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Frequently Asked Questions

Security Council Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions about the Security Council

The WA Delegate in the North Pacific has been around too long! Let's overthrow him!
Okay, that's not really a question, but it brings up something important. The WA Delegate cannot be easily overthrown for a few reasons:
  • They were democratically elected on the Linkregional forums (which you are encouraged to be an active part of) and as such, attempting a coup is considered treason.

  • They probably have a heap more endorsements than your own WA nation and it would take an extensive amount of time to catch up to even the Vice Delegate.

  • The Security Council of the North Pacific will know faster than you can say "Oops."

Generally, it's a bad idea to coup the delegate. If you feel they have wronged you in any way, you can motion for a recall of the delegate, provided you have sufficient evidence of their wrongdoing. Either that, or come the next election, vote for another candidate, or even stand for the position yourself. Keep in mind that delegates can only stay in office for two consecutive full terms.

What the heck is this "Security Council" thing?
The Security Council is a group of World Assembly nations in the North Pacific that have an exceptional amount of endorsements and influence. They are considered the "vanguard" of the delegate's and regional security. If something were to happen (the delegate gets deleted, someone attempts a coup, and so on), then the Security Council steps in to stop any threats that could arise and in extreme cases, hold the delegate position until the legitimate delegate has enough endorsements to take control of the position.
Sounds cool! I wanna join the Security Council!
Sounds like a great goal! Keep in mind, there are a few things that are required:
  • You need to have a WA nation in The North Pacific.

  • This nation must have an influence score (Soft Power Disbursement Rating) within The North Pacific greater than or equal to 182,500, or an influence rank within The North Pacific greater than or equal to Apprentice, whichever is lower.

  • This nation must have 500 endorsements, or 50 percent of the serving Delegate's endorsement count, whichever is lower.

Once you have fulfilled the above requirements requirements, you can Linkapply here to join the Security Council. The current members of the Security Council will then discuss your application, and eventually vote on whether to accept it.

I received a warning from a member of the "Security Council" recently about my endorsements... I'm scared...
Oh come now, they don't bite... usually. I kid I kid. If you receive a message from the Security Council, do the following:
  • Take a moment to calm down. Perhaps some hot cocoa or some other drink of choice will help soothe your nerves.

  • Read the telegram again. Does the sender state what the problem is? It is most likely about the amount of endorsements you received.

  • Now check your endorsement levels and check those of Vice Delegate Kastonvia. Are your endorsements more than or nearing their own? If so, then that is definitely a very serious issue.

  • Reply to the sender to ask what you can do to lower your endorsements to the proper levels.

Keep in mind... if you fail to follow through on lowering endorsement levels or fail to respond to the telegram, the Security Council may deem you as a potential threat to the North Pacific's security and you may possibly be ejected, banned, or both, from the North Pacific by the delegate. We both know you don't want that, so it's a good idea to listen to them and work with them. They are all nice people after all.

Some person claims to be from the Security Council and is sending me messages ordering me to do things... but I don't know if they are on the Council. What do I do?
If you are suspicious of the sender of a telegram and they claim to be of the Security Council, Linkcheck the list of members here. If they are not on this list, do the following:
  • Report the incident to Vice Delegate Kastonvia.

  • Save a screenshot of the telegram that was sent to you. Do not lose this screenshot! It may become vital evidence.

  • Save the telegram and ensure it remains as an Archived telegram.

Impersonation of a Security Council member is a crime and is regarded as Fraud. DO NOT impersonate a member of the Security Council and DO NOT follow the instructions of an imposter.

Two Security Council members sent me telegrams near the same time on the same matter and I'm scared. What do I do?
Report the incident to Vice Delegate Kastonvia, or Delegate Madjack. More likely than not, this is just an accident. However, it is good to report such things as it can be helpful as feedback.
How do I know whether I am not endorsing some Security Councillor?
We will be periodically publishing Security Council Endorsement Alerts. These are dispatches that notify nations that are not endorsing a particular Security Councillor. If you find yourself mentioned in such a dispatch, you know what to do: Please endorse the Security Councillor in question!
This dispatch is updated automatically on a daily basis. Please do not edit manually.

Jointly sponsored by the Delegate and Security Council of The North Pacific.