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How I spent my time here

Founder of the Augustin Alliance and all its member regions and branches

Peak population: 446 nations
Peak delegate votes: 127
#20 UCR for influence

Peak population: 990 nations
Peak delegate votes: 276
#5 UCR for influence

Peak population: 521 nations
Peak delegate votes: 144
#11 UCR for influence

Peak population: 193 nations
Peak delegate votes: 55
#47 UCR for influence

Destroyer of Union of the Fascist Nations, largest Nazi/fascist region in the world, and its successors (led operation conducted with other organizations)
Destroyer of US Military, a moderate-sized raider region with an active founder and non-executive delegate (led operation conducted with other organizations)
Destroyer of Union of Confederate Regions, a major region formerly owned by a DOS child predator, and its outlying regions (led operation conducted with other organizations)
Destroyer of most AA splinter regions
Defender of many others

Owner of the Augustin Alliance Discord server
#3 largest NS-based server (peak membership: 950)
2800+ daily human messages in 2021
Fully-automated government, military, moderation, utility functions

Supreme Allied Commander of the Augustin Alliance N-Day faction
3x 1st place (1, 2, 5)
1x 3rd place (4)
1x last place (3)
Only faction to win more than once; highest combined score across all iterations of the event, despite setting a record for radiation in N-Day 3

Creator of NS Leaders (originally NS Founders)
Owner from Feb '18 to Sep '19
Admin from Sep '19 to Oct '21
Representation of 300+ regions, 80k+ nations
Fully-automated weekly questions, recruitment, eligibility enforcement, role management, dispatch updating

Creator of AugustinAndroid v2
8k+ current unique users, 300+ servers (NS only)
LEX Stock Exchange: public stock exchange that allows players to buy and sell shares of NS regions, transfer game currency, track performance history, and compete on leaderboards; stock prices are calculated throughout the day, based on statistical measures of regional performance, stock demand, and investor confidence
NSVerify: the only global auto-roling and security system for NS; currently tracking 17k+ verified nations
NSNexus: the only cross-server communications system for NS, used for WA voting blocs, N-Day factions, global news releases, and more; 150+ connected servers
Watchlist: the only NS community-run database of dangerous players and spambots; proactively warns admins of their movements
Backups: a system that can save regular snapshots of a server and fully restore it if it is destroyed; unknown number of servers recovered
NS Suite: fast and easy generation of activity graphs, aggregate statistical graphs, and raw CSV data for regions and the world; recruitment queue graphs and data; endorsement and endo-swapping lists, delegate ranking lists, worldwide region rankings/comparison charts; info retrieval for nations, regions, the world, and the WA

Author of the Reference Desk
About Endorsements
About Influence
Basics of Military Gameplay
Basics of Region-Building
Illustrated Guide to Recruiting
NationStates Pages
Regional Controls Documentation

Wrote script for processing members and showcases for UCR Con '19 and '20
Wrote script for fairly allocating WA votes for the United Regions Alliance
Wrote script for N-Day nation management for select factions
Wrote script for mass-uploading of nation flags
Wrote script for operating Karma's rotating channel and preserving its history
Wrote script for ranking Thalassia's top endorsers
Created an automatically-updating list of regions, ranked by delegate voting power
Created an automatically-updating directory of regional Discord servers