accountable for the acts and decisions that have been made during the employ, tenure, appointment or existence of the aforementioned. Such accountability shall be under either the national, regional, and/or local laws of member states, where applicable, as well as under any guidelines and/or disciplinary measures that may be in use by a particular organization,

3. Requires that all member nations have the principles of the supremacy of the law and accountability to the law enshrined in the highest form of their national law,

4. Clarifies that:

a. member states may extend legislative immunity to individuals empowered to conduct legislative activity; and that

b. officials or institutions empowered to do so may carry out acts of clemency such as pardons and commutations, provided that such acts comply with extant or future General Assembly legislation and the spirit of this resolution.

SC, August 29th 2021 Against Quorum Raiding: A resolution to express a position on international affairs and obligations.
Author: Jedinsto
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 14 | Against 1 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 339)
Final WA vote: For 5849 (42%) | Against 8087 (58%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The World Assembly,

Defining quorum raiding as the act of unseating delegates approving a World Assembly proposal in order to prevent the approved proposal from reaching quorum and going to vote,

Understanding that historically, quorum raiding was used as an anti-fascist tactic and was used exclusively in order to prevent any subscriber of this particularly vile ideology from promoting themselves or spreading propaganda to the eyes of thousands of world leaders, and billions of people,

Concerned, however, that the practice has evolved beyond that of merely preventing the spread of fascism and similar ideologies, turning into an alternative for counter-campaigning any telegram getting to vote, allowing the opinion of a few to be much more forcefully shot down without any actual consent from the approving delegates,

Believing that quorum raiding undermines the democratic right of the collective delegates of the World Assembly and subjects them to be momentarily dethroned,

Observing that past use of quorum raiding and similar tactics have proven to be harmful to the establishment of the World Assembly and its participants, discouraging many delegates with smaller endorsement counts to abstain altogether from approving proposals out of fear of retaliation, making it significantly harder for proposals to reach vote following instances of quorum raiding,

Noting that using non-combative means of preventing a proposal from going to vote, including but not limited to informative counter-campaigns and outreach, serve to prevent conflict and alleviate tension regarding World Assembly proposals,


1. Proclaims its unwavering opposition to quorum raiding as an expression of opinion on any individual proposal or author,

2. Urges militaries to immediately cease quorum raiding operations except in cases where the concerned proposal will serve as a tool for propaganda for any particularly hateful ideology or any region or nation which legitimately adheres to said ideology, and the only regions targeted by the operation are supporters of such an ideology,

3. Further urges militaries wishing to quorum raid a proposal excepted from clause two to only do so after extensive forethought and as a last resort,

4. Reminds nations, regardless of actual militaristic ideology, to remember that the World Assembly as an organization should not suffer due to personal political ambitions of any one individual, nation, region, or other organization, regardless of the adherence to this resolution, and asks them to act with good intentions towards the World Assembly, its inhabitants, and the world at large.

Co-authored by Morover

GA, August 26th 2021 Access to Transgender Hormone Therapy: A resolution to modify universal standards of healthcare.
Author: Honeydewstania
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 8 | Against 3 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 339)
Final WA vote: For 11628 (85.8%) | Against 1930 (14.2%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Heralding the efforts made by GA#467 "Affordable Transgender Hormone Therapy" which ensured that transgender individuals could easily access hormone therapy for medical transition,

Recognising, however, that the resolution does not go far enough in ensuring that transgender individuals receive the medication they need, such as through the exclusion of puberty blockers from the definition of "hormone therapy",

Totally believing that a supplementary resolution is required to resolve these issues, hereby:

1. Defines "hormone therapy" as any medical treatment using hormones or chemicals that reduce their effect which is carried out on a person effectively and with minimal risk to their health for the sole purpose of aligning their sexual characteristics with their gender identity (or lack thereof),

2. Requires member nations to allow their inhabitants to seek and obtain hormone therapy with their free and informed consent, and ensure that those inhabitants face as few barriers as possible when seeking hormone therapy,

3. Mandates that the process of seeking and obtaining hormone therapy cost no more than the fees absolutely necessary for the manufacturing and distribution of hormone therapy, and very strongly urges member nations to waive any and all costs inhabitants may have to pay when seeking and obtaining hormone therapy,

4. Forbids any entity from:

a. denying hormone therapy to any person, except where a legitimate danger to their health would arise as a result,

b. requiring any person to seek or obtain hormone therapy,

c. coercing anyone to seek or obtain hormone therapy, and further forbids entities from coercing people to not seek or obtain hormone therapy.

SC, August 25th 2021 Commend Pope Hope: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Emodea
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 11 | Against 0 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 338)
Final WA vote: For 9236 (81.6%) | Against 2076 (18.4%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Identifying Pope Hope as an ardent defender of regional autonomy and a significant contributor to the betterment of many international communities,

Thinking of Pope Hope’s humble beginnings as a native of Nasicournia, a historical region home to a unique and vibrant culture which participated in many areas of the international community, where their contributions include:

Assisting the early development of the region through the creation of the regional forums, effectively organizing regional affairs and providing essential hubs for regional activity,

Creating and leading the NasiCorps military and the Nasicournia Intelligence Agency, both reaching extraordinary levels of success for their time with over 250 military deployments and 40 active intelligence agents at its peak,

Overseeing the region's growth and international mission as Delegate at multiple points in time, establishing early alliances with regions such as Texas, Middle Earth, The North Pacific (TNP), and Equilism,

Applauding Pope Hope’s work to protect Nasicournia from external threats following the departure of its founder Nasicournius, successfully repelling several invasions by some of the most notorious invader groups of the time. Pope Hope's diligence moved Nasicournians to the point of elevating the nation to serve as the region’s new founder,

Observing Nasicournia’s admission into the Alliance Defense Network (ADN), an interregional organization originally created to protect member regions from invasions, and the shift of Pope Hope’s focus to the cause of protecting regions from invading forces,

Admiring Pope Hope’s brief yet impactful stint as the Director of Intelligence of the ADN, laying the groundwork for its famed intelligence network, training new intelligence agents and leading numerous operations, most notably to combat Francos Spain’s infamous, brutal regime in The Pacific. Francos Spain would go on to ban hundreds of nations from the region and attempt to subvert several prominent regions of the time, including TNP,

Noting Pope Hope’s remarkable work as Director (head) of the ADN, playing a significant role in its meteoric rise as the largest defender coalition of its time:

Streamlining the internal structure of the ADN through rewriting its constitution which greatly increased its effectiveness as a whole, and establishing a judiciary branch which handled legal disputes within member regions,

Pioneering new counterintelligence methods to reveal threats to the ADN and rebuilding the organizational forums, ensuring operational security and providing reliable hubs for activity,

Recruiting new regions and rapidly expanding its membership tally, peaking at over 60 regions and featuring TNP, The West Pacific, The Rejected Realms, Equilism and other prominent regions in its ranks,

Conducting frequent outreach missions to improve the middling repute the ADN and its members had due to its past actions, resulting in greater trust and cooperation between the natives and the organization in the future,

Organizing some of the largest defenses in history, including defenses of Federal Commonwealth Society, Palestine, The West Pacific and Lazarus, featuring well over 100 defenders in each of those operations,

Praising Pope Hope’s monumental efforts to unite the defender community in unparalleled levels of cooperation at the time, harmoniously working with other contemporary organizations in innumerable successful missions including the famed Puppetmaster liberation of TNP from the followers of Francos Spain in 2004 and setting a strong precedent for future defenders to follow,

Lauding Pope Hope’s actions to oppose Pixiedance’s coup of TNP which established the tyrannical North Pacific Directorate (NPD), infiltrating the region as Stars of sky to help resistance efforts against the NPD. Pope Hope would also plan and lead one of the largest liberations ever – with over 100 liberators joining in – to restore TNP back to native control,

Extolling Stars of Sky’s transient tenure as Delegate of TNP following the fall of NPD, leading the rebuild of the region by supervising vital constitutional reforms and opening a new, neutral regional forums for all regardless of their allegiances, paving the way for the liberal, democratic haven it is now known as,

Appreciating Stars of Sky for founding Stars, a region which initially served as a refuge for the displaced residents of TNP but grew into a lively community of its own, comprising over 200 nations at its peak,

Believing that Pope Hope’s immense contributions to this vast multiverse warrants official recognition from this council,

Hereby commends Pope Hope.

Co-authored by Grea Kriopia.

GA, August 22nd 2021 Disaster Precautions And Responses: A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 2 | Against 4 | Abstain 1
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 325)
Final WA vote: For 9468 (77.1%) | Against 2816 (22.9%)
Result: Passed.

The General Assembly,

Recognizing the recent repeal of Resolution 105, “Preparing For Disasters”,

Believing that the niche of disaster preparedness to now be notably empty, and seeking to fill it with necessary legislation,

Henceforth enacts the following into World Assembly law:

1. For the purposes of this resolution, “disaster” refers to any unintentional disturbance of the social order, especially one resulting in widespread death or destruction of property.

2. The World Assembly Disaster Bureau (WADB) is tasked with the creation, operation, and maintenance of systems designed to detect and predict disasters.

3. All individuals or organizations which are responsible for any structures or similar systems especially prone to disasters in the case of failure of said systems or reasonably likely natural event are required to apply routine maintenance to these systems, and create risk assessments as to the probability of any disasters, the scale of the disaster, and feasible ways to ensure that such disasters never come to fruition. These risk assessments shall be sent in full to the WADB.

4. Member-nations are urged to create appropriate response plans to potential disasters, and to initiate the formation of disaster response forces, which should help reduce the effect of any disasters, should they occur.

5. The creation of nationally-based systems in order to gather and disseminate information regarding imminent and ongoing disasters is strongly encouraged.

6. The WADB shall share information on imminent and ongoing disasters detected to national governments as needed, alongside recommended response and prevention plans. Outside of the information directly needed to be shared to any affected nations by a detected disaster, all information disclosed to the WADB by member-nations shall be kept confidential. In extreme cases, the WADB may request intervention by a third-party for aid to be sent to the affected nations, in coordination with the International Humanitarian Aid Coordination Committee.

7. Member-nations met with a financial burden as a result of this resolution are permitted to submit a request for aid to the WADB, which shall be evaluated and responded to promptly, with approval based on the level of demonstrable need for aid, at the discretion of the WADB. In response, the WADB may supply manpower or financial aid through the World Assembly General Fund.

8. Non-member-nations are permitted to submit information on potential or ongoing disasters to the WADB, but information submitted by non-member-nations shall be met with high levels of discretion in order to prove their accuracy. In cases where non-member-nations are at high risk, the WADB is permitted to provide information on imminent or ongoing disasters, on a discretionary basis. Non-member-nations are not permitted to receive the aid, as laid out by this resolution.

9. The WADB is instructed to research techniques and technologies to help detect, prevent, and respond to disasters. In the instance that these techniques and technologies prove useful, the WADB is instructed to make information regarding relevant research readily available to member-nations. The WADB is permitted to make a discretionary call in the case that the research undergone has produced particularly worrying or concerning results, that should be kept out of the hands of potentially malicious actors that it may reach if publicly released.

10. The WADB is instructed to work with relevant committees as necessary in order to ensure that all disaster situations are handled with the utmost efficiency and care.

11. This resolution is not to be construed as preventing or getting in the way of any prior or future legislation regarding more specific instructions or regulations on disasters.

SC, August 21 2021 Commend The Holy Principality of Saint Mark: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Giovanniland
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 1 | Against 8 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 326)
Final WA vote: For 9773 (76%) | Against 3087 (24%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Recognizing The Holy Principality of Saint Mark (Saint Mark) as a nation that has gone beyond the call of duty in the building of regional communities;

Celebrating Saint Mark's innovative actions that helped shape the modern government of the West Pacific (TWP), such as instituting weekly meetings for the regional Cabinet to discuss recent happenings and check the progress of plans as a way to ensure accountability; and as the first Speaker of the Hall of Nations, writing the Etiquette of the Hall that established the functions and procedures of the Hall of Nations as the body composed of all TWP citizens;

Lauding Saint Mark's prioritizing of new nation integration as a crucial aspect of region-building in TWP, via the creation of The West Pacific Master Dispatch as the modern hub for guides, foreign updates, and other resources to be published with a layout and level of organization that allows essential information to be easily found; and their still ongoing term as Chancellor of the University, in which they encourage new nations to enroll and help the classes happen smoothly through several courses, where student nations learn about and participate in the tasks undertaken within each ministry of the region, to become new regional leaders;

Praising Saint Mark's community-focused approach to foreign relations, in which they not only rejuvenated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the boost of diplomat numbers, improvement of monthly reports to inform the region of public foreign happenings, and authorship of guides for ambassadors on how to conduct themselves and interact with their assigned regions; but also enhanced relations between TWP and:

Osiris and Balder, via the creation of activities to celebrate the treaties with said regions, respectively the West Osi High School Prom and Dragons of the Frozen Sea events;

Lazarus, via the negotiation of the Treaty of Fùhuó after a large period of Lazarene instability, demonstrating the interest of both regions to enrich the active cultural, diplomatic and military bonds previously set forth by the defunct Chol Covenant treaty;

The South Pacific, via the spearheading of a détente with the laudable intent of reducing years-long tensions between the two large Feeders, that has since resulted in a friendlier relation, despite notorious governmental differences;

The Pacific (TP), via the work behind the scenes to promote peaceful diplomacy between them, Lazarus, and Osiris, paving the way for a treaty between TWP and TP to be re-established after Saint Mark's delegacy;

Applauding Saint Mark's additions to TWP culture, such as their authorship of articles and edition of publications for The West Pacifican from 2017 to 2019, laying the foundations for the eventual revamp and renaming of the regional newspaper into The Western Post during 2020; their creation of the yearly Festival of the Perfections event for the showcase of art, poetry, and writing from nations across the multiverse; and their role in establishing and promoting a platform for TWP nations' representatives to handle situations of international importance, report on national happenings and publish information about their lore;

Noticing that Saint Mark's region-building contributions extend to other regions like Edlhus, which they founded via Marcarius Halohin as a unique region focused on lineage relationships between nations and built as a casual meeting point due to the fact those nations are most often active in other primary regions; contributing to the region by authoring the governing documents known as The Edicts of Edlhus and The Code of Comport, and leading the region's entry into the 2020 UCR Con, an annual interregional event for smaller regions, in which Edlhus had one of the most active booths;

Respecting that Saint Mark's satellite state of Pyo Karma helped shape a thriving community with around 125 World Assembly nations in Karma, by developing the regional lore together with Rigels light to make Karma stand out from other regions, and helping to maintain the activity of Karma's Path of Enlightenment, in which a resident nation must conclude a task and be approved by the Sages to participate in The Sangha, Karma’s legislative body;

Further respecting that Saint Mark's approach to foreign relations is also present in Karma, where as the first Guru of Diplomacy they started Karma's foreign relations, guided diplomats to represent it abroad, and negotiated the friendship treaty with Caer Sidi;

Concluding that Saint Mark's contributions have created a kind and caring environment in several regions, making them a better place for their residents;

Hereby commends The Holy Principality of Saint Mark.

GA, August 18th 2021 Repeal “The Rule of Law": A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Greater Cesnica
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 6 | Against 2 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 322)
Final WA vote: For 11564 (92.3%) | Against 960 (7.7%)
Result: Passed.

General Assembly Resolution #374 “The Rule of Law” (Category: Civil Rights; Strength: Strong) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The General Assembly,

Recognizing that GAR #374 “The Rule Of Law is a pivotal piece of legislation that upholds the concept of there being a “Rule of Law” that no entity in society is above, not even government institutions or the socioeconomic elite in a given nation,

Noting, however, that GAR #374 is fatally flawed due to Article 2(a), which “Declares that reasonable, good faith exceptions may be made in instances where... some form of immunity is necessary to ensure that government employees or institutions may carry out essential functions that would not otherwise be possible without the guarantee of immunity…”,

Unconvinced that any hazard, difficulty, or misplaced benefit of the doubt renders any extent of pre-determined or non-fact-based immunity "necessary" for government officials, other than in regards to legislative immunity,

Unsettled by the prospect that those individuals and institutions entrusted with the right and ability to use violence and force against civilian populations in the interest of keeping law and order, such as in the form of law enforcement forces, could be exempted from liability and responsibility for their actions; which in turn would breed an unjust and false sense of impunity in the abuse of their exclusive right to administer violence and force,

Believing that, with the exception of legislative immunity, it is preferable to ensure all government officials and institutions are answerable to the law and civil action for the consequences of actions taken in their respective capacities, regardless of their position or function as government officials and institutions, rather than to allow incompetence and malice from these entities to go unchecked,

Resolved that a replacement resolution is needed to truly enshrine the spirit of GAR #374 in law whilst eradicating baseless immunity for government officials and institutions,

Hereby repeals GAR #374 “The Rule Of Law”.

Co-authored with Daarwyrth.

SC, August 17th 2021 Commend Imperium Anglorium: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Jedinsto
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 8 | Against 7 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 324)
Final WA vote: For 7225 (60.6%) | Against 4698 (39.4%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Aware of the prior Security Council Commendation of Imperium Anglorum (IA) for their work in the General Assembly (GA), but believing that their contributions to the World Assembly (WA) and the world at large since this initial commendation to be significant enough to warrant a second commendation,

Recognizing IA's development of InfoEurope, recording the content of all proposals submitted to the WA, voting statistics of at-vote resolutions updated hourly for the benefit of scholars and authors of the WA; as well as EuroTracker, which allows nations within Europe to learn which other nations they have and have not endorsed, significantly contributing to Europe having the highest average amount of WA endorsements per nation,

Lauding IA's service as delegate for Europe for an incredible five and a half years, during which time they contributed the following to the region:

Authorship of the Treaty of the Northern Passage, which most notably established mutual government recognition, embassies, non-aggression and defense, open communication, supporting domestic GA authors, and cultural co-operation between Europe and The North Pacific, thereby boosting regional security, intelligence, and influence in the World Assembly for both regions,

Authorship of the Foreign Policy (World Assembly) Act, which confirmed the ascension of Europe to the World Assembly Legislative League, furthering Europe's role as one of the most powerful regions in the WA, and

Continuous authorship of crucial administrative Acts, such as Criminal Law Act, which established the definitions of crimes, maximum punishments for crimes, and the process of determining the punishments for those crimes, all of which had been missing in Europe's legislation and all of which are important in regions as large as Europe,

Noting IA’s brief ventures into the Security Council, during which time they authored and passed SC#255 Commend Knootoss, for their authorship of six GA resolutions and their consistent debating in the halls of the Assembly,

Appreciating IA's continued dedication to the GA through the critique of countless drafts, providing platforms for private debate on drafts, and the authorship of several GA guides in order to make the chamber more accessible to newcomers,

Honoring IA's six co-authorships of GA resolutions, accentuating their dedication to international law and helping other authors, most notably including:

GA#440: Administrative Compliance Act by Separatist Peoples, establishing means of punishing those in non-compliance with international law,

GA#445: Greenhouse Gas Cap and Trade Program by Ransium, strictly enforcing maximum emissions of greenhouse gases, ensuring that the environment receives basic protection in member nations, and

GA#486: Prevention of Forced Sterilisation by Maowi and co-authored by Marxist Germany, outlawing the barbaric practice of sterilising people against their will and as such significantly improving worldwide human rights,

Recognizing that while IA's first commendation was largely based on their work in international law, their work has not stopped and has only increased in its diversity and importance,

Praising IA for their authorship of 23 new General Assembly resolutions since their first commendation, most notably:

GA#535: Death Penalty Ban, outlawing all forms of capital punishment outside of military penal codes, preventing the emotional burden of an extra life lost due to a crime, and altogether preventing oppressive regimes from executing those who have committed lesser crimes,

GA#499: Access to Abortion, completing the resolution chain that ensures that there is a reasonable and consistent access to abortion,

GA#514: Ending School Segregation, guaranteeing that children not be discriminated against in their education and allowing parents to demand legal action when their child is being discriminated against,

GA#531: Tariffs and Trade Convention, one of the strongest Free Trade General Assembly resolutions on the books, codifying a set of rules, regulations, and guidelines for free trade that were previously missing, and

GA#412: Public Health and Vaccinations Act, requiring that everybody who is medically able be given vaccines for contagious diseases which pose a threat to public health,

Believing that IA's continued and valuable contributions to international law as well as that of Europe show indubitably that they are worthy of further recognition,

Hereby commends Imperium Anglorum.

GA, August 14th 2021 World Assembly Peace Prize: A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 6 | Against 9 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 331)
Final WA vote: For 5743 (46%) | Against 6729 (54%)
Result: Failed to pass.

Whereas all sapient rights are put in danger wherever unnecessary armed conflict occurs, the General Assembly hereby:

a. establishes the World Assembly Peace Prize, hereinafter the Prize,

b. tasks the WA Commission on Human Rights with:

i. receiving nominations for the Prize from anyone who works as a head of state or government, legislator, or professor in any member state, in addition to any leaders of member state delegations to the World Assembly; and disregarding nominations with the effect of such individuals nominating themselves, their co-workers or their employer for the Prize,

ii. awarding the Prize each year to that person or group of people resident in any member state who has been nominated in accordance with Article b(i),

iii. basing its decision to award the Prize to any given person or group solely on whether, in its view, they have demonstrably contributed more than any other such person or group in the previous year to the resolution, without violence and with respect for all sapient rights protected by international law, of major conflicts between and within nations which involved or could have realistically involved large-scale acts of violence, and

iv. rewarding (each of) the winner(s) of the Prize in each year with a medallion containing one ounce of 99.9% pure silver and of one-and-a-half inch diameter, which shall have on its obverse the words "WA PEACE PRIZE - WITH PEACE COMES FREEDOM" surrounding the logo of the World Assembly, and on its reverse nothing,

c. forbids members from confiscating any rewards bestowed upon Prize winners under Article b(iv) for any reason not enshrined by prior and standing international law, and

d. encourages all members to refrain from organised armed conflict which is not necessary to prevent practices (such as terrorism, genocide, and other crimes against humanity) that threaten the achievement of all sapient rights.

SC, August 13th 2021 Convention Against Heisting: A resolution to express a position on international affairs and obligations.
Author: Debussy
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 5 | Against 13 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 332)
Final WA vote: For 2120 (18.4%) | Against 9403 (81.6%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The Security Council,

Believing it necessary to inform the greater public on how nations attempt to collect signature artworks of other nations in order to protect collectors and minimize disputes,

Recognizing that the collecting of signature artworks, even with the help of advanced tools, can be extremely time-consuming and arduous,

Defining, for the purpose of this resolution,

i. Card Farming – the process in which nations puppet, enslave, or administer other nations in order to collect their artwork, generally with the aim of increasing reserves of bank.

ii. Transfer – artwork being bought and sold with the intention of moving bank between nations controlled by the same administration.

iii. Heist – when a nation attempts to steal bank from another nation, typically during transfers, by placing a lower ask than the amount being transferred.

iv. Pull Event – an event in which nations attempt to duplicate artwork by matching an ask above market value and placing repeated, rapid, and increasing bids while card farming.

Understanding that in order to build a collection, a nation must obtain bank, usually through card farming, and that bank, once pooled on secondary nations, must be transferred to the nation building the collection,

Noting that during a transfer, there is considerable risk of being heisted, and that this risk can change depending on a variety of factors, which, for the benefit of the public, have been outlined below,

Asserting that nations are entitled to the fruits of their labor, and that the practice of heisting does not align with the mission of this Council,

Hereby declares the following guidelines for collectors:

Article I. Reducing Risk

I. Transfers are best conducted during times of low market activity.

II. Avoid conducting transfers during pull events, which can disrupt the event and increase the chances of having the transfers heisted.

III. Artworks of higher scarcity make for better transfers, decreasing the chances of having heisters obtain a copy of the artwork being used.

IV. Have several copies of an artwork before conducting transfers with it.

V. The greater the amount of bank attempting to be transferred over a single exchange, the greater the risk of heisters obtaining a copy of the artwork.

VI. For large transfers, start the auction with a low risk bid, generally around market value, and wait towards the end of the auction before attempting to move large sums of bank, thus limiting the amount of time heisters can intervene.

Article II. International Cooperation

I. When possible, members of regional and non-regional organizations having to do with the exchange of artwork, henceforth referred to as “guilds,” should refrain from heisting and advise against the practice.

II. Guilds are encouraged to craft agreements, publish literature, and issue their own guidelines regarding heisting in an attempt to build a safer market space.

III. Guilds are encouraged to organize against heisters, and use whatever means available on the market to corral the threat.

Article III. Communication

I. When subject to a heist, nations should make an effort to end the dispute by communicating with the heister.

II. When a heist originates from a region with a guild, the guild should facilitate communication between the parties involved when requested and practical.

GA, August 10th 2021 Repeal: “Preparing for Disasters”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 1 | Abstain 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 330)
Final WA vote: For 11255 (90.9%) | Against 1120 (9.1%)
Result: Passed.

General Assembly Resolution #105 “Preparing for Disasters” (Category: International Security; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The General Assembly,

Acknowledging and appreciating the good intentions of Resolution 105, “Preparing For Disasters,” in its aid to international coordination in the leadup to natural and artificial disasters,

Aware that Resolution 105 does a reasonably good job in achieving its goal,

Concerned, however, at several potentially negative implications reaching beyond the scope of the resolution, such as:

i. Clause two mandating that the World Assembly Disaster Bureau provide “all the help that a nation requests in [inspections mandated],” regardless of the nation’s actual need of help, potentially opening the door for malicious states to drain the funds of the World Assembly General Fund by requesting unnecessary assistance that the Bureau is required to provide,

ii. Clause seven requiring the World Assembly Disaster Bureau to share research regarding technologies used to assist in responding to disasters with all nations, regardless of the nation’s World Assembly member status or any other potential applications of the technology, meaning that any research found by the Bureau that may prove hazardous or otherwise dangerous if in the wrong hands must be shared with all nations, including malicious actors,

iii. Clause eight instructing the World Assembly Disaster Bureau to work with all World Assembly organizations, regardless of relevance or necessity to the overarching goal of the Bureau, which could prove to be burdensome as the network of World Assembly organizations expands,

Believing that, regardless of whatever good Resolution 105 provides, the negative consequences that the language of the resolution allows necessitates repeal,

Hoping that, following the repeal of Resolution 105, a suitable replacement will be promptly passed, ultimately minimizing whatever negative effect will be felt by not having a resolution of this topic on the books,

Hereby repeals Resolution 105, “Preparing For Disasters.”

SC, August 9th 2021 Commend Testlandia: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: The Unified Missourtama States
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 8 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 331)
Final WA vote: For 2714 (22.3%) | Against 9453 (77.7%)
Result: Failed to pass.

Recognizing Testlandia as a bastion of peace and neutrality, and as a sagacious and valuable member of antiquity,

Firstly, observing Testlandia's appreciation and commitment to the complexities of freedom in their 2018 protection of Testregionia from art pillagers, and the subsequent liberation of Testregionia,

Secondly, appreciating the nation's internal commitment to personal and economic freedoms, as well as the continued workings of democracy,

Lastly, appreciating the many important written works of Testlandia, read in thousands of nations across the world, including: "N-Day: What You Need to Know," a guide that saved the lives of billions of peoples; "How to Write a Dispatch," one of the world's most read writing guides; and "Table types," an insightful guide to furniture,

Hereby Commends Testlandia.

GA, August 6th 2021 Repeal: “On Multilateral Trade Talks”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 3 | Against 2 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 331)
Final WA vote: For 9369 (74.4%) | Against 3216 (25.6%)
Result: Passed.

General Assembly Resolution #221 “On Multilateral Trade Talks” (Category: Free Trade; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Noting that Article 1 of GA#221 requires that the World Assembly organise "multilateral trade negotiations... with the mandate of reducing protectionist measures between all member nations" on a decadal basis, and that its Article 3 tasks members with deploying "at least one qualified delegate to these negotiations,"

Concluding that GA#221 not only fails to require members to actually subscribe to free trade agreements, but in fact allows member state delegates to its negotiations to attempt to reach such agreements about exceedingly minor categories of goods and services with other delegates, so long as they meet Article 4's requirement that they "make a good faith effort... to come to mutually beneficial agreements which are in the best interests of all national populations involved" in doing so,

Firmly refusing to applaud GA#221's goal of "reducing protectionist measures between [member]s," given that GA#26 "World Assembly Economic Union" - the third article of which had similar provisions to that of GA#221 - was repealed by GA#45 exactly because of the damage that the WA-sanctioned reduction of such measures can cause to the economies of the least developed members, and

Believing that individual members are more than capable of negotiating their own free trade agreements - comprehensive or otherwise - without having to be babysat by the WA in the process...

The General Assembly hereby repeals GA#221 "On Multilateral Trade Talks."

SC, August 5th 2021 Commend Pencil Sharpeners 2: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Minskiev
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 6 | Against 2 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 331)
Final WA vote: For 9395 (79.9%) | Against 2363 (20.1%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Aware of the nation of Pencil Sharpeners 2 (PS2) and its many satellite states for their impressive domestic characteristics, topping the charts on many different World Assembly Census metrics,

Believing PS2 and its satellites to be worthy of praise from the World Assembly, from their laudable regional involvement to their remarkably benevolent policy and legislation,

Jealous of the efficiency of the economy of PS2 and the high standard of living enjoyed by its residents of nearly a million Pencil Shavings,

Observing the economic influence PS2 has over the South Pacific due to PS2's policies of subsidizing industry and advancing the sciences, to the point where PS2 wields a highly-advanced space program and is the 17th-most subsidizing nation in the world,

Lauding PS2’s government for expanding their influence beyond their immediate nation, into a vast system of satellite states who have accomplished many goals, ultimately showcasing the high ability of their leaders to create goodwill towards people around the world, accomplishing many incredible feats, such as:

a. The development of extensive domestic welfare programs (3rd best) in Thalasse, alongside high levels of inclusiveness (5th most) rivaled by only a select few nations, on top of a combination of incredibly well-developed and efficient healthcare system (7th best) and foreign aid programs (10th best), ensuring the health of citizens domestic and abroad by one of the most honest governments (11th most) in the world for some of the most compassionate people (11th most) in the world,

b. Heliosphere’s investments in the advancement of industry, ultimately allowing themselves to develop the world’s best public education and most expansive information technology sector, combining to form an educated, well-rounded, and cheese-loving (3rd most) population,

c. The food-oriented Aqualagoon’s innovations in the area of food production, including being the world’s largest agricultural producer, as well as the world’s largest trout fisher, feeding not only all residents but also the less-fortunate outside the nation,

d. The assurance of the safety of Xynlandia’s people, which has remarkably good defense forces (6th best) and the best law enforcement in the world, allowing the nation to reduce violent crime to nearly nonexistent levels and helping nations worldwide have a goal to strive towards in this regard,

e. The resources provided by Askatopia, having some of the most prominent resource-gathering industries in the world, including the nearly-unrivaled mining industry (2nd largest) of the nation, as well as the largest timber industry in the world, coupled with the world’s largest basket-weaving industry, highlighting the skill and efficiency of the nation to allow the easier collection of resources, and supplying them internationally,

Acclaiming the many other notable characteristics present in many other nations under PS2's control, ranging from stunning and sparkling weather to pizza so artisanally crafted that it nearly breaks the censuses, ultimately demonstrating the dedication that these nations undergo, to the extent that not all can be personally named in a singular resolution,

Celebrating PS2's tenure as Minister of Regional Affairs and Local Councillor of the South Pacific, where they spurred regional democratic involvement in the government, as well as being a member of the Council on Regional Security, helping to guard their home region against outside threats,

Noting PS2's list of most-accomplished nations where they bring to light 10 nations for their very impressive domestic policies and feats, with a total of 42 world-1sts across the nations and their puppets,

Convinced that PS2's many feats across many areas and guidance to other nations, giving them tips on how to improve their nation, have made a positive change in the world,

Hereby commends Pencil Sharpeners 2.

GA, August 2nd 2021 Factory Farming Ban: A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry.
Author: The Python
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 9 | Against 10 | Abstain 2
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 332)
Final WA vote: For 3987 (31.5%) | Against 8657 (68.5%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The General Assembly,

Noting that the factory farming of animals is a method often used in agricultural settings to increase efficiency and lower the cost of production,

Resolved that factory farming:

is almost universally considered cruel and inhumane, as it holds no regard for the welfare of animals, and also profits off of their abuse,

has significant, demonstrably negative environmental effects on wildlife and flora,

has been shown to increase the risk of infection and other health dangers to consumers,

fosters anti-competitive practices and the cartelization of the farming industry, and

often results in particularly egregious exploitation of laborers and the destruction of small-scale farming livelihoods,

Believing that any monetary cost savings that may be associated with factory farming do not outweigh the costs incurred by wildlife and flora, consumer health, the economy, and the inherent rights of farm animals as sentient beings,


1. Defines for the purposes of this resolution:

a. "farm animal" as a sentient animal raised in an agricultural environment to produce commodities where said commodity is produced directly by or from said animals, and

b. "factory farming" as an industrialized system of producing commodities from farm animals characterized by one or more of the following aspects:

i. keeping farm animals in unhygienic or crowded spaces where they are unable to exercise their full range of motion, including but not limited to all use of battery cages, except when strictly necessary for the health and/or welfare of said farm animals, or

ii. the routine use of antibiotics or growth hormones on farm animals in attempts to alter their physical characteristics and/or mitigate the consequences of keeping farm animals in unhygienic conditions; where such use is not intended to cure an illness,

2. Bans all forms of factory farming, and

3. Gives member-states a period of no more than two years to become fully compliant with this resolution.

Co-authored by Greater Cesnica.

SC, August 1st 2021 Declaration on Hippopotamuses: A resolution to express a position on international affairs and obligations.
Author: Bears Armed Mission
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 7 | Against 5 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s Prerogative 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 332)
Final WA vote: For 9355 (73.9%) | Against 3303 (26.1%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Aware that species of animals can differ considerably from each other in terms of their members' average and maximum sizes,

Also aware that the size of an animal can affect how easy it is for people to cope with that animal's presence,

And believing that some nations' governments might benefit from possessing knowledge about certain species' average and maximum adult sizes in order to develop plans for coping with those species before any members of those species enter those nations' territories;

1. Reminds this organization's member-nations that although there were two unsuccessful attempts at passing Hippopotamus-related legislation in the early days of its historic precursor there is currently a total lack of extant WA legislation about Hippopotamuses (hereinafter referred to as "Hippos");

2. Affirms that no true Hippo is a "pygmy";

3. Notes that Hippos can become aggressive towards people, as well as towards other animals, without any warning;

4. Informs all of this organization's member nations that, with known maximum lengths in excess of 16 ½ feet and maximum weights [in the wild] in excess of 4'400 pounds, Hippos are really very large.

GA, July 29th 2021 Epidemic Investigation Act: A resolution to modify universal standards of healthcare.
Author: Imperium Anglorum
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 5 | Against 2 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 322)
Final WA vote: For 10266 (79.2%) | Against 2692 (20.8%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Believing that further action is necessary to ensure that appropriate actions are taken proactively to ensure knowledge and containment of epidemic outbreaks,

Recognising that, even with the provisions of GA 53 "Epidemic Response Act", many governments still will downplay epidemics due to fears of harms to trade or general reputational damage,

Concerned that possible government action against healthcare workers harms the ability of international organisations to monitor and be truthfully informed of new epidemics, and

Hoping to cut through cover-ups, dissembling, and obfuscation by nations generally while ensuring that healthcare workers conveying truthful information or opinion are not penalised, hereby enacts as follows:

1. Inspection requirements. When a report is received by the World Health Authority (WHA) of an outbreak of disease or of the emergence of a novel pathogen under section 2 infra, the WHA may dispatch inspectors to investigate and report publicly on the origins of, response to, and make recommendations on the outbreak.

a. All member nations must permit the entrance and exit of WHA inspectors (hereinafter Inspectors) and fully cooperate with such requests for access or information which Inspectors may deliver to member nation authorities, subject to the following subsection.

b. Inspectors’ request for access to sensitive areas or sensitive information may be rejected by the local jurisdiction. Such rejections shall be reviewed by the Independent Adjudicative Office, which may overrule such rejections if the likely harm of release is less than the likely harm to international public health interests.

c. No member nation may otherwise bar the access of Inspectors to medical personnel. Nor may any member nation retaliate against the provision of information by medical personnel to Inspectors.

2. Reporting requirements. Any novel pathogen with suggestive evidence of person-to-person transmission must be reported to the WHA forthwith. Member nations must collect statistics on transmission of pathogens in healthcare settings and report such statistics to the WHA in a timely manner.

3. Opt-in inspection authority. WHA inspectors may undertake a section 1 investigation and report in a non-member nation with the approval thereof. If after granting approval, that nation fails to comply with section 1 access and retaliation requirements as if it were a member nation, at the instigation of the WA Solicitors Office, the Independent Adjudicative Office may declare appropriate sanctions to be enforced by member nations against the nation or those persons responsible in that nation for such non-compliance.

4. WA healthcare. WHA inspectors shall take all necessary precautions to prevent their transmission of any disease they are investigating. The General Fund shall pay for healthcare costs, or insurance therefor, of WA employees. Nations opting in under the previous section, which do not regularly remit assessments to the WA General Fund, must consent to levies against their nation for healthcare costs incurred by WA employees operating under the auspices of this resolution.

SC, July 28th 2021 Commend Drop Your Pants: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution be a nation or region.
Author: The Python
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 8 | Against 0 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 333)
Final WA vote: For 9094 (84.1%) | Against 1716 (15.9%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Recognising Drop Your Pants as a nation known for their influence in and dedication to helping build the communities of the many regions and organisations that it has been involved in,

Appreciating that Drop Your Pants has been a leader of the defender cause through the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA), an interregional alliance dedicated to the protection of vulnerable regional communities from the threat of invasion,

Lauding Drop Your Pants’ contributions to the FRA, where it served as Foreign Affairs Minister, where it helped helped secure alliances and friendships abroad, Speaker, enabling the passage of internal legislation within the alliance, and Chief of Defense in 2013, helping lead the FRA into operations to protect sovereignty of founderless regions abroad from the invader menace, while also being noted as an extremely reliable and active participant in anti-raider operations within the FRA,

Noting Drop Your Pants' significant contributions to The YoungWorld, where, in addition to acting as its Minister of Intelligence and World Assembly Delegate, they served three terms as Minister of Foreign Affairs, where they notably helped secure The YoungWorld's entry into the FRA, and also helped rebuild their region's relationship with and trust in the Rejected Realms after a state of war between the Rejected Realms and The YoungWorld in 2004 and an unsuccessful subsequent attempt from The YoungWorld to overthrow the Rejected Realms’ government,

Admiring Drop Your Pants' work within Jethnea, a region it was a founding member of, where they served in many governmental positions such as Speaker, but more notably taking over as Foreign Affairs Minister in July 2011 after large-scale inactivity led to the regional government's emergency dissolution and helping in the construction of embassies with Taijitu despite the unstable circumstances, and then being re-elected to the position afterwards as Councillor of External Affairs, by which Drop Your Pants demonstrated their devotion to the stability of Jethnea,

Celebrating the contributions Drop Your Pants has made to Lazarus during the governments of both the Emerald Kingdom and the People’s Republic of Lazarus by serving, among other positions, as:

i. Director of Public Relations in 2008, where their diplomatic expertise undoubtedly helped Lazarus build many alliances,

ii. Steward of Emerald City from 2008 to 2009, which entailed their leadership of the Emerald Council, the Lazarene legislature of the era; during their leadership activity in the Emerald Council grew and many important issues were debated, notably a change in constitutions resulting in Mandate 6, and various legislative changes to increase general activity in the region,

iii. World Assembly Delegate from 2011 to 2012 for a period of over a year, during which they oversaw a period of significant growth in government activity, and many significant legislative and political actions were taken, notably changes to the Foreign Affairs embassy policy resulting in the building of many new embassies such as those in Equinox, Gay, the South Pacific, Jethnea and Global Right Alliance, as well as the introduction of the Vice Delegate position allowing for the Delegate to delegate their job to a dedicated deputy position,

iv. General of the Lazarene Liberation Army, serving as the first interim General in 2012, and serving another term from 2013 to 2014, helping spearhead the creation of a new defender-aligned force within the region, which under their leadership grew to become the then-largest military that Lazarus had compared to its historical predecessors, and went on to participate in countless defensive operations, notably in Italy, Christmas and Union of Socialist Confederate Republics,

Observing Drop Your Pants’ role in the stabilisation of the region Soviet Union, where it helped lock the region down and prevent further invasions following a raid by Osiris in 2013, and eventually gaining control of the founder nation so that the region was no longer threatened by the lack of an active founder,

Believing that the significant dedication Drop Your Pants has shown towards both the regions it has resided in, as well as the defender cause, to be ample evidence for official commendation by this body,

Hereby Commends Drop Your Pants.

GA, July 25th 2021 Volcanic Activity Convention: A resolution to enact uniform standards that protect workers, consumers, and the general public.
Author: Minskiev
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 6 | Against 2 | Abstain 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 336)
Final WA vote: For 11138 (86.5%) | Against 1737 (13.5%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Mindful that some nations are ill-prepared in the case of volcanic activity and that volcanic activity is mostly unpreventable;

Aware of the consequences that eruptions and volcanic hazards have on the environment and society if such volcanic activity is unprepared for;

Granting that disaster preparedness is already required by a previously passed resolution;

Mortified that the previous resolution says nothing on cooperation between member nations when it comes to handling disasters like multinational volcanic activity;

Attempting to legislate for a plan of action during volcanic activity, to help cooperation between all those affected by volcanic activity;


1. Defines, for this resolution, volcanic activity as the activity of a volcano;

2. Mandates that member nations whose populations face the risks of volcanic activity:

a. Address all predicted, current, and recent past volcanic activity within national borders by:

i. preparing for volcanic activity while working to minimize the loss of life, property damage potentially caused by volcanic activity, and when reasonable damage to the environment through warning systems, evacuation procedures, food, water, and shelter distribution, and the prevention of premature returns to evacuated areas;

ii. actively preventing further damage by volcanic activity and distributing relevant necessary resources to where they are needed; and

iii. reversing the damage caused by recent volcanic activity within reason;

b. Work with nations likely to be significantly affected to prepare for any volcanic activity via communication and combined efforts to protect the general public from volcanic activity or the damage it will or has caused, including providing aid to each other in an evacuation;

c. Inform their populace with regularly updated, widely available, and locally specific information on the dangers of volcanic activity however they see fit;

d. Take whichever evacuation measures ensure that:

i. anyone at immediate risk of volcanic activity knows how to evacuate, when to evacuate, and where to evacuate to;

ii. law enforcement and emergency services are ready for evacuation, are trained to direct traffic during an evacuation, and are capable of evacuating those unable to evacuate themselves;

iii. complete evacuation time is minimal through proper use of infrastructure; and

iv. emergency shelters are mobile and flexible enough to house and meet the demands of the evacuated;

3. Recommends that nations at risk of volcanic activity work with the World Assembly Disaster Bureau and all other relevant WA organizations to improve the safety of the general public from volcanic activity;

Co-authored by Araraukar.

SC, July 24th 2021 On Interregional Recruitment: A resolution to express a position on international affairs and obligations.
Author: Khevo
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 6 | Against 1 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 2
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 336)
Final WA vote: For 2575 (20.4%) | Against 10043 (79.6%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The Security Council,

Aware of the recruitment, whether by telegram, regional message board, or other means, that occurs between regions,

Recognizing that such recruitment may lead to a decrease in the size of a target region,

However noting the position of Feeders and Sinkers as inherent locations for national foundation and the resultant consistent inflow of nations, a benefit not afforded to regions that are neither a Feeder nor a Sinker,

Concerned that recruitment between regions that are neither a Feeder nor a Sinker will harm the long-term growth of such regions,

Hereby discourages regional government-supported recruitment of nations from regions that are neither a Feeder nor a Sinker, except in the case of war between the recruiting and target region or a target region that has marked itself as recruiter friendly.

GA, July 21st 2021 World Assembly Border Policy: A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.
Author: The Wary Walrus
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 7 | Against 2 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 339)
Final WA vote: For 8770 (68.6%) | Against 4013 (31.4%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Cognizant of the fact that no comprehensive General Assembly law regarding the state of borders between World Assembly member nations exists,

Believing that in the interests of economic prosperity and international cooperation, the creation of zones of free movement is to be encouraged,

However aware that not all member states are able or willing to open their borders to all other member states,


1. Creates the World Assembly Border Committee ("WABC") as a subcommittee of the Global Emigration, Security, Travel And Passport Organisation

2. Tasks WABC with processing applications from member states to join a free movement zone ("WABC Zone"),

3. Requires that applicant states, in order to be approved by WABC, meet a list of criteria established by WABC which will include an analysis of their border security regarding non-consenting and non-member states,

4. Explains that the WABC Zone applies to consenting states only and allows unlimited travel across borders at designated points between consenting states without the need of the traveler to present documentation at each border,

5. Authorizes WABC to negotiate on behalf of consenting states with member states and non-member states in order to loosen border restrictions without necessarily having the member state or non-member state consent to join the WABC Zone,

6. Further authorizes WABC to change a consenting state's border laws to create a single unified policy across consenting states that is to be publicized before any member state joins,

7. Directs WABC to develop procedures for a consenting state to withdraw from the WABC Zone in an efficient, timely manner,

8. Forbids consenting states from restricting the right of individuals from other consenting states to travel or find employment within any consenting state differently from existing citizens of the state in question, subject to such reasonable restrictions that consenting states may institute in the interest of public health and safety,

9. Compels all member states, including those which do not join the WABC Zone, to conduct an annual review of their border policies,

10. Designates that each member state shall appoint at least one liaison to the WABC, and lastly

11. Encourages all member states to negotiate bilateral agreements with the WABC even if they do not wish to consent to join the WABC Zone

SC, July 20th 2021 Recognition of the General Assembly: A resolution to express a position on international affairs and obligations.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 10 | Against 0 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s Prerogative 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 340)
Final WA vote: For 9011 (71.5%) | Against 3598 (28.5%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Documenting the creation of the World Assembly as a unicameral body on April 6, 2008, and the introduction of commendations and condemnations as the basis for the Security Council on May 27, 2009,

Noting that while the World Assembly evolved to bicameralism on June 9, 2009, there was no formal recognition between the General Assembly and the Security Council, despite flying a shared flag,

Believing that the brief mentions that this chamber has given its counterpart does not do the General Assembly justice, given the vast web of legislation passed by its denizens,

The following is found:

i. The General Assembly is formally recognized as the adjacent chamber to the Security Council, under the overarching organization of the World Assembly;

ii. The General Assembly is responsible for the passage of international legislation affecting all members of the World Assembly, to be voted on and debated by these members in its entirety;

iii. As an entity, the General Assembly and the Security Council remain equal in their overall power and influence, regardless of the way that this influence is disbursed or otherwise utilized;

iv. In the joining of either World Assembly chamber, membership to both chambers is granted and the rights and duties thereof are expected to be adhered to in their entirety;

v. An active disavowment of either chamber of the World Assembly should be considered a disavowment of both, with the full consequences being incurred upon the offender.

GA, July 17th 2021 Conscientious objection to abortion: A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.
Author: Imperium Anglorium
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 6 | Against 10 | Abstain 2
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 342)
Final WA vote: For 2636 (21.7%) | Against 9501 (78.3%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The World Assembly,

Recognising that it would be immoral to force a health care provider to perform an abortion if that medical provider has a bona fide conscientious objection to abortion,

Believing that forcing a medical provider to do so against his or her will would be counterproductive at ensuring safe and quality care, and

Confident that access to abortion is sufficiently provided by GA 499 'Access to Abortion' and requirements therein for member nations to provide affirmative access to abortion services at national expense, hereby enacts as follows:

1. No health care provider in any member nation who expresses a bona fide conscientious or religious objection to abortion may be required to perform or assist in any abortion, provided that such objection is communicated publicly in advance and that such objection does not impose a substantial burden on access of necessary treatment to preserve life or prevent severe permanent injury.

2. Health care providers, when exercising rights under section 1, must refer persons seeking an abortion to appropriate resources to access such services.

3. Assistance, in section 1, does not include the sale of, purchase of, or transacting in goods used in abortion services.

SC, July 16th 2021 Advancement Of Anti-Fascist Action: A resolution to express a position on international affairs and obligations.
Author: Cormactopia Prime
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 9 | Against 6 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s Prerogative 2
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 432)
Final WA vote: For 103934 (84.3%) | Against 1932 (15.7%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council:

Defining, for the purposes of this resolution, a fascist region as any region that identifies as fascist or engages in the promotion of fascism, or willfully harbors fascist residents and permits them to promote fascism within the region or abroad;

Asserting that fascism is abhorrent by its very nature and should be granted no safe haven, given its utter contempt for civil rights and fueling of violent oppression based on race, ethnicity, and other immutable characteristics of identity;

Maintaining that fascist regions pose a universal and grave threat to the Security Council's mission to spread interregional peace and goodwill;

Praising prior interregional efforts to combat fascism, notably including multi-regional Antifa military operations and the Civil Defence Siren's outreach initiative regarding the dangers of residing in fascist regions;

Reaffirming the World Assembly's commitment to opposing the spread of fascism, as expressed in numerous resolutions previously passed by the Security Council to impose sanctions against various fascist regions;

Hereby declares the following guidelines to advance anti-fascist action throughout the world:

Article I. Regional Participation

1. No region should grant safe haven to fascist residents.

2. Any resident or member discovered to be fascist should be expelled from a region and barred from its communication infrastructure immediately upon discovery.

3. Should a region be unable to expel a fascist resident, the region should take all reasonable action to suppress that resident's use of regional communication infrastructure, taking special care to suppress promotion of fascist ideology.

Article II. Diplomatic Sanctions

1. No region should maintain diplomatic or cultural relations of any kind with a fascist region.

2. No World Assembly Delegate should approve or vote for any World Assembly proposal that would directly and primarily benefit a fascist nation or region.

3. No World Assembly Delegate should approve or vote for any World Assembly proposal submitted by a fascist nation or any nation residing in a fascist region, sponsored by a fascist region, or otherwise corrupted by the tenets of fascism.

4. Every World Assembly Delegate is encouraged to approve and vote for Security Council proposals to impose sanctions against fascist regions, provided such proposals do not grant disproportionate attention to the region in question.

Article III. Military Intervention

1. Regions are exhorted to participate in ad hoc or standing military coalitions for the defense of other regions against fascist military aggression, and for military interventions against fascist regions, putting aside disagreements or conflicts between participating regions.

2. To the extent practicable, military intervention against a fascist region should endeavor to place the region permanently under the control of coalition forces to prevent the region from ever again serving as safe haven for fascists or a platform for the promotion of fascism.

3. No region should provide military assistance to a fascist region in its invasion of another region, provide defense to a fascist region against military intervention, or permit a fascist region to assist in its military operations.

Article IV. Interregional Cooperation

1. To the extent applicable, interregional and non-regional organizations should adhere to the guidelines for regions declared by this resolution, and the guidelines herein applied to fascist regions are equally applicable to fascist interregional and non-regional organizations.

2. Regions and organizations are urged to impose proportionate diplomatic, military, or other sanctions against regions and organizations that willfully disregard these guidelines.

GA, July 13th 2021 Repeal “International Salvage Laws”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Jedinsto
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 5 | Against 2 | Abstain 3
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 337)
Final WA vote: For 12130 (91.5%) | Against 1123 (8.5%)
Result: Passed.

General Assembly Resolution #50 “International Salvage Laws” (Category: Social Justice; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The World Assembly,

Recognizing that this resolution does not actually mandate anything, only suggest its measures be enacted, while also operating under the impression that it is mandating something,

Noting that this resolution even fails to provide justification for its attempted action, only saying that such justification exists,

Wishing to remove such incredibly weak and inadequate legislation from the pages of international law,

Believing that stronger, more adequate legislation on the topic of international waters is necessary,

Hereby repeals GA#50, "International Salvage Laws."

SC, July 12th 2021 Commend Imkiville: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Debussy
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 0 | Against 7 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 339)
Final WA vote: For 9663 (80.7%) | Against 2313 (19.3%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Recognizing the nation of Imkiville, also known as Imkihca, for their incredible leadership during an extremely turbulent time in Lazarene history, leadership that should be exemplified by those who wish to advance the mission of this Council,

Noting that in July of 2017, Civil War started to brew in Lazarus when long time native and then current Delegate, Funkadelia, alongside their cohorts, Killer Kitty and Lamb stone, began abusing their authority to import voters and subvert laws,

Observing that the unstable situation came to a boiling point on the 24th of July when Funkadelia, aided by then Guardian, Killer Kitty, ejected several high-ranking government members, including three Guardians and the Vice-Delegate, on conspiracy charges, effectively ending the Celestial Union of Lazarus,

Remarking that on the 27th of August, with political opposition out of the way, the perpetrators of the overthrow established the Undead Dominion of Lazarus, a despotic regime that was a sharp regression from the democratic practices of the prior government,

Recording that when Funkadelia stepped down on the 12th of March 2018, the Undead Dominion was replaced by the Khanate of Lazarus, a perverse distortion of government that further denigrated the integrity of the region,

Relieved that on the 23rd of April 2018, with Lazarus 10 months into its Civil War, Imkiville successfully overthrew the then leader of the Khanate, Killer Kitty, and established a period of Anarchy, which was widely supported by the international community,

Applauding that during the aforementioned period, Imkiville allowed natives that were previously banished to return to Lazarus while simultaneously allowing those supportive of the previous government to remain, going as far as appointing Killer Kitty to the Council of Lazarene Security once the new government was established,

Admiring the intentions of the Peace Keeping Agreement, a document signed by Imkiville and the governments of Osiris, The Rejected Realms, The West Pacific, The East Pacific, The South Pacific, and The Pacific, that outlined a new Constitutional Convention for Lazarus to be run by a group of former Lazarene Delegates,

Believing that while the Constitutional Convention had been build on good intentions, it did not result in an environment conducive to reconciliation, and that when Imkiville dissolved the convention and installed Mandate XII, it was the best move to start repairing burnt bridges,

Celebrating that the government of Lazarus set up by Imkiville is still stable, resulting in the region’s longest serving Delegate, Treadwellia, and an environment for the residents of Lazarus to work cooperatively,

Appreciating the contributions Imkiville has made to The South Pacific, most notably their work as Minister of Military Affairs, where they are credited with reviving the South Pacific Special Forces and creating the foundations that have made it a successful force to this day,

Marveling at the many beautiful and influential artworks produced by Imkiville, such as the flag of Lazarus, the crest of the South Pacific Special Forces, and countless other voluntary and commissioned works,

Asserting that the contributions of Imkiville should not be overlooked and merit recognition from this Council, and that awesome is the best description of the nation,

Hereby Commends Imkiville.

Co-Authored by Domais.

GA, July 9th 2021 Repeal “Ban on Conversion Therapy”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 7 | Against 2 | Abstain 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 346)
Final WA vote: For 10905 (85.3%) | Against 1878 (14.7%)
Result: Passed.

General Assembly Resolution #437 “Ban on Conversion Therapy” (Category: Civil Rights; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Applauding GA#437 "Ban on Conversion Therapy," which prohibited the most exploitative forms of conversion therapy while it was in force,

Noting that GA#559 "End Conversion Therapy" - which outlaws all forms of conversion therapy - has rendered these prohibitions obsolete, and

Believing that repealing GA#437 is sensible, given that it does nothing that GA#559 does not already do...

The General Assembly hereby repeals GA#437 "Ban on Conversion Therapy."

10ki wa secretariat